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Make More Space in Your Tiny Kitchen with an RV Countertop Extension

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Make more space in your tiny camper kitchen with an RV countertop extension. These RV countertop extension ideas will give you more counter space when you need it and store away to take up zero storage space when you don’t.

What Is an RV Countertop Extension?

A countertop extension can be anything that creates more useable workspace in your RV kitchen while simultaneously being able to store away when not in use. These convenient surfaces make meal prep easier and can fit seamlessly into most RV kitchens.

Three primary types of countertop extensions can come with or be added to your RV:

  1. Sink or Stovetop Countertop Extensions
  2. Flip Up/Down Countertop Extensions
  3. Permanent Extension/Extended Overhang

You may also see hidden countertops behind cabinet doors for storing away those countertop appliances, though they are less common. We love this one turned into a little coffee nook:

A tambour door hides a coffee maker in this RV kitchen. Photo Credit: Alchemy RV Renovations

Or, even less common, there are slide-out countertop extensions. These are rare to see in RVs, but are a possible DIY project.

Photo Credit: Travis Schmitt

Let’s dive into more detail on the three most common RV countertop extension options, including where to buy them and how to make your own.

Sink and Stovetop Covers

One of the simplest ways to extend your countertop is a stovetop cover or sink cover. Many RVs are built with sink covers or have stoves with built-in, foldable covers.

My Winnebago had covers made out of the same heavy-duty material as the countertop. If it weren’t for the faucet, you couldn’t tell there was a sink underneath! I used it sometimes for meal prep, but more often to hide dirty dishes when we had company over! 🫣

The stove also had a built-in glass cover. These are a little more common in new, manufactured RVs than sink covers.

If your RV didn’t come with one, you can buy a cover for your RV stove in a camping store or on Amazon. Or you find a small piece of countertop or butcher block and cut it to fit your space.

Amazon sells many different types of stove covers to fit 3- and 4-burner stoves.

Sink covers can be harder to find since sinks come in more varied sizes. (And many people opt to replace their RV sink anyway!) Camco, a popular brand for RV-related products, sells them in different sizes and styles.

Camco Camper/RV Sink Mate Cutting Board | Features Built-In Juice Groove & Cut Corner for Scrap Disposal | Designed w/Adjustable Rubber Feet for Different Sink Sizes | Expand Kitchen Workspace (43857)
  • SINK COVER FOR COUNTER SPACE: Say goodbye to cramped counters and expand your kitchen workspace with this kitchen sink cover for counter space. Get the most out of your kitchen with Camco’s boating and RV essentials.

DIY Sink or Stove Cover

For a newbie DIYer, creating a sink or stove cover is an easy project. Wood, purchased at your local lumber or home improvement store, is the most common choice for a DIY sink cover.

Photo Credit: @moandtheairstream

Here’s how to easily make your own:

Step 1: Measure your sink or stove (or both!) and figure out what size of wood you need. You may also consider buying a cutting board of the same size, but wood will be cheaper!

Step 2: Buy and cut your wood to size.

Step 3: Sand and round your corners. Keep your corners rounded to protect yourself from sharp edges. Use a jig saw to cut off the corners and then sand until smooth. If you want to create holes to easily pick up your board, grab a power drill with a large bit. Check out the video below to see more of this process.

Step 4: Apply cutting board oil to protect the wood. If you want a different wood color for your boards, you can stain it before applying the oil.

Howard Products BBB012 Cutting Board Oil, 12 oz
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Ta-da! That’s all you need to do for a DIY sink or stove cover. The whole project should cost you less than $30 and give you a couple of extra feet of usable counter space.

Now, let’s look at flip-up countertop extensions.

Flip Up/Down Countertop Extensions

Sink and stove covers are great for creating a clean look in the kitchen, but more often, RVers stick the covers under the sink and forget about them. Flip-up countertops are the most popular countertop extensions we see used.

Built-in Countertop Extension Photo Credit: RVdesign.usa

The above Grand Design was built with a flip-up countertop extension included. Flip-up countertop extensions fold away and are set up easily. Since sinks and stoves are used multiple times a day, their covers can be a minor annoyance as they get in the way.

While they are a little more expensive to build than sink covers, these flip-up countertop extensions are much more useful and the best option for more countertop space.

The only question is: to build or to buy?

