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6 Incredible Toy Hauler Garage Transformations

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Full time RVers need to maximize living space, and one way many choose to do this is by converting a toy hauler garage into an extra bedroom, living area, or office.  Here are eight toy hauler garage makeovers to inspire your life on wheels.

1. Four person bunk room

The Ticknor family added two sets of bunk beds for their four boys as well as a stackable washer and dryer and extra storage.

You can visit their blog to see more pictures and read about how they did it.

2. Bunk room plus garage

The Taylor family completely rebuilt the inside of a toy hauler and even added two walls to turn it into a tiny house.

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You can follow their renovation on Instagram.

3. Bedroom with temporary flooring

RVer Shanna and her husband wanted to keep the option of returning their daughter’s bedroom to its original toy hauler function, so they screwed down a plywood subfloor, covered it with peel-and-stick laminate flooring, and hung a curtain to disguise the ramp wall.

Her comments on the project: “We didn’t want to damage the flooring that is original to the RV, so we laid a subfloor 1/4-inch plywood, screwed not glued, and then laid a vinyl peel stick laminate flooring on top of that….I think the only thing we would change is to use 1/2-inch plywood instead of 1/4-inch.”

Flooring added to toy hauler

by Shanna Jacobson

Carpet is another temporary flooring option for those who want to create a cozy feel without doing any permanent damage.

4. Extra storage added

In addition to carpet, the Bauman family added cabinets to what has become their multipurpose room.

Toy hauler with cabinets

by Bethany Bauman via

See more pictures here.

5. Office

Two fold-down tables from Ikea created an instant workspace or eating area in this garage-turned-office.

Click here to read more about this RV.

 6. Bonus room

Area rugs, full-length sheer curtains, residential furniture, and plants work together to make this garage feel like a home.

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