travel trailer remodel art deco kitchen by julie sykes

Glitzy Art Deco Travel Trailer Remodel

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Unassuming from the outside, this interior travel trailer remodel reveals style straight out of the Art Deco era. From the galley to the stateroom, the details are phenomenal. Let’s dive in!

Stunning Kitchen Accents

In the center of this spacious trailer, the lavish kitchen island displays sparkling marble counters with mother-of-pearl accents that match the backsplash.

Wait, did you say marble? Isn’t that too heavy for a trailer? Tessa Terry at Alchemy Renovations masterfully renovated this trailer and hand-painted the epoxy counters to look like marble so it would still be lightweight and towable! You can try it yourself with this kit from Giani.

travel trailer remodel art deco kitchen by julie sykes

You can also find the peel-and-stick tiles at tilebar, and Tessa suggests using Liquid Nails for the perfect seal.

Read this guide to using peel-and-stick tiles in an RV for more tips!

Did you notice those gorgeous globe lights hanging above the island? She specifically chose light fixtures that had a solid bar to keep them from swaying while underway. You can find something similar online (don’t forget you’ll need to switch your bulbs to 12v to work in the trailer!)

For paint, Tessa used Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball to bring all the accents together with a timeless style.

Stylish Bathroom Details

It’s the little touches that really make a renovation, and this unique swan faucet in the bathroom is a fan favorite. You can find it on Amazon.

swam faucet travel trailer remodel details by julie sykes

Regal wallpaper ties in with the theme and style of the kitchen. You could try something like this from WallpaperMural. Tessa painted the bathroom cabinet Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball to give it a rich contrast against the neutral walls.

travel trailer art deco bathroom remodel details by julie sykes

Tessa also used Palisade tiles for the shower (which you can find through Home Depot or Lowe’s) and updated the shower head with a high-pressure hand-held version with a pause button, making it easy and stylish to conserve fresh water!

travel trailer art deco bathroom remodel details by julie sykes

Luxurious Stateroom

Looking from the kitchen towards the aft stateroom, the arches on the sliding doors come together perfectly on either side of the entertainment console in the center, accentuating the 1920s opulence. You can reproduce this style by painting the doors with the same Cornforth White and then using a vinyl decal similar to this one on Etsy.

travel trailer master bedroom remodel by julie sykes

In the master stateroom, Tessa used the Hague Blue paint again to add depth, with luxurious floor-to-ceiling drapes mounted to give a stately feel. She loves to use velvet curtains on ceiling-mounted curtain rods for the temperature-controlling qualities in winter and summer.

You can use any regular curtain rods from Target or Home Depot. But you’ll likely need to make some alterations to the drapes to fit the dimensions of your trailer.

Did you see the ceiling medallions on the LED reading lights?

travel trailer master bedroom remodel details by julie sykes

You can buy these in the diameter of your lighting fixture base to add elegant style to your renovation. Here’s something similar on Amazon.

There are so many details in this renovation, and I love the wallpaper that Tessa added to the inside of the stateroom closets.

travel trailer master bedroom remodel details by julie sykes

Lavish Living Room

Going back out to the main living space, Tessa removed the existing booth seating on the slide and added some stylish updates. Look how dark it was before! (Learn how to remove your RV dining booth here.)

before fifth wheel remodel by julie sykes

She added this statement Judarn Mural from Anthropologie, and installed Drop & Go floors for easy Velcro removal to wash!

details of fifth wheel remodel by julie sykes

The finished look displays lavish style including a crème-colored statement sofa. Worried about pet hair or wine stains? Tessa always chooses a stain-resistant sofa that will fit nicely through the camper door so you don’t have to sacrifice style!

travel trailer remodel art deco kitchen by julie sykes
travel trailer remodel art deco kitchen by julie sykes

From the bunks to the stateroom, you can enjoy decadent living at any campsite.

Art Deco Travel Trailer Remodel Video Walkthrough

Why not pop the champagne bottle now without doing any work? This one-of-a-kind trailer is for sale at an affordable cost. Reach out to Julie Sykes for more details!

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