7 RV Wall Covering Ideas to Create a Unique Accent Wall

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The interior of a camper in its original condition can be a bit bland. Here are some unique RV wall ideas to incorporate into an RV makeover to create a beautiful accent wall or add visual interest to a bedroom, kitchen, slide out, or other area of your RV.

1. Painted RV Walls

One of the best and simplest ways to revitalize your RV interior is to paint the walls.  While some people prefer bright white and others prefer a colorful RV interior, fresh paint will go a long way toward making your RV feel more like a home.

For all the details on how to paint RV interiors, including the best methods and products to use, check out this Complete Guide to Painting Your RV Interior.

RV with walls painted white
RV with the walls and trim painted white | Photo credit: Instagram.com/whimsicalwheels

Painted walls don’t have to be a solid color either.

In the Airstream below, renovated by professional renovation company The Lot, the white walls were painted with dots in multiple shades of brown to create the look of wallpaper without any of the headaches associated with wallpaper. (No chance of it peeling off the walls in cold weather!)

Airstream walls painted with brown dots
What looks like wallpaper in this Airstream is actually paint. | Photo credit: Instagram.com/t_h_e_l_o_t

2. Beadboard Wall Paneling

Adding texture to your walls creates visual interest, even if all the walls are painted the same color throughout the RV. One way to do that is with beaded wainscot paneling, a.k.a. beadboard. It’s cheap and lightweight, making it ideal for use in a camper.

You can use beadboard to cover the bottom half of a wall with a strip of chair rail molding along the top of the paneling. Or you can cover the wall from floor to ceiling as seen in the photo below of an RV renovated by professional renovation company Wayland Ventures.

Beadboard wall in an RV
Beadboard wall in a fifth wheel | Photo credit: Wayland Ventures

There are multiple ways you can install beadboard in an RV. The most effective way would be to use construction adhesive and trim nails to attach the paneling to the wall. But if you want the option to remove it later, you can skip the adhesive.

For a completely removable, no-damage installation, try using acyrlic mounting tape to attach the beadboard paneling to the wall. I’ve not tried this method myself, I have used this type of mounting tape for other projects in my RV. It holds securely but can be removed cleanly, leaving behind no residue.

Another option would be to use textured beadboard wallpaper, which can be painted any color.

Graham & Brown Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper White
  • This Pre-Pasted Bead Board Wallpaper Gives The Beautiful, Streamline Effect Of Bead Board Without All Of The Work

There is one potential drawback to beadboard wallpaper. Since it’s made of a soft foam-like material, it can be scratched or punctured, so might not be the best choice for a high-traffic area or for people with pets or kids.

3. Faux Brick Wall

Add texture to a solid-colored wall with faux brick, as seen below in this travel trailer renovated by Wayland Ventures.

Dark gray faux brick wall in an RV
Faux brick wall in a travel trailer | Photo Credit: WaylandVentures.com

You can buy the fake brick paneling at a home improvement store and then paint it any color you like.

4. Wood Plank Wall or Shiplap

Another wall covering idea popular with many RV owners is shiplap or other types of wood plank walls.

RV bathroom with shiplap wall
Wood plank wall in an RV bathroom | Photo credit: Instagram.com/ourtinyhome_rv

To make your own shiplap wall, check out How to Create a Shiplap Wall in an RV.

5. Tile Walls

Tile offers limitless options for creating an accent wall in your RV.

For years, RV owners have been using 3D peel-and-stick tile on their kitchen backsplash. But you can also use it on a whole wall, like this RV bathroom using white peel-and-stick subway tile.

RV bathroom with peel-and-stick subway tile wall
Subway tile wall in an RV bathroom made using peel-and-stick tile | Photo credit: Instagram.com/kristina.levien

Another fun option I’m seeing more frequently is colorful peel-and-stick Spanish tiles like these:

RV bathroom with peel-and-stick Spanish tiles
Peel-and-stick Spanish tiles on an RV bathroom wall | Photo credit: Instagram.com/citizensofcircus

If you have enough weight allowance, you can use real tile in an RV, like the RV kitchen shown below.

Using real tile in an RV
Real tile used in a toy hauler renovated by @188sqft | Photo by Ashley Mann

It’s recommended to use flexible grout that will give slightly to prevent cracking with the movement of the RV.

6. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy option for personalizing your RV, especially if you don’t want to do a complete renovation. In the RV pictured below, the tan and white herringbone pattern wallpaper complements the brown walls and unpainted cabinets that were original to the RV while making it look less “boilerplate” and more modern.

The one potential drawback to using wallpaper in an RV is that the extreme temperature changes caused by storing the camper in cold or humid climates can cause it to peel off the walls and fall down.

I share tips for preventing this from happening, along with more gorgeous photos of RV wallpaper inspiration, in my article RV Wallpaper Tips and Ideas.

7. Slat Wood Wall

To make the slat wall headboard in the bedroom seen below, the owners of this RV cut a sheet of 3/4″ plywood into 1-inch strips (slats), then used a brad nailer to secure the evenly spaced slats to a sheet of 1/2″ plywood from the back so that the fasteners would not be visible. The whole panel was then screwed into the studs behind the walls for stability.

Slatwall headboard in an RV bedroom

Professional renovation team BB & the RV used wood slats to create a design on the wall of this travel trailer, contributing to the mid-century modern style of the living area.

Wood slat wall in an RV
Wood slat accent wall in an RV | Photo credit: Instagram.com/bbandtherv

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