Photo Usage Policy

Photo Usage Policy for

If you agree to this policy and give me permission to use your photo, these are ways I might use it:

  • In a blog post on my site
  • In a guest blog post or article written by me but published on a different website
  • As part of a promotional image for Pinterest or social media
  • As a post on social media
  • In an e-book or other digital product

If I use your photo, I will never claim or imply that it is my own, and I will credit you as the photographer in the following ways as they apply:

  • In blog posts: By giving your name as it appears on your social media account or blog (unless you specify a different name you prefer that I use) in the photo’s caption and/or description.  Also, by linking to your preferred website or social media page, if you provide me with a URL.
  • In social media posts: By linking to your preferred website or social media page, if you provide me with a URL.  Additionally, on Twitter, by tagging your Twitter account, if you provide me with your name/handle, and on Facebook, by tagging a Facebook page or group you own, if you provide me with the page or group name.
  • On Instagram: By tagging your Instagram account, if I requested your photo via Instagram OR if you provide me with your Instagram account name/handle.
  • In e-books and other digital products: By linking to your preferred website or social media page on a separate page for photo credits within the product, if you provide me with a URL.
  • For Pinterest: If I use your photo as part of a promotional image for Pinterest, I will credit you in the blog post it links to.  Please be aware that by allowing your photo to appear on my blog, visitors to my site might share my photo on Pinterest with it linking to my site (instead of your preferred URL).

Stock Photo Policy

This website publishes photos obtained from stock photo sources including,, and These photos are used in accordance with copyright law to the best of our knowledge and may not be downloaded from this site without following the terms and conditions of the source websites.

Instagram Users Read This:

Go here to read about how to have your photo featured on the RV Inspiration Instagram page.

To Use a Photo from

All photos on which are not owned by me are used with permission and give credit to the original owner in their captions.  To use one of these photos, you will need to contact the photo’s owner directly to ask for permission.

If you would like to use a photo owned by, please email me first to tell me how you plan to use it and ask for permission.  Thank you!

For any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me.

Last updated: 6/21/2019