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27 RV Backsplash Ideas for Your Camper’s Kitchen and Bathroom

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One of the best ways to add personality to your RV renovation is to get creative with your RV backsplash. Usually only found in the bathroom and kitchen, a backsplash is designed to protect your walls from water and food spills.

But these renovators took it up a notch choosing patterns and tiles that turn their campers into stunning homes on wheels.

Some of them ditch traditional tile completely and get really creative!

Check out this renovated RV for sale here.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional backsplash or something that will stand out, these 27 RV backsplash remodels are sure to inspire!

Let’s get started!

1. Add some sparkle to your kitchen

This backsplash adds a glimmer to the kitchen without being too “girly.” The neutral white, grey, and gold tie in perfectly with the bold green cabinets.

Photo Credit: The Camp Revival Company

2. Get geometric!

More and more renovators are getting bold with their backsplashes by using large tiles with geometric patterns.

This adds great visual interest to renovations and, in small areas like bathrooms, can pack a punch!

bathroom in fifth wheel remodel

3. Floral fun

If the geometric print wasn’t bold enough for you, check out this patterned backsplash by professional renovators, the Flippin Tilby’s!

Photo credit: The Flippin Tilby’s

We loved watching this renovation unfold on Instagram and adore the uniqueness of the final product.

Photo credit: The Flippin Tilby’s

Even with the bold kitchen tile, all of the colors in this RV are balanced out by white walls and white upper cabinets, plus sleek wooden floors.

Love it? This RV is currently for sale in our marketplace.

4. Classic Neutral RV Backsplash

When renovating an RV to sell, choose neutral colors and patterns that appeal to many buyers. This RV bathroom nailed it by choosing off-white tile, but with a fun shape to give the small room a little more personality.

Photo credit: The Travel Lab

5. The Farmhouse Kitchen

Instead of a traditional backsplash in the kitchen, this RVer chose to create a vertical shiplap wall that spanned her entire kitchen.

By: Wendy Kling

Along with her light fixtures, the custom wooden shelf completed the farmhouse look in this renovation.

6. Shiplap everywhere, please.

Shiplap isn’t just for the kitchen! These renovators created their own faux shiplap as their bathroom backsplash.

Wood plank wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment
Shiplap wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment | Photo credit:

Shiplap and wood plank walls are popular in RVs, but can be heavy. If you want to tackle a renovation like this in your RV, check out our complete guide on RV shiplap options (including how you can make DIY shiplap with nothing but a ruler and a marker).

7. Seeing Stars

The beauty of backsplashes in RVs is that a little design can go a long way. This star pattern is less than 4-square feet of material, but adds so much to the space.

Photo credit: Erin Cherry

By the way, in case this renovation looks intimidating to you, Erin completed this entire RV renovation in under two weeks…while working her full-time job! Keep scrolling to see the backsplash she chose for her kitchen (#11). It’s my favorite backsplash I’ve ever seen in an RV!

8. Peel-and-Stick It

Peel-and-stick backsplashes have long been a go-to for RV renovators. Bryanna opted for a classic subway tile for her RV kitchen.

Peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash in an RV kitchen
by Bryanna Royal

You can buy packs of peel-and-stick tiles and even find different grout color options! This particular subway tile comes in multiple colors and other patterns, like marble and stone.

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Love the price tag for peel-and-stick? We do too!

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9. The Modern Hexagon

White cabinets and white tiles make this kitchen look sleek and clean.

Photo credit: Hope Windham

But we’re also obsessed with these custom wooden countertops!

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10. Counter-to-ceiling Herringbone

I’m a sucker for a beautiful herringbone pattern. It has a way of making the simplest tiles look so visually interesting.

But I especially love how the renovators extended this backsplash up to the ceiling of their kitchen!

Photo credit: @toejamlv

With such a small sliver of wall reaching up to the ceiling, this was a great call to keep the kitchen looking cohesive.

11. The Backsplash of the MOMENT

Similar to the very first backsplash in this article, this hexagonal tile uses neutral white, greys, and golds to add a little sparkle and shine to this RV kitchen.

Photo credit: Erin Cherry

RV flipper Erin Cherry somehow perfectly matched the gold in the tiles to the faucet, hardware, and even the floor vent. This kitchen may be tiny, but she has certainly made it gorgeous!

Photo credit: Erin Cherry


If you love this hexagonal, sparkling, geometric backsplash, you aren’t alone! So do other RV renovators!

Photo credit: @thrystan.t.tate_

It’s popping up everywhere for good reason!

13. The Slat Wall

Can these RVers please invite us over for happy hour at their outdoor kitchen?

rv outdoor kitchen camper remodel by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett
Trailer by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett

Wooden slat walls have been seen used as headboards and accent walls in RVs, but we’d never seen it as a kitchen backsplash before this!

What do you think?

