22 Beautiful RV Remodel Ideas

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Sometimes RVs need face-lifts. We’re not referring to just old models, either. Even RVs bought straight off the dealer lot need some remodeling to make them feel like home. Let’s take a look at 22 RV remodel ideas that you can incorporate in your travel trailer, fifth wheel, motorhome, or camper van. 

Not only will these remodel ideas make your RV feel homey, but they’ll also create a more functional space so that you can better enjoy your travels. Let’s dive in!

RV Remodel Ideas to Spark DIY Inspiration

1. Replace Valances With Curtains

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ObviouslyErin_

For a super easy DIY project, unscrew those ugly valances and put up curtains. Your living area will look and feel cozier. Plus, because valances stick out from the walls and take up more space, the windows will feel as though they’ve opened up. Add a personal touch and choose curtains that fit your style and color palette. 

Learn how to DIY your window makeover.

2. Add Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains in rv

In addition to the idea of taking down the valances, adding sheer curtains can really brighten the space. You don’t even have to open a can of paint! This easy DIY project can be completed in less than an hour and won’t cost an arm and a leg. You’ll love all of the natural light that floods in!

3. Add a Backsplash

Photo Credit: Bethany via realitydaydream.com

Get rid of that boring backsplash and try a peel-and-stick wallpaper or faux paneling for a 3D look. You’ll find ten ideas for DIY backsplash makeovers here. Play around with bold colors or funky patterns to create a space that’s all your own!

4. Change Out the Furniture

rv remodel with updated furniture
Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ObviouslyErin_

Don’t be afraid to change out the standard RV furniture for something more stylish and comfortable. Just pay attention to the weight to ensure you’re not overloading a slide or adding too much to your overall RV’s weight. Visit IKEA or check out Facebook Marketplace to find options that better fit your lifestyle.

5. Install Shower Shelves

Add DIY removable plexiglass walls to RV shower shelves to keep things from falling off while your camper or motorhome is moving.

Installing shower shelves is another easy DIY project that won’t take much time but can make a huge difference. Adding these plexiglass strips makes travel days easier because you don’t have to remove everything from the shelves.

To learn more about the entire process, visit this article on our website.

6. Add Shelves for More Storage Space

shelves and rv wall decor

Want to really make your RV feel like a home? Add shelves!

Take advantage of any vertical storage spaces that you can create. You’ll have to remove the items on travel days, but keep a bin handy to place the picture frames, books, plants, candles, and whatever other decor you use to make the space truly yours.

7. Incorporate Reclaimed Wood Accents

living area RV remodel in fifth wheel by @gumboblood
Photo Credit: @gumboblood

Incorporating reclaimed wood accents can brighten your RV interior space, whether facia board around a slide or adding a wooden dining table. 

You can do a complete farmhouse look with wood accents throughout the RV or just replace a couple of pieces here and there. You’ll find more ideas about where to use reclaimed wood accents by visiting this article about Dan and Samantha Mathews’ remodel of a 2002 Jayco Jayflight.

8. Install New Flooring

188sqft renovated fifth wheel RV
Photo Credit: Mandy Holesh

Although this may be a longer, more difficult, and more expensive RV remodel idea, it’s totally worth it. Choose from hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile to make your space feel more like home. If you want a complete guide, check out our downloadable PDF with tips and tutorials for removing old RV flooring.

9. Install New Interior Lighting

RV lighting can be dark and outdated. Create a space that better reflects your style and brightens the room by switching out the interior light fixtures.

Get rid of that awkward fixture you continually hit your head on when you try to sit at the dinette and install a flush, modern fixture. You can also consider adding more lighting to your bathroom with sconces. There are so many possibilities!

10. Add a Skylight

bus renovation with skylight
Photo Credit: Andy from Bus Life New Zealand 

For even more natural light, you can install a skylight. Not only will more sunlight filter through your space, but it will feel more open and spacious. However, this may not be a project you want to tackle on your own. 

If you take it on, just ensure everything is properly sealed up. You can see the epic remodel of this 1994 Hino HT bus here.

11. Upgrade the Bathroom Vanity

Renovated Bathroom and Vanity in 2015 Open Range Fifth Wheel
Photo Credit: @wearedanandsam

RV bathrooms are appropriately small. When the entire interior space is 200-300 square feet, that doesn’t leave much room for a shower, sink, and toilet. You might not be able to make the space bigger, but you can complete an easy DIY project by upgrading the vanity. Change out the sink, remove the countertop, and replace the mirror for a beautiful space.

