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10 Before & After Photos That Show Off What a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do!


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Are you on the fence about whether or not it’s a good idea to paint your RV walls or cabinets? Or trying to decide between buying an older RV to save some money or getting a newer one with a nicer interior?

Paint can be the cheapest way to completely transform an RV.

Look at these before and after photos of RVs with painted cabinets and walls to get RV paint ideas and see what a difference fresh paint and decor can make!

1. Travel Trailer Painted White Throughout

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When Danielle and Jason purchased this 2011 Forest River Wildwood travel trailer in 2021, they were immediately hooked on RVing.

They renovated the camper to make it their own, painting the cabinets and walls white throughout for a “light and airy” look.

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Danielle says, “Never in a million years did I imagine we would purchase a camper or renovate it! This project has brought joy back into my life, and now we are happy campers!”

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2. Dark RV Cabinets With White Walls

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If you’re not a fan of the all white look or are worried about keeping white RV cabinets clean, painting RV cabinets a darker color can look great too. I love the contrast of the darker cabinets against the white walls.

The couple who own this 1993 Jayco Eagle Series 300BH renovated it to be able to travel affordably with their three kids. Their goal is to visit every national park in the U.S. To see more photos of this RV, visit the owners’ Instagram page, @thesearebetterdays.

3. Lola RV by the Sea

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This 1991 Ford Dolphin 3450 named “LOLA RV by the SEA” was renovated by the Schleichers, a family of five who love to take it to the beach. At first, they were a bit intimidated by the idea of buying an older motorhome, but after a mechanical inspection, they decided to bring it home and give it some TLC.

The painted walls and cabinets transformed the interior, but I particularly love the custom countertops they added!

4. Replacing Faux Rock with Painted Shiplap

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Alura and Wesley, the owners of this 2010 Jayco Designer 35RLTS, live full time in the Florida Keys.

They decided to do a bold makeover on the living area to make it exactly what they wanted, including replacing the faux rock with wood planks, turning the glass cabinets into shelves, and painting the whole thing a beautiful shade of teal.

The rest of the RV has white walls, making the teal fireplace pop even more!

5. Bold Colors with More Space

Renovated by Alice Zealy of rain2shine ventures, this before-and-after shows off bold paint choices. “Pure White” by Sherwin Williams is Alice’s go-to for white walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

One other way she completely transformed this kitchen was by removing the upper cabinets and adding open shelving. The whole RV instantly feels bigger!

6. Painting Pop-Up Camper Cabinets

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A pop-up camper makeover is a fun project requiring much less work than renovating a big fifth wheel.

You can find more pop-up camper paint ideas at, which is where I came across these photos of “Poppy,” a 2003 Starcraft Gemini Constellation the owners found locally on Craigslist. You can see more photos of the whole renovation project in this blog post.

7. Rear Kitchen Transformation

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RV owners Kaydee and Trevor decided to leave their 9-5 office jobs and become full time RVers after 2020 caused them to reevaluate their lives. After purchasing this 1999 Thor Komfort, they completely renovated it, including painting the walls and cabinets white.

In the kitchen, they added a faux brick accent wall, replaced the window treatments with bamboo shades, and removed the upper cabinets and replaced them with a shelf and some woven storage baskets.

8. RV Interior Facelift with Painted Dinette

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The dinette shown above is in a 2010 Newmar Ventana Class A Motorhome that’s home to a family of four plus their two English bulldogs.

The owners said, “For our renovation, we wanted to work with what we had and give more of a ‘facelift’ to the outdated interior rather than completely redesign the layout. We’re not renovators by trade and this is our home to live in.”

RV interior with unpainted cabinets
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They chose to leave much of the gorgeous maple cabinetry unpainted, but they did paint the walls white throughout. They also replaced the ornate slide-out trim with pine and gave their booth dinette a makeover. You can see more of the ways they turned this RV into a home on their Instagram page.

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9. Class A Motorhome Before and After

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Sometimes painting the cabinets in a high-end Class A motorhome can feel a little intimidating. They are usually made of beautiful solid wood, but the full-time RVers who live in this motorhome decided to renovate the interior while living in it.

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They painted the walls and cabinetry and replaced all the trim with reclaimed wood. The owners say they love all the changes they’ve made to their rig to make it feel more like a home.

10. Baby Blue RV Cabinet Makeover

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This 2015 Keystone Hideout 29BKS was renovated by Chris and Tiernee Schatz. Chris and Tiernee own Wayland Ventures, a professional RV renovation company that does client camper renovations as well as flips RVs.

You can read about the details of this renovation on their blog, and follow them on Instagram to see more of their gorgeous RV renovations.

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  1. How should I repair all the holes left by screws when removing elements of the windows and the dinette? The vinyl creates a bump around the holes which will always show unless properly dealt with. I don’t really know what to do with them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Janet, I am planning on (finally!) getting around to this very project myself soon! I plan to do a blog post about it actually, but what I suggest is using a tool or kitchen utensil with a blunt, rounded end (maybe the handle end of a screwdriver) to push the vinyl into the hole until there’s nothing sticking out farther than the wall, then fill it with spackling and sand it smooth after the spackling dries. Then you should be able to paint over it using the same painting tool you used on the surrounding area (for example, if you used a roller on that area, go over it with a roller) and it should blend in pretty well.

  2. Never , never , never paint natural wood because once you do it becomes a maintenance issue….

    Natural wood cabinets have a character all their own and they age beautifully…

    I know it sounds tempting to freshen up your interior with a different color, but, once you do this there’s no turning back….. and when it chips or fades you’ll have to deal with it all over again….

    That’s my best advice…. Make your own decisions, but, I would advise you not to do it.


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