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Fun Bathroom Mirror Inspiration for Your RV Bathroom Remodel

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Your RV bathroom mirror is reflective and plain at best. But does it add anything to the style of the room? In any bathroom remodel, the mirror is one of the most eye-catching elements in the room.

Whether you want your mirror to make a statement or just be simple and functional, here are 22 beautiful RV bathroom renovations in different styles to get you excited to shop for a mirror.

Let’s start with a classic look.

Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors are the most popular mirror style we see added to RV bathrooms during a renovation.

Photo Credit: Sarah Farrell

They take up less wall space than rectangular mirrors and are available in many design styles. Round mirrors are timeless, and the lack of angles softens the look of a room. Using a circular mirror in your RV bathroom can actually make the room feel more relaxed and warm.

Photo Credit: Sanville Investments

Since circular mirrors can come in any style, you can easily find one to complement your RV bathroom renovation. This modern renovation found a vintage gold mirror that perfectly matches the new rainfall showerhead.

Photo Credit: Angellina

You can anchor your mirror to your bathroom walls using construction adhesive like Liquid Nails, or you may find a mirror that hangs like this one:

Photo Credit: Alchemy RV Renovations

This boho-style mirror adds to the eclectic style in this RV bathroom.

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures

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Your bathroom mirror is typically hung over the sink, but you may opt to center a circular on the wall, like in this renovation.

Photo Credit: Simply Sarah Rainwater

Corner Mirrors

While circular mirrors reign in popularity, some bathroom setups don’t have space for a large round mirror. These bathrooms needed mirrors to fit in the corner expertly.

Photo Credit: Carrie Werme

Mirrors on mounted arms like these are harder to find than traditionally mounted mirrors, but for tight corners, they work perfectly.

Photo Credit: whitefloridafarmhouse

I love the look of this brass-mounted mirror with the hand-painted sink!

Rectangular Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors are the least popular style of mirror we see added to bathroom remodels. Interestingly, most mirrors installed at the factory are rectangular! (RV manufacturers, take note!)

Photo Credit: Rving Dogs and Wine

If your bathroom is large enough to have two sinks, rectangular mirrors are best for a dual mirror setup like this one:

Photo Credit: Alicia Velasco

For an inexpensive mirror makeover, you could frame your existing mirror with a few pieces of stained or painted wood. You’ll need a miter saw to cut your corners and screws to install the frame over the mirror. Be sure to put the frame together before you install it.

Photo Credit: dloehrer

Unique Shapes

Let’s venture out from your typical mirror shapes and start finding a little more fun! This gorgeous arched mirror adds a little sophistication to this golden-hued bathroom.

Photo Credit: rvdesign.usa

An oval mirror like this adds the same room-softening effect as a circular mirror while giving you a little more room to see your reflection. This is a great option for couples needing a mirror that a short and tall spouse will share.

Photo Credit: jestallings01

Your eyes aren’t tricking you! The mirror below really is installed on a tilt. In this toy hauler, the exterior wall is angled. Renovators @BBandtheRV said this of the installation:

“That was definitely a challenge. There is a bracket that is dually screwed into the back of the mirror and then into a stud on the wall which is keeping it from falling forward. The weight is mostly born by the black shelf.”

Photo Credit: bbandtherv

Arched mirrors are popular, particularly in brass and gold, and they can be found in many different design styles. We commonly see them in modern, contemporary, and rustic remodels.

Photo Credit: Simply Sarah Rainwater
Fixelat Gold Arched Mirror 20"x30", Arch Bathroom Mirror, Metal Framed Wall Mirrors for Vanity, Wall Mounted Entryway Mirror, Hallway Mirror Over Sink Above Fireplace Dresser Nightstand
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Asymmetrical Mirrors

At first glance, these mirrors look a little wild. But with the right styling, the effect is astonishing.

Photo Credit: Terese Anne

I never thought I would love an asymmetrical mirror, but this bathroom stepped up the WOW factor with the speckled wallpaper and contemporary sink. The mirror is just asymmetrical enough to make the room more interesting but not so crazy that it isn’t functional.

Photo Credit: Traverse Redesign Co

This asymmetrical mirror has a little more curve to it, adding flair to this simple RV bathroom.

Photo Credit: RVdesign.usa

You can find more asymmetrical mirrors on Amazon in an array of fun shapes.

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Mirrors with Shelves and Hooks

Bathrooms can always use more storage! My favorite mirrors on this list are these with little shelves and hooks built right in to keep the bathroom organized and stylish.

Photo Credit: James & Erica Clayton

You can find something similar on Amazon to hold your handsoap:

MCS Multifunction Large Wall Mirror with Shelf, 20x30 Inch, Black
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Photo Credit: Bryan Payne

These unique mirrors with shelves and hooks are harder to find in different styles. Look at your local home decor and resale stores like Good Will or Salvation Army for unique finds.

Photo Credit: Rachel Reed

I’ve spent a year looking for this exact mirror because I love it (and this entire bathroom remodel) so much! What a perfect place to set down jewelry or makeup while you’re in the bathroom.

22 Ideas for a Fun Bathroom Mirror Inspiration

Whether you go classic with a simple rounded mirror or get a little funky with a vintage or asymmetrical piece, your mirror can be both functional and trendy.

For more tips on how to make your RV bathroom renovation gorgeous, check out these helpful posts:

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