Mid-Century Style Sofas Perfect for a Boho RV Renovation

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If your RV renovation is in need of a sleek, mid-century modern sofa to serve as the centerpiece of your Boho-style RV decor, look no farther! These cute couches would look beautiful in an RV!

Tan Leather Sofas for a Boho-Style RV

Real Leather Mid-Century Style Sofa

Motorhome interior with a tan leather sofa
Renovated motorhome with Boho style decor featuring a tan leather sofa. Photo credit: Instagram.com/allisongoesplaces

The first sofa on this list is Poly & Bark's Napa sofa for the reason that I own it myself and absolutely love it. The 72″ size is perfect for two people to sit comfortably. I really like how the cushion is one piece, so you never have to worry about who is sitting on the crack. And, I've never had a problem with this cushion sliding forward and having to be put back in place.

The leather feels great, and I really feel like this sofa was the first “grown up” piece of furniture I purchased because unlike couches I've bought in the past that look good for a while and then start to degrade, this feels like a piece of furniture I'll own for years to come that will just get better with age. I bought this sofa for my house after moving out of my RV, but I have frequently thought it would look so cute in an RV as well.

This sofa comes in black, tan, brown, or navy, and is available in a 72″ option as well as an 88.5″ option. Both lengths are lighter than most RV sofas, weighing 103 pounds and 117 pounds, respectively.

Poly & Bark Sofa
Napa sofa from Poly & Bark – See it here

Cheaper Alternatives to the Napa Sofa

RV interior with a tan leather sofa
RV interior with a tan sofa – Photo credit: Instagram.com/southernglampers

If the Napa sofa is out of your price range, or if you prefer vegan leather, here is a sofa in a very similar style that's made of artificial leather, costs about a third of the price, and will look great with Boho style RV decor.

Faux leather sofa
Faux leather sofa – See it here

Here's another real leather sofa to consider that's significantly cheaper than the Poly & Bark sofa. It comes in tan or black leather.

Faux leather sofa
Affordable leather sofa – See it here

This sofa comes with a matching chair and has a center console that flips down and gives you a place to set your drink.

Matching sofa and chair set
Sofa and matching chair set – See it here

You can see it in an RV in the photo below:

Tan Leather Futons

RV interior with a tan leather futon
Tan futon in a renovated RV – Photo credit: @thosebyrnesgirls

If you like the look of a tan leather sofa but don't want to decrease your RV's sleeping capacity, a faux leather futon like the one shown below might be the perfect solution.

Faux leather futon
Faux leather futon – See it here

This futon even has a hidden storage compartment under the seat:

Faux leather futon with storage
Faux Leather Futon with Storage – See it here

Tan Leather Loveseats

Tan leather loveseat in a renovated RV – Photo credit: Instagram.com/WhimsicalWheels

If you love the look of fa tan leather sofa but need one in a smaller size, this 56″ leather loveseat may be perfect for you. It comes in gray or blue fabric options as well.

Tan leather loveseat
Tan leather loveseat – See it here

And here's a sleeper sofa in a loveseat size of just 51″ long:

Small sleeper sofa loveseat
Tan leather loveseat sleeper sofa – See it here

Colorful Sofas to Bring Your RV Makeover to Life

Moving on from brown sofas, let's look at some beautiful mid-century modern style sofas that will add a pop of color that becomes the focal point of your RV!

Orange sofa with Boho style RV decor
An orange sofa is the highlight of this RV renovated with Boho style decor – Photo credit: Instagram.com/ajroulstone

Bold, Colorful Futons

If you need a place for company to sleep or want to make sure you don't decrease your RV's sleeping capacity, a futon is a great way to have a stylish living area that can still provide an extra bed if needed.

I love the gold color of this Mid-Century style futon, but it also comes in blue as well as a dark orange color. At 71.5″ long, it has plenty of space to add some throw pillows and still seat two people.

Gold colored futon
Yellow linen futon – See it here

This gorgeous velvet futon has adjustable arms and comes in royal blue, emerald green, gray, and pink. At 69″ long, it's bigger than most loveseats, but on the smaller side, making it ideal for a small space.

Blue velvet futon
Glamorous velvet futon – See it here

If you're one of those people who can make pink look amazing, this rose colored velvet futon is just the thing for you.

Pink velvet futon
Velvet futon, available in lots of colors – See it here

This copper-trimmed futon is a good one for small spaces as it's only 64″ long. It comes in teal, royal blue, emerald green, pink, gray, and black.

Dark teal velvet futon
Velvet futon with matching throw pillows – See it here

This futon the cheapest sofa featured in this article (I think). It's 65″ long, features a USB outlet on the arms for charging your devices while you sit, and comes in emerald green or royal blue velvet, gray fabric, and black or white faux leather.

Dark green velvet futon
Velvet futon with USB outlets – See it here

Velvet Sofas for Colorful RV Decor

RV interior with a bright green sofa
Bright green velvet sofa in a renovated RV – Photo credit: Instagram.com/saloncosabella

This adorable peacock colored mid-century style sofa is just 58″ long, the perfect size for an RV that doesn't have a lot of space. In addition to the shade of teal shown below, it also comes in blue, beige, gold, and gray.

Peacock blue velvet sofa
Velvet loveseat – See it here

This velvet sofa comes in two sizes: a 58″ loveseat or a longer 78″ sofa. Its color options are the gold color shown below, as well as emerald green, royal blue, and peacock blue.

Yellow velvet sofa
Velvet sofa – See the other colors here

Last but not least, here is a small sleeper sofa that comes in several beautiful velvet colors, including emerald green, blue, black, and gray. It comes in a few different lengths, all under 60″, but unlike some of the futons that are really only big enough for kids (or very short adults), it pulls out to a full size bed where an adult can sleep comfortably.

Blue velvet sleeper sofa
Velvet full-sized sleeper sofa – See it here
RV interior with blue velvet sofa
RV interior featuring a blue velvet sofa – Photo credit: Instagram.com/nailgun_nelly

Custom Mid-Century Style Sofa

I have to include one more sofa on this list that I own personally, and that's the Hughes sofa from Joybird.com. I have it in the 64″ loveseat size, but you can also get it in a longer size. It's on the firm side but feels sturdy and well made and I enjoy sitting on it to read almost every evening.

This is a sofa you order custom made to the exact specifications you want–you pick the color, fabric type, whether it has one cushion or two (I definitely recommend just one so you don't have the crack to contend with) and even how many buttons are sewn on it.

Joybird also has quite a few other customizable sofa styles to choose from as well. There are definitely cheaper options out there, but if you have something specific in mind, this is as good way to get the exact color and style you're looking for.

Hughes sofa from Joybird.com

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    1. I’m not sure exactly which sofa you’re referring to, but to answer your question I would reference the weight of what was in the slide originally. For example, if you removed some furniture from the slide that came with the motorhome, replace it with a sofa of approximately equal or lighter weight.

  1. We purchased the Poly and Bark Aniline leather sofa today on Amazon. I am so looking forward to getting rid of the Flexsteel jackknife faux leather sofa that came with the rig. Although in a 2019 Newmar Canyon Star motorhome the Flexsteel fake leather has been deteriorating since we bought the rig used in 2021. I love the feel of the aniline leather and the cocoa tan color will brighten up our home on wheels.
    Thanks for the recommendation in your article.

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