rv outdoor kitchen camper remodel by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett
Trailer by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett

9 DIY RV Outdoor Kitchen Remodel Ideas


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Did your motorhome or travel trailer come with a stock RV outdoor kitchen? Whether you just want to make it more functional and stylish or transform it into a completely new space, we have some great ideas to inspire your DIY RV outdoor kitchen renovation!

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen in Your RV

Before you make any major changes, it is important to first think about what will serve you best in this space. Having an outdoor kitchen can save time and hassle when cooking and entertaining outside at your campsite. It also can keep your indoor kitchen cleaner and help avoid condensation or lingering strong smells inside your RV.

rv outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen by letsfindjoy.com

Having a sink outside is also a nice perk when you need to wash up before going inside your RV. And the outdoor fridge and cabinets can serve as bonus food and drink storage. Many people who have RVs that don’t come with outdoor kitchens choose to make a DIY solution to benefit from these perks (see #9 on this list!).

However, for someone who won’t cook outside, an outdoor kitchen can be a wasted space. Turning this area into a more functional storage solution or entertainment area can be a way to reclaim the square footage. Some RVers go even further by completely removing the outdoor kitchen and sealing off the opening inside to regain that space in the room behind it.

If you decide to do a conversion that involves removing the outdoor kitchen appliances, just be sure electricity, propane, and water hookups are all dealt with safely and are turned off during the remodel.

9 Ways to Upgrade or Convert Your RV Outdoor Kitchen

1. Update Your RV Outdoor Kitchen

As with any RV remodel, a lot can be achieved in your RV’s outdoor kitchen by simply updating paint and décor. You can match the style of the interior of your RV or have fun with an entirely new look. Peel-and-stick tiles or wallpaper can also be a great addition to offer some color and pattern.

updated rv outdoor kitchen with dark blue cabinets
Outdoor kitchen by @Rvglowup

You can also take the opportunity to personalize this space during the remodel to make it more functional. Think about how you are most likely to use it and plan your setup from there.

Get tips for how to paint cabinets, or check out tips for applying wallpaper.

2. Use it as an Outdoor Bar

If you are the type of camper who likes to have a drink in scenic places or host your campground neighbors for happy hour, a DIY bar conversion for your outdoor kitchen is a great way to make better use of that space. It’s such an unexpected and fun detail.

3. Create an Outdoor Entertainment Center

This repurposing of an outdoor kitchen in a fifth wheel is a great way to expand the RV living space in a way that better suits your needs.

rv outdoor kitchen turned into entertainment center Christina G. (@wywelivesmallish)

Christina G. (@wywelivesmallish) didn’t have enough room inside to host gatherings or play games. So, she decided to turn the outdoor kitchen in her 2020 Grand Design Solitude 3740bh into an entertainment center with a large television!

4. Use the Outdoor Kitchen Space to Expand Your Kids’ Room

Many RV DIY renovators have realized that if you remove and seal off your RV outdoor kitchen space, it can add more space to the room behind it! This is a popular renovation idea for many traveling families who want to add more beds or play space in their kids’ room.

bunk beds in kids room Chantal S.

Chantal S. tore out the RV outdoor kitchen in her 2016 Grand Design Solitude 366DEN to make space for bunk beds in the room behind it. Her family loves the results!

bunk bed from space rv outdoor kitchen used to take up by Melissa A.

This similar renovation by Melissa A. also turned out fantastic. What a fun room for the kids!

Learn more about adding bunk beds.

5. Create More Storage Space

Some RVers who do not get much use out of their outdoor kitchen decide to repurpose this space for storage. They simply remove the fridge, cabinets, and other components. Or they seal it off and use the open area to add storage shelves.

Custom Inset Shelf Built to Replace Doorway Between Bedroom and Bathroom in 2015 Open Range Fifth Wheel
Custom Shelves by @wearedanandsam

Some RVers even turn this space into a closet or pantry! Just be sure to keep weight in mind when doing these types of renovations.

Read more about adding organization solutions here or see this closet remodel.

6. Add a Dart Board or Other Game

This is especially smart if you have removed your outdoor kitchen to use the space inside, but still want to make use of the exterior door in a fun way. Simply add a dart board or use it as a scoreboard for other games!

outdoor dart board on rv where outdoor kitchen used to be by Denver Craig (@thecraigchronicles)

This fun update to the outdoor kitchen by Denver Craig (@thecraigchronicles) turned out great!

7. Coffee Bar

For a simple renovation to your outdoor kitchen, transform it into a cute little coffee bar. This is a lovely way to start your mornings off right by enjoying some fresh air. You can make your coffee bar modern and stylish, rustic, or add décor to make it look like your favorite coffee shop back home or from your travels.

coffee station in camper outdoor kitchen

This gorgeous outdoor kitchen renovation by Sarah Wackett includes a great little coffee bar area and some really wonderful design details. You can see more of this reno on Instagram: @builtbywackett.

coffee station in camper outdoor kitchen

8. Turn Your RV Outdoor Kitchen into a Laundry Room

If you don’t think you will get much use out of your RV’s outdoor kitchen, why not use the water hookups and electric plugs for something you would use? Adding a washer and dryer is a dream upgrade for many full-time RVing families. This may just be the perfect space for these appliances!

Even if you have a small space to use, there are mini washer and dryers that may just fit the space perfectly. The bonus of turning this space into a laundry room is getting to do this chore outside!

Check out these RV washers and dryers to help make this renovation a reality.

9. Make Your Own DIY Outdoor Kitchen

If you don’t have an RV outdoor kitchen, it doesn’t need to be a time-consuming remodel to add one. You can simply put together a great set of outdoor cooking gear to have on hand once you set up camp!

Some key items are an outdoor grill or griddle, a high-quality cooler, and a sturdy folding table to set everything on and prep your meals. See more outdoor patio gear ideas.

Have you updated, created, or converted your RV’s outdoor kitchen? Please share your remodel in the comments!

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