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RV Owners Who Painted Their Cabinets

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Before embarking on your own cabinet painting project, read about how these RV owners painted their campers and motorhomes and got results they love.

1. Felicia’s chalk paint project

This adorable pop-up camper’s owners painted the laminate cabinets with green chalk paint – no stripping, sanding, or priming.  Read the story of their camper makeover here.

by Felicia via

2. Leanne’s laminate transformation

These fake wood cabinets in this RV had been damaged in a fire.  Read here about how the owners transformed them with aerosol canned spray paint.

by Leanneja via

3. Sarah’s RV remodel

This beautiful cabinet transformation was done with almost zero prep work.  Click here to see more pictures and read about how the owners used a brand of paint called Beyond Paint to paint both the oak and laminate in their RV.

by Sarah via

4. Julie’s no-fuss makeover

Another no-prep cabinet makeover, these owners used a brand of paint called Nuvo cabinet paint for their wood and laminate cabinets.  You can read more about their experience at their blog.

5. Eric & Katie’s two-tone cabinets

If you’re skeptical about the “no-prep” methods and prefer a more traditional approach, you can read the extremely detailed step-by-step description of how the owners of this motorhome sanded, primed, painted, and sealed their wood cabinets.

Modern Mountain Life Kitchen

by Eric & Katie via

6. Meseidy’s camper overhaul

The owners of this fifth wheel achieved a similar look by using a paint sprayer to prime both their walls and cabinets before using a brush and roller to paint their cabinets.  Instead of sanding, they rubbed all wood and faux wood surfaces with an acetone solvent.  You can read the whole story here.

by Meseidy via

7. Heather’s kitchen makeover

In addition to painting the cabinets, this RV owner removed a dining booth and built a bar from some wood and a piece of countertop.  B-I-N brand primer was used to help the paint adhere.

by Heather Roehl

8. Tiffany’s two-tone cabinets

A deglosser was applied to these faux wood cabinets before they were primed and painted in Steely Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Additionally, the owners painted the countertops using this countertop paint kit.  Follow their blog to read more about their RV and get ideas for coastal decor.

Undecided about painting?  Check out my blog post “7 Ideas for Updating Wood Cabinets Without Painting Them”.

If you have decided to go ahead and paint, I have written a free guide that outlines and describes the various techniques successfully used by other RV owners to prep and paint walls, cabinets and other interior surfaces.

Contents include:

  • Tips for cleaning, stripping, and sanding surfaces before painting
  • Recommendations of paints and primers successfully used by other RV owners
  • Step-by-step methods for painting a variety of surfaces
  • Links to other RV owners’ detailed painting stories

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