14. White Faux Brick

Another popular look we love to keep seeing: white faux brick.

Photo credit: Cwendt15

This simple look is a great way to add a little texture to your RV walls while keeping it feeling spacious.

15. The Subtle Brick

If you paint your walls and cabinets white, the white faux brick look can be very subtle, like in this kitchen.


This RV only installed the backsplash in the nook around her stove and took it all the way up to the ceiling. You may need to look closely to even notice it in this photo!

The materials for a backsplash are often designed to be easy to clean, so adding it around your stove or sink is the best way to protect your RV walls from damage from food splatters.

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16. Show your personality.

We’ve seen this geometric pattern before, but not in a kitchen!

The Pitman family chose to let their RV reflect their family’s fun personality by choosing bright colors and bold patterns.

kitchen in stylish fifth wheel remodel
By: Pitman Family

Love it? You can get a full photo tour of this colorful fifth wheel here.

17. The Farmhouse Subway Tile

If you just showed us the backsplash part of this kitchen, we’d think we were in a trendy coffee house, not a trailer!

Photo credit: @laceyautumnbrooke

We love the simplicity of this white subway tile in Lacey’s RV renovation.

18. Or switch up the color!

Subway tiles are easy to find in multiple colors. RV renovator, Jeff, opted for black subway tile with white grout for the area behind his stove.

Photo credit: Jeff Myers

Cutting tiles or peel-and-stick backsplash can be time-consuming and difficult, so he made the prudent decision to not install backsplash in the tiny sliver of wall under his kitchen window.

But enough about the backsplash, I just want Jeff to tell me where he bought that faucet! 😍

19. Or mix up your style!

If you like the look of subway tile, but want to spice it up, make it angled!

Photo credit: Kelsey Connor

Kelsey did such an amazing job on this renovation I did a double take to check that this was actually an RV!

20. Who needs tile? Wallpaper is lighter!

Instead of matching her kitchen backsplash (the above subway tile) in her bathroom, Kelsey Connor decided to use decorative wallpaper as her bathroom backsplash.

Photo credit: Kelsey Connor

Wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular as a backsplash option in RV kitchens and bathrooms alike, but it can be difficult to install properly.

Check out our guide on properly installing RV wallpaper for all the details.

21. Scallops, but not the kind you eat.

When you have a unique countertop like this, keep the backsplash simple!

Credit: @sheenaschleicher

This white, scalloped tile is a great complement to the colorful bathroom cabinets and countertop. Plus with such a small area requiring backsplash, you can use real tiles and not worry about adding too much weight to your RV.

22. Convince me this isn’t real brick.

My brain knows this can’t be real brick, but it looks so authentic!

Photo credit: @sincerelysepe

White brick may be popular, but the classic red brick with the German schmear looks cozy in this dark kitchen.

23. I honestly don’t know…

I couldn’t track down exactly what this renovator used as her kitchen backsplash, but it’s definitely unique!

It looks like a plastic slat wall turned vertically, which would be both inexpensive and easy to clean.

Whatever it is, she also used it to wrap her fireplace, so you know it’s flexible!

Check out this renovated RV for sale here.

24. The Tiniest Herringbone

These tiny herringbone patterned tiles fit in nicely with this vintage renovation.

These renovators also chose to run their tile backsplash all the way to the ceiling of their slide-out.

25. This feels like home.

Perhaps the highest compliment you can pay to an RV is that it doesn’t feel like a trailer. It looks and feels as warm and cozy as home.

That’s what professional renovators RVing Dogs and Wine accomplished with this beautiful fifth wheel remodel.

Photo credit: RVing Dogs and Wine

I particularly love that each tile isn’t an identical match!

(In case you hadn’t noticed yet, these utensil bars and hangers are clearly all the rage! I’ve seen them in every style.)

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26. Same RV, Different Backsplash

In the same RV as above, RVing Dogs and Wine chose a large marble tile for their bathroom backsplash.

Photo credit: RVing Dogs and Wine

The tile backsplash wraps around the entire bathroom, including the shower, and ties into the marble countertops in the kitchen. As an RVer, I appreciate the backsplash being extended around the toilet. The walls around the toilet always end up dirty, and a backsplash is a great way to protect it while making cleaning easier.

27. Beadboard may be the newest renovation trend.

I had never heard of beadboard until recently and this is the first time I’ve ever seen it act as a backsplash. Let’s just say it was love at first sight.

Pssst you may not believe it, but this is the same RV as #23!

You will definitely never find wainscotting in a manufactured RV, but I love how it ties the whole bathroom together. I cannot get enough of this tiny bathroom renovation!

You can buy beadboard in different colors or paint it yourself. (It also looks great as an RV accent wall, which is where I first saw it!)

Which backsplash is your favorite?

There are so many beautiful backsplash options to choose from. Which one is your favorite? Comment below and share!

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