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How RV Owners Organize Their Closets

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Fitting all of the clothes we need into the closet of a camper or motorhome can be tricky.  Here are some organization ideas for different styles of RV closets to help maximize space.

First, I’ll start by showing you how I store my own clothes.  I have a pretty good sized closet for an RV; it’s the type with sliding mirrored doors.  But we live in our RV full time in a four-season climate, and I still have to have professional clothes as well as everyday clothes and athletic clothes, so I have quite a bit to store.

One way I save space in our closet is by using these cascading hangers for sweaters and blouses, which allows them to take up much less horizontal space.  After I had already bought mine, I found a DIY way to make them.

I also invested in some non-slip hangers with wire hooks.  They stay on the cascading hangers better, take up less space than fatter plastic hangers, and clothes are less likely to fall off them when you’re squishing them into a tight space (especially slinky shirts with a wider neck).

I have also found belt/tie racks really useful, not only for hanging belts, but also for hanging bags, cardigans, and all my tank tops and camisoles.  I got these belt rack hangers at Walmart.  You can get them on Amazon, too, but they cost more.

Another Walmart find was these multi-level clip hangers, which I use for skirts and shorts.  They are on Amazon, too, for a fairly reasonable price.

Also at Walmart I picked up a few of these multi-pant hangers for slacks.  Here’s this kind on Amazon.

I ordered this tie hanger for my husband online, but I’ll be honest – he normally just stuffs his ties onto his end of the closet shelf after he takes them off.  😂 (I posed these for the picture.)

These hangers would probably work well for lightweight scarves, too, if you’re a scarf-wearing sort of person.  That reminds me….I also picked up an actual scarf hanger exactly like these at Dollar Tree recently.  It was summer when I bought it, and instead of hanging it up I ended up putting it in the storage area under the bed where I forgot about it.

These aren’t in my closet, but they are an important part of my clothes organization strategy.  In them I keep gloves, hats, yoga pants, swimsuits and my “unmentionables.”  They are quite inexpensive on Amazon and come in a few different colors.

Last, since it’s related to clothing, I thought I would share a photo of my laundry hamper.  I like it because it’s made from heavy-duty canvas, the metal frame is quite sturdy, and the bag can be removed from the frame and closed with a drawstring for carrying to a laundromat if needed.  The hook it’s hanging from is screwed into the wall, put there by our RV’s previous owners.  (I do have a plastic laundry hamper as well, visible in some of the photos above, but I use it for storage, not for laundry.)

Now let’s move on to some other people’s RVs.

In these pictures you can see how shoe organizers can be used to organize not only shoes but also clothes.


by Sarah Heming of Two Wheel Ramblin

You can even purchase hanging organizers with drawers already built in.


Plastic drawers can be used to organize the floor space underneath hanging clothes.

by Pat Knoer of the RV Exterior/Interior Ideas Facebook group

One RV owner found that this cube organizer fit perfectly in her closet.

The wire drawers used in this RV closet were purchased at Ikea.  Don’t live near an Ikea?  The Home Depot carries something similar, but unfortunately they cost quite a bit more.

by Angela Andrews Foldi

Shoe organizers can be cut to fit on the back of a closet door.

by Chelsea Vogt

This RV’s owner found some wire shelves that were exactly the right dimensions to fit inside her deep, narrow closets.

by Karen Ebling

Here is the same style of shelf used in another RV.

The owner of this RV installed wire closet shelves by hanging them with Command hooks.  I would be a little worried about the sturdiness of the hooks, but these people haven’t had any problems.  Still, if I tried this I might use extra heavy duty adhesive hooks like these.

by Tiffany Lynn

This cute closet utilizes a shoe organizer and storage bins from TJ Maxx.

by Jessi Wilkerson Hester

This RV owner found a way to work with the angled back wall of her closet by hanging a plastic tub using tension rods.  She says it has stayed put so far.  A shower caddy mounted on the closet door adds extra storage for smaller items.

Kathy Lazarz

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  1. jen 20 September, 2017 at 00:43 Reply

    Thanks for the tips! You should see how unorganized ours gets after two weeks of roadtripping with the kids. We will have try some of these.

    • Ashley Mann 28 September, 2017 at 18:45 Reply

      Thank you so much! I agree – living in an RV forces me to be organized, but organization is a good thing no matter where one lives!

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