13 Nifty Gadgets You’ll Need for De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Camper

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It’s easy for a tiny home on wheels to feel cluttered fast. RV organization is key to making your next road trip a breeze.

We’re suckers for clever RV gadgets and accessories. In this article, we’re sharing the best products for de-cluttering and organizing your camper.

1. “Get Wet” Mesh Shower Organizerclutter

This pocket organizer comes in several different sizes and colors, is mounted with included adhesive snaps (no drilling holes!), and as the name suggests, is ideal for the shower since they’re made of a type of mesh that drains easily and dries quickly.

RV Shower Organizer
Get Wet Shower Organizer Color Choices

They’re not just for the shower, though.  Here’s a picture of one hung on the bathroom door:

RV Bathroom Organizer

RV showers are notorious for not offering convenient storage options that will stay in place while driving, making this an absolute must-have.

2. RV Shower Tote

RVers who use campground shower facilities (or at a gym after a workout) will also appreciate this mesh shower tote that can be hung in your RV for storage, then folded up and easily transported.

In the shower, you can hang it on the shower head to easily access items when you’re ready to use them.

Shower Mate shower tote from OrganizedObie.com
Mesh RV Bathroom Shower Tote – See it Here

3. Wall-Mounted Laundry Bag

This wall-mounted laundry bag can be hung on a door, wall, side of a cabinet, or bed, and when you’re ready to take it to the laundromat, you simply turn the clips to remove it and close the drawstring!  If you get two of them, your laundry will be presorted too!

Wall Mounted Laundry Bag
Wall-mounted laundry tote – See it here

There’s never room in an RV to store a large laundry basket, so a laundry bag is a great solution.

This would also be a great way to store beach toys!

4. Mesh Pockets & Gear Nets

Gear net in storage area under RV

Net pockets can turn any vertical space into storage! This RVer has perfectly organized their outdoor kitchen setup.

I especially love the slatwall panel above with hooks and organizers for perfectly sorted tools. (I couldn’t find that exact slatwall panel, but here’s one on Amazon.)

Mesh storage pockets mounted on front of RV dining booth

Net pockets come in a variety of sizes and styles and are a good way to capture space that would normally be wasted.

This little cell phone pocket is adhesive, so it can be stuck anywhere—like on the wall beside your bed or next to the driver’s seat.

adhesive cell phone pocket
Adhesive mesh cell phone pocket – See it here

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5. Cargo Netting

Stretch cargo netting can be used to turn the top of a cabinet into storage.

Gear Nets from OrganizedObie.com

You can also use the netting to hold items in place on a shelf:

Gear Nets from OrganizedObie.com

Mounted on the wall by the front door, stretch cargo nets provide a handy place to store bug spray, slip-on shoes, a flashlight, and other things you want to keep handy.

Stretch cargo nets used for storage in an RV

Avoid the avalanche when you arrive at your destination by placing a net across your RV cabinets!

Gear net used in RV cabinet

Add extra storage to the back of a cabinet door:

You can really get creative with how and where to put these nets, because they come in different sizes, and if you can’t find one the right size, there’s also a tutorial for customizing them to the exact size you need.

6. Bunk Bed Safety Net

If you have small children sleeping on bunks in your RV, this heavy-duty bunk bed safety net can keep them from rolling out of the bed at night. (It’s sturdy enough for adults, too!)

RV Bunk Bed Safety Net from OrganizedObie.com
Bunk Bed Safety Net next to RV bunk bed

By unbuckling the net from the ceiling, you can easily access items stored on the bunk or tuck it under the mattress for storage when it’s not in use.

Motorhome Bunk Safety Net from OrganizedObie.com
Bunk Bed Safety Net above the cab in a Class C motorhome

Do you have a bunk in your RV that you use for storage? If so, the bunk bed safety net will hold items in place while you’re driving. I know many RVers who store computers, screens, and other expensive equipment on the RV beds during travel. These nets will keep your expensive toys safe while driving.

7. Furniture Tie Down

One concern that keeps many RVers from replacing their factory furniture with residential furniture is that sofas, tables, and chairs might slide around while the camper is in motion.

RV Furniture Tie Down Strap
Chairs held in place with RV furniture tie down straps and D rings

But with these furniture tie-downs, you can screw a D-ring to the floor of your RV and attach a furniture strap to hold large items in place during travel.

8. Mounted Bottle Opener

You’ll never be searching for a bottle opener again with this one mounted inside your RV! It even has a magnet that catches the cap for you so you don’t have to pick it up off the floor.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
Wall-mounted bottle opener with a magnet to catch bottle caps – See it here

Not a must-have, but a cute feature to add! I’ve also seen tailgaters install these on the outside frame of their campers for pregame barbeques. (Just be sure to seal the screw holes to prevent rain or snow from entering your RV.)

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9. Pop-up Rack for Hanging Clothing

If you’re short on closet space, this wall-mounted pop-up clothing rack might be just the solution you’re looking for.  This rack can be mounted on an interior wall or on the RV’s exterior as a place to dry wet towels or bathing suits after swimming.

Extra clothing storage for RV

10. LCD TV Mounts

Mount a TV or computer monitor wherever you want!

Flat-screen TV mounts, including an under-cabinet mount that allows a small TV to flip up and out of the way when not in use, have a few great uses.

Commonly, you’ll see it used to hold a computer monitor in place as you’re bumping down the road. There are also multi-location mounts that allow you to transport a TV from one location to another (like outside!).

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11. Magnetic Knife Holder

CUCINO Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall 16' No Drilling incl. Self Adhesive Tape - Extra strong Knife Holder - Awarded Knife Magnetic Strip - Made of Stainless Steel
5,491 Reviews
CUCINO Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall 16" No Drilling incl. Self Adhesive Tape - Extra strong Knife Holder - Awarded Knife Magnetic Strip - Made of Stainless Steel
  • THE EASIEST ASSEMBLY: No need for drills or screws, this magnetic knife holder can be mounted in seconds with the improved self-adhesive magnetic strip.If you do decide to drill, the package includes FREE dowels and screws.

As intimidating as it might be to have your sharp knives exposed on your wall, magnetic knife holders are great ways to free up drawer space and organize your kitchen.

And—knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder—I’ve never heard of any knives falling during driving.

12. Under the Sink Organizers

Keep your countertops clutter-free with an under-the-sink caddy to keep your cleaning supplies handy. Lightweight bottles fall often when driving, so these are great for keeping bottles upright and closed.

(Bonus: the sponge holder with drip tray and the spray bottle hanger)

13. Magnetic Spice Storage

Spices can easily fill a cabinet (and get rocked around while you drive!) This magnetic setup saves space and for the RV chef, keeps spices handy.

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These products are great to start getting your RV organization started. You can shop more nifty organization tools on OrganizedObie.com.

Still not organized? We’ve got the help you need:

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