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10+ RV Remodel Ideas that Cost Less Than $500

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Whether you purchase an old trailer desperate for an update or go with a brand new fifth wheel (or absolutely anything in between), you may be looking for RV remodel ideas to make your home or home away from home more comfortable and functional. 

While RV renovations can add up, just like in a sticks-and-bricks home, there is so much you can do to make your space more functional, homier, and more “you.” Here are a dozen RV remodel ideas to get you started – all for less than $500!

Where do you start when remodeling an RV? 

If you’ve got your RV but aren’t sure where to start, consider a few things before you begin: 


First, create a vision for yourself about what this RV will look like – get really clear on what you want BEFORE you get into the nitty-gritty of what will be possible for you. This vision work may involve some additional research on RV renovation ideas.

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Next, with vision in mind, research as needed (articles like this are a great resource).

Create a priorities list based on the following questions (and whatever else comes up for you as you plan):

  • What renovations are essential to make the RV livable or rentable? For example, is there damage that needs to be fixed? Is that dinette driving you bonkers already? Do you need to replace a mattress or have an appliance that doesn’t work or won’t work for you?
  • What renovations are on the “nice to have” or the “when I can afford it” list? 

These lists might end up looking like “must repair,” “nice to do,” and “someday” lists….or they might be based more on your budget and what’s affordable now vs. later.


Then, decide what your budget is. 

Remember that you can often find used or free items or inexpensive versions of things that will absolutely get the job done when budget is an issue.

RV Remodel Ideas

Now, with your vision, priorities, and budget complete, it’s time to get to work! 

Here are some fantastic RV remodel ideas to incorporate into your planning. They’re full of beautiful RV remodel idea photos, too, perfect for inspiration as you consider your options for camper renovations under $500.

#1 Update Your Countertops

kitchen counter farmhouse rv remodel
Photo credit: Cydnee Wendt

Updating your countertops can really change your kitchen’s look! You can cover them, paint them, or otherwise update your existing countertops.

If you want to be wildly ambitious, why not make your own wood countertops? And if you aren’t sure what your best option is, here is a guide with lots of options and the factors you’ll want to consider. 

#2 RV Window Makeover

rv remodel window makeover
Photo Credit: Chantal Keller-Ward

There is so much you can do to change up the look of your RV with a window makeover! Some popular options include no-sew curtains, covering or painting the valances, and, of course, traditional curtains. For strategies on doing this effectively and lots of inspiration, head here

#3 Paint Your RV Walls

RV with the walls and trim painted white
RV with the walls and trim painted white | Photo credit:

We can’t make a list of RV remodel ideas without including painting the RV walls! This has become especially popular in recent years. Unfortunately, it’s also an area that can lead to a lot of disappointment if you don’t get the professional-quality results you are hoping for. These tips are essential for anyone tackling an RV paint job.

Note that the costs can add up if you paint the entire RV. So, ensure you’ve planned ahead of time to keep to your budget and not run out of paint mid-wall.

#4 Paint Your RV Cabinets!

rv remodel ideas - painted cabinets
By: InspiredCamper

While considering painting your RV walls, you may also ponder painting your cabinets! It’s incredible what a difference this simple renovation can make to the look of your RV. Here are some before and after photos that illustrate it perfectly. 

#5 Replace Your RV Sofa Bed, Couch, Love Seat, or Futon

Photo Credit: Traverse Design Co.

While there are some amazing, built-for RV furniture brands out there, they’ll likely run you more than $500. But no rule says you can’t swap out RV furniture for something more stylish and comfortable that wasn’t built for wheels.

Be sure to watch the weight of the new furniture and your placement of it (don’t overwhelm a slide of the RV as a whole). Who knows – your next sofa bed may be waiting for you on Facebook Marketplace!

Here are some ideas for replacing your RV sofa bed, couch, or similar furniture. 

Not finding what you want elsewhere? Some RVers have built their own loveseat, couch, daybed, or similar, and here’s how. 

#6 Wallpaper Your RV

floral wallpaper and bright decor in camper
Floral wallpaper in a vintage camper. Photo credit: Get this wallpaper here:

Wallpaper can be an easy way to give your camper more color and personality. Be sure to read up on the do’s and don’ts of wallpaper before you begin, especially if your RV will ever be in extreme heat or cold. You’ll also see some beautiful, inspirational photos of RV remodels that include wallpaper. 