Where to Buy a Countertop Extension

Amazon is one the easiest places to find RV countertop extension options. Camco offers different sizes and styles.

Camco Oak Accent Camper / RV Countertop Extension - Designed w/High Quality Oak - Features Non-Toxic Gloss Finish & Metal Piano Hinge for Easy Folding - Measures 12” x 13.5” x .75” (43421)
  • EXTRA PREP SPACE: Take your cooking to the next level with additional sturdy counter space. This RV accessory is perfect for eliminating cramped and messy prep areas in your camper.

These countertop extensions will include the countertop itself as well as the mounting brackets you need to support it. They are available in a few different colors and styles.

But the best way to create an extra bit of counter space that perfectly matches your RV is to make your own.

Photo Credit: Rving Dogs and Wine

DIY C0untertop Extension Tutorial

The best way to create a clean-looking countertop extension is to use the same material as your countertops. This way, you can create a seamless meal prep or seating countertop.

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These RVs created countertop extensions with their wood countertops to create bar seating.

Of course, replacing your entire countertop is a major undertaking! You can add your own DIY countertop extension to match or complement the rest of your kitchen renovation. Like this:

Making your own DIY countertop is easier than it looks. You need only a few supplies:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Countertop
  • Power drill

Mounting brackets should come with all of the screws you need to attach to your cabinets and your countertop piece, keeping this project simple.

Mounting Bracket Options

Heavy-duty folding shelving brackets are a straightforward, easy-to-install option and are available in many sizes. Color options are mostly limited to black and silver (but could be spray painted if desired).

Luomorgo 2 Pcs Folding Shelf Brackets 10 Inch, Heavy Duty Black Metal Triangle Table Bench Folding Shelf Hinge Wall Mounted, Max Load 265lb
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A drop leaf finger pull is another option.

These 10″ brackets can hold up to 550 pounds!

YUMORE Folding Shelf Brackets 12", Max Load: 330lb Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Collapsible Shelf Bracket for Table Work Bench, Space Saving DIY Bracket, Pack of 2
  • STURDY & DURABLE - The Folding Shelf Bracket and the fitting screw are constructed of Type premium grade stainless steel. High-quality brushed stainless steel, build to resist daily scratches, corrosion and tarnishing. Allowing it to remain looking its best for longer.

All of these brackets will allow the countertop piece to be flipped up when in use. Since many of these brackets can hold hundreds of pounds, these extensions are great for extra meal prep space or bar seating, like in this RV:

counter extension stools
Photo Credit: Inheritance Homes LLC

Countertop Piece Options

For the countertop piece, the most popular look is wood, bamboo, or butcher block. You could order extra material when replacing your countertops, like this remodel:

Or buy a single square foot of wood or butcher block for cheap:

Photo source:

You could even use a cutting board:

17" Best Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen Large Charcuterie Board Wooden Chopping Boards Butcher Block Fruit Charcuterie Cheese Boards Meat Serving Platter Carving Board
  • Best Acacia Wood:This cutting board is made of food-grade acacia wood which is 100% natural, the Acacia wood has remarkable character - a blend of light and dark. No BPA, PVC or toxic finishes, Harmless to the human body.

Don’t forget to treat your wood or butcher block with oil to protect it.

HOWARD Butcher Block Conditioner and Cutting Board Oil, Food Grade Conditioner and Oil, Great for Wooden Bowls and Utensils, Re hydrate your Cutting Blocks, 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
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Once you’ve picked out your countertop piece, follow the instructions included with your mounting brackets and install everything. With heavy-duty brackets and your countertop piece, you’re looking at around $50 for your whole project!

Permanent Countertop Extension

An easy way to add more counter space is to extend your counter over the edge of your cabinets. An “extended overhang” is a common way to create counter seating at a kitchen island.

Photo Credit: Aryn Dedwylder

This allows for permanent seating, but it also makes for a narrower walkway! Depending on the weight of your countertops and how far it extends, you may need to add supports under it, like in this renovation:

This RV is currently for sale on our Renovated RVs for Sale Marketplace. Photo Credit: Angellina

Extended overhangs are a great permanent solution for more counter space. Or, to really add more space, you could even add your own kitchen island!

RV Countertop Extension Options

Creating more space in your RV kitchen is a great way to add value to your space and make the most of the tiny square footage. How will you extend your countertops? Share which option is your favorite in the comments below!

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