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twin bed master bedroom by @danniellejoy

How Much is an RV Renovation?

RV renovations can cost much more than the actual motorhome or travel trailer; however, they certainly don’t have to. Budget Rv renovation costs can stay under a few thousand dollars if you are careful about your spending! Typical RV Renovation Costs to Consider When inspecting an RV you hope to purchase, it is essential to…

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remodeled living and dining area in coachmen catalina - by Tiffani Borkon

Upgrading a New Travel Trailer for Better Livability

It is becoming increasingly popular for RVing families, especially full-timers, to renovate RVs to make them more functional and stylish (even brand-new ones!). While upgrading a new travel trailer or motorhome may seem like an unnecessary cost to some, many RVers who do so think the results are completely worth it! This updated 2022 Coachmen…

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