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Storing & Organizing Jewelry in an RV or Tiny Home

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Ideas for organizing jewelry in an RV

Here are some ideas for keeping your jewelry organized and easily accessible in your bedroom or bathroom no matter how small your interior space.  (These ideas would be especially useful for campers and motorhomes, apartments, and dorm rooms!)

Artistic jewelry displays

Jewelry storage can also be wall decor!

One RV owner made these out of shadow boxes with mug hooks screwed into the top inside.  The pictures can be changed out seasonally or to match new decor.

by Suki Susan Leonard-Girten

Suki Susan Leonard-Girten

Another RV owner framed a sheet of plastic canvas to make this jewelry display.

by Jamette Pruett

This jewelry rack was made by hanging a cooling rack on Command hooks.

These next two jewelry art pieces were created by Gidget, owner of The Chrome Cottage.

This jewelry organizer was made by using E-6000 glue to attach acrylic pieces to the inside of a bookcase to make shelves, after covering the back of the shelf with fabric.  (This trailer is stationary, so weight and shifting objects are not concerns.)

by Gidget

To make this one, she covered the back of a picture frame with pretty wallpaper, then screwed in mug hooks and hung a small curtain rod across the top.  You could use a bulletin board for this project, and spray paint the frame.

by Gidget

Metal jewelry racks

If you’re not the creative type, you can purchase a hanging jewelry using a rack like one of these.  If you’re worried about drilling into your wall, you could try a no-drill wall hanging method.

This rack can be mounted on a wall, but it also comes with hooks for hanging it on a door.

Adhesive hooks

You can use adhesive hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets just about anywhere.  I stuck these hooks to the back of my bathroom mirror.  If you decide to try this, you could attach some felt to the back of the mirror to protect more fragile jewelry from banging against the back of the glass.

Command hooks on the back of an RV bathroom mirror make a handy place to hang necklaces.

DIY jewelry racks

These jewelry racks can be purchased on Etsy, or you could try making something similar yourself.

One RV owner made something similar by hanging her necklaces from a tie rack.

Necklaces hung on the wall using a tie rack

by Bobbi Gearhart

Here’s a jewelry rack made from a wooden coat hanger:

by Etincelle via etincelle.blog.pl

I love the simplicity of this idea from blogger Tracie.  She suspended a small chain from two mug hooks (you could use Command hooks) to hang her earrings from.  You can find these supplies at Walmart or any hardware store.

by Tracie via cleverlyinspired.com

Travel jewelry organizers

If you frequently carry favorite jewelry pieces back and forth from your house to your RV, or if you don’t have much jewelry to store, one of these travel jewelry cases might be the perfect solution.

This jewelry box zips closed and can be packed in a suitcase or tucked in a drawer.

This brilliant jewelry case allows you display your jewelry on a shelf, but can be quickly folded up and moved or put somewhere safe during transport.

A jewelry scroll like this one can be hung on a wall, in a closet, or over a door, then rolled up and easily carried for travel.

via Amazon.com

A clear plastic box like this is cheap and a popular choice for many RV owners.

Drawer organizers

Acrylic drawers like these can be used for jewelry storage on a shelf, in a cabinet, or on a bathroom vanity.

These wooden drawers are actually intended to sit under a computer monitor as desk storage, but I think they would be very handy for storing jewelry in a bathroom mounted to the bottom of a cabinet and painted or stained to match.  These drawers are available in one or two tiers.


Spice tins

When I shared my blog post about my magnetic spice wall, one RV owner commented that she thought it would be a great way for her to store her jewelry making supplies.  Tins like these could just as easily be mounted in a bedroom or bathroom to store jewelry as in a kitchen to store spices.


Keep jewelry organized and easily accessible in the bedroom or bathroom of your camper, motorhome, travel trailer, tiny home, or small apartment.

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  1. Karla 13 October, 2018 at 20:40 Reply

    Great ideas. I made the jewelry holders similar to TheKnottedWood above, several years ago. I absolutely love the simplicity of them and how easy they were to make.

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