12. Install New Kitchen Appliances

refurbished camper kitchen
Photo Credit: Vieves RV Remodels

An RV remodel idea especially worth considering for travelers who spend months at a time traveling is upgrading the kitchen appliances. Furrion makes RV refrigerators, cooktops, microwaves, and more appliances. You can choose the right size for your space and the type or power source you prefer. 

Adding new appliances can be an expensive upgrade but worth it for full-timers or RVers who boondock often.

13. Install New Countertops

You don’t have to completely remove your existing countertops in order to freshen up your RV kitchen. You can paint or apply a thin layer of concrete. Or you can install a tile countertop or wood plank. There are so many different options to suit your style. 

Want 20 RV countertop makeover ideas? Head over to this article on our website and get inspired!

14. Recreate the Dining Booth

replace rv dining booth ideas

Many RVers choose to get rid of the booth dinette set up to create a better space that works for their family. A multi-functional dining area is great for working, doing school assignments, eating, making crafts, and so much more. You can add storage with bench seating or a storage tray inside the table. 

You can also check out “22 Creative Ways to Remove and Replace Your RV Dining Booth” for more ideas!

15. Paint the Interior

before and after DIY painting camper RV

It’s amazing what a bucket of paint will do to brighten a space. Whether it’s painting the cabinets or painting the walls, this RV remodel idea gets you the most bang for your buck. Choose fun, bright colors for the kids’ bunk room. Maybe a calming blue for the master bedroom, or go with two tones in the kitchen. 

For an exact process and tips to avoid frustration, check out our complete guide on RV Inspiration.

16. Convert Your Toy Hauler Garage

Office space in beautiful toy hauler garage
Photo Credit: @wherewildonesroam

If you own a toy hauler and don’t need the garage for motorcycle or golf cart storage, convert the space to fit your travel lifestyle. Whether you want a comfortable office space, an organized craft room, a fitness center, or a homeschool space, the garage is a blank canvas. 

Find ideas for incredible toy hauler garage transformations in our article on RV Inspiration!

17. Replace Your Shower Head

Renovated Shower in 2015 Open Range Fifth Wheel
Photo Credit: @WeAreDanandSam

This may not seem like much of an RV remodel idea, but it can make a huge difference when showering. Standard RV shower heads are cheap, have plastic materials that easily break, and deliver less than desirable water pressure. Replace the old shower head with something that will make showering something to look forward to and not something you dread.

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18. Create a Space for Your Furry Friend

Photo credit: Katie Callaway

If you’re traveling with your pets, you want their space to be comfortable so that they enjoy the journey and experience. If you have an unused corner or bunk space, recreate this space for your furry friend! Include a comfortable bed and play toys for a little space your pet will love.

Get more ideas of where to make a space for your dog in an RV.

19. Put Up Wallpaper

floral wallpaper and bright decor in camper
Photo Credit: @pinklemondecor

If you don’t want to deal with the painting process, another option is to install wallpaper. This can still be a tedious process, depending on the size of the wall, but it can dramatically affect your interior space. 

Use wallpaper to create an accent wall in the master bedroom, liven up the bathroom with a unique design, or add a personal touch to a wall in the living room.

20. Revamp the Entry Door

painter rv trailer exterior
Photo Credit: @chandlerbrighton

Don’t forget the exterior of your RV when considering RV remodel ideas. You can paint the exterior for a serious makeover or just replace the entry door. You can also paint the entry door to give your RV a pop of color.

Read Next: How to Paint Your RV Exterior

21. Install a Spice Rack

contemporary RV renovation kitchen by @gumboblood
Photo Credit: Bryanna Royal of Crazy Family Adventure

If you’re looking for an easy RV remodel idea that can make a huge difference in the kitchen, install a spice rack. This simple storage solution provides easy access to common spices you use for cooking. Of course, you can also use the racks for other items. 

Install a spice rack in the bathroom for small bottles or deodorant sticks to get them off the countertops. You’ll feel like you have a brand-new space!

22. Create Your Own Wine Rack

renovated rv with wine holder

How do you store your wine bottles or whiskey bottles when RVing? Find a cabinet in your RV where you can create your own wine rack where the bottles will be safe from breaking. Use shelf liners to prevent shifting and insert a wave wine rack for aesthetic appeal. This will also provide easy access and prevent messy, wasteful spills on travel days.

So are you inspired yet? Which of these RV remodel ideas will you tackle first? Be sure to share your before and after photos with us!

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