How to Prepare Your RV for Cold Weather (Inflatable RV skirting - ordered online)

RV Skirting Pros (Multiple states plus a DIY option ordered online)

Custom RV Skirting (Multiple states)

Finishing Touches Custom Coverings (West Virginia, will travel) (Colorado)

Cambridge Custom Upholstery (Ohio) (South Dakota)

Custom Canvas Unlimited (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada)

Extreme Covers Idaho (Idaho) See installation videos here

Springfield Special Products (Missouri)

Sharp's Tarps  (Utah)

Big Sky Canvas (Montana)

PDF checklist from RV Inspiration - Click here to view & download.

Facebook group all about surviving freezing weather in an RV.

Link to group: WINTER RVing - Let's Stay Warm Together!

The follow articles explain how to prepare your RV for storage in below-freezing temperatures.  Some RVers live, camp, or travel in their RV's while they are winterized, buying bottled water for drinking and cooking and using campground toilets and showers.

Article: How to Quickly Winterize Your RV

Article: How to Winterize Your Own RV

Article: Step-by-Step Winterizing Checklist

Article: Steps to Winterize Your RV for the Winter