9 Beach Themed RV Makeovers

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These RV owners have created a seaside paradise that can travel with them wherever they go.  Take a look at their photos to inspire your own beach-themed RV or nautical-themed decor.


Fish netting and a tropical wall decal draw your eye with the beach look in this RV.  You can see more photos of this interior makeover at Trevor and Roni's blog and at doityourselfrv.com.

by Trevor & Roni via doityourselfrv.com


by Suzanne Small-Creech

RV owner Suzanne painted her cabinet doors' glass inserts white and then covered them with napkins adhered with Mod Podge. She also used driftwood-style wallpaper and seashell artwork in her RV bathroom.

by Suzanne Small-Creech


Paint, beachwood wallpaper, and new linens make a world of difference in this RV.

Beach RV before and after
by Jamie Carney


by Katie

White walls and cabinets brighten this RV with beach decor. You can see more photos of this bright and airy nautical-themed park model RV here.

by Katie


This motorhome got a beachy makeover from its owner, Kathy Davis.

by Kathy Davis


by Kathy Tilley-Booker

The owner of this motorhome used a white and navy blue color palette accented with brass fixtures to create a nautical theme.  Details such as a porthole mirror, an octopus wall decal, and an epoxy map tabletop complete the look.

by Kathy Tilley-Booker


RV owner Bobbi slowly transformed her RV into a beachside getaway. Watch it evolve over time!

This was her first makeover…

…this was her second makeover…

Note the new covers on the couches!

…and here is her final result!  🙂

It took a few makeovers, but we love the final result!


by Laurie Lozano

RV owner Laurie painted her walls with Glidden paint + primer in one and used Beyond Paint for her cabinets.  She used these peel-and-stick mosaic tiles for her backsplash and added the finishing touch in her bedroom with this bedspread set.

by Laurie Lozano
by Laurie Lozano


This park model RV is stationary, so its ocean-loving owners brought the beach to Illinois.


RV owner Michele combined beach wood wallpaper, painted shutters, and distressed wooden boxes to achieve the look of her beach bedroom.

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A camper with beach or ocean themed decor can make you feel like you're in a seaside cottage no matter where you are! Get ideas from these RV makeovers.
Beach themed decor ideas for your camper or motorhome | RV Inspiration

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  1. Would you happen to know the color that Bobbi Gearhart used in her bedroom in the first photo slide (before her remdel)?

  2. How cool are these!?! I love the beach and love cool blue colors. It’s funny that I use red in my RV decorating when my favorite color is teal/turqoise. LOL.

    1. I don’t often decorate with my favorite colors! In our last house I decorated with green, black, and red (an Oriental theme to incorporate decor I purchased while living in Korea), and in our RV I’m doing grays accented with yellow, navy, and teal. I actually don’t really have a favorite color, but if I did it definitely wouldn’t be red or yellow, lol! I think my favorite colors to wear tend to be cooler colors, but in decorating I like to use neutrals with warm color accents. I’ve never really thought about it this much before!

  3. I really love Michelle Renee’s idea! I was going to cover my black faux leather headboard with fabric, but I might change my mind.

    1. Isn’t it fantastic! I think it’s my favorite use I’ve seen for that multi-colored shiplap wallpaper!

    2. I made a fabric covered headboard for my last RV and it turned out beautifully except for one thing. If you are going to lean up against it to read or watch tv, use a washable faux leather product or make the fabric removable for washing.
      Although I do not use anything on my hair except hairspray, I still got a stained area from my head touching the fabric..

  4. My sister is vacationing at the beach this weekend so I was already dreaming of sand and waves, but these makeovers are really making me wanna visit the beach ASAP. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  5. Just got back from a week at the beach with my sisters and their families. Heaven! Was raised there, so it’s going home for me. I think my favorite theme has to be a combination of country and beach (sort of the Kenny Chesney thing going on). Always been that way for me.

    1. It seems like you like “cottage style” decor, which can be either beach or country! 😀 I don’t listen to Kenny Chesney very often but I have always liked his song “Anything But Mine”. 🙂 I was raised in Missouri so unfortunately I’ve only been to the beach a few times. :/

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