#7 Add Shelves To Your RV

rv remodel shelf idea
Photo Credit: Dina Krukovets

Storage space makes your home comfortable and livable, and it’s no different in an RV. Adding shelves makes your home cozier and maximizes the vertical storage space.

You’ll probably need to remove these items on travel days, so keep a bin on hand for when you’re in travel mode and have to remove those books, candles, photos, or plants from the walls.

Adding shelves can be a simple and inexpensive RV remodel that pays off. 

#8 Replace Your Dinette (Or Upgrade It)

An RV dinette is a feature that many RVers would prefer to get rid of. Creating a more versatile space that works better for its occupants can be really appealing. While removing your dinette for under $500 isn’t going to be doable for everyone, the actual removal of one or both sides is usually as simple as removing some screws. If you already have a table or chairs in mind for all or part of the setup, it may be a more affordable renovation than you’d think!

This article offers a variety of creative ways to remove and replace your RV dining booth.

#9 Replace Your RV Shower Head

rv shower head upgrade
Photo credit: Jeff Myers

A standard RV shower head breaks easily, misses the mark on water pressure, and is cheaply made. Instead, upgrade your old RV shower head with a quality fixture. This can turn showering in your RV into something you look forward to. 

#10 Install A Spice Rack

rv bathroom storage remodel idea
Photo Credit: Aryn Dedwylder

A spice rack may be small, but since we usually cook in the kitchen multiple times a day, it can have a profound impact on your quality of life. Give yourself easy access to the spices you use most in the kitchen – or use the racks for other small items!

Some RVers find that a spice rack in the bathroom can work well for small bottles or deodorant sticks to clear the counter space. 

#11 Create A Dog Kennel or Litter Box Space 

rv kennel remodel idea
Photo Credit: Kirsten Pilot

Finding a place for a litter box or a kennel can be tricky in a small space. While some of these renovations may be pricey, many of these examples were done inexpensively and/or with existing materials on hand. 

Finding ways to use space better and keep your pet safer will make pets and humans alike happier!

#12 Create an RV Backsplash (Or Replace Yours)

Wood plank wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment
Shiplap wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment | Photo credit:

Creating an RV backsplash can be a wonderful way to create a new look in your RV. It’s easy to do, affordable, easy to clean (making kitchen cleanup easier), and travels well. Here are some how-tos and examples of beautiful backsplashes in RVs. 


How hard is it to renovate an RV? 

It really depends on how ambitious your renovation plans are! While some RV renovations require a lot of skill, others need time, an eye for color, or creativity. Swapping curtains or painting might be a great first step for beginning RV renovators.

Just be sure to do your research ahead of time to avoid any common pitfalls and avoid committing to something above your current skill level. 

How can I increase my RV value? 

While many recommend avoiding making permanent changes to your RV to maximize your profit when you sell it, well-executed renovations can increase the RV’s value to the right buyer. 

  • Avoid putting holes in the walls (command hooks and similar that can be removed are a better call).
  • Consider holding onto any furniture you remove.
  • Take care of the fabrics, woodwork, and exterior details.
  • Keep using your RV and keep it regularly maintained to keep the systems happy. 
  • As interior decorating trends come and go, so do RV trends. Consider the pros and cons of avoiding trends or, if you’re turning your RV around quickly to sell it, maybe trendy is just the ticket for you. Consider your future RV’s owner and what features and conveniences will appeal most to them. Not every RV owner wants a Spiderman-themed bathroom (but you might!). 

How many years will an RV last? 

Depending on usage frequency and maintenance, you can expect an RV to last 10-30 years. It will depend on many factors, but they are built to last quite a while.

RV Remodel Ideas Summary 

We’ve explored a variety of RV remodel ideas here. Create a vision for your RV, research, set your budget and priorities, and then you’re equipped to begin your RV remodel.

Camper renovations don’t have to blow your budget, and repurposing previously owned items can also be a great option. Set reasonable goals for yourself, and enjoy the process with that beautiful payoff in mind – your own renovated RV built to your specifications!

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