Save Money on Repairs: RV Warranty Options for Full-Time RVers


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If you’re on the road full-time, you are either an experienced RVer or preparing to be one by educating yourself on the ins and outs of life on the road. While there is plenty of good to focus on, something many RVers—including those heavy travelers—often fail to prepare for is repair costs. The reality is: RVs break down. And like most things, the cost for parts and labor is only going up.

An RV extended warranty is a great way to protect your nomadic lifestyle from these potential financial burdens. In the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical failure, your RV warranty will cover the cost of repair and replacement of covered components. RV warranties, like the ones offered at Wholesale Warranties, have the potential to help you save big on some of the most common—and some of the most expensive—repairs.

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Extended RV warranties are especially beneficial to full-time and consistent traveling RVers because they will likely get the most out of it. Even if you end up deciding against purchasing an RV warranty, you should at least be aware of your options!

How Full-Time RVers Can Benefit from an Extended Warranty

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If you’re a full-time RVer, you are on the road a lot. According to claims data, three out of ten RVs will suffer a major failure after just two years of operation. After five years on the road, that number jumps to eight in ten. By their 8th year, virtually every RV will have experienced a significant breakdown.

Of course, it makes sense that the longer and more frequently you’re operating your motorhome or towable trailer, the greater the likelihood of a breakdown. This is why full-time RVers should consider investing in RV extended warranty protection.

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Full-timers will also be able to take advantage of RV extended warranty term lengths. If you’re on the road full-time, then you will want to secure a policy with a longer term. Although length varies depending on RV model and your individualized plan, policies typically range between one year and eight years.

You don’t need to worry about being on the hook for this financial commitment either; most policies for RV warranties are transferable. Some brokers will even allow you to cancel your plan for a pro-rated refund.  

What About RVers Who Like to Do DIY Repairs?

Many full-time RVers have some experience with minor repairs. If this is the case, you may opt for a warranty policy with a lower level of coverage. If you’re confident in your ability to tackle breakdowns that aren’t covered by a simpler policy, then you will save money on a more basic plan.

However, it’s important to be conscious of your own skillset. Keep in mind that some of those common breakdowns are among the most complicated. These include slide-out failures, leveling jack malfunctions, hot water heater breakdowns, and so on. Even if these are items you can fix, do you travel with the tools necessary to do so? These are all things to consider when looking at how an RV warranty fits into your travel plans.

If you are considering installing upgrades or add-ons for your vehicle, be aware that this may affect your coverage. Check in with your warranty policy provider before making any mechanical changes to your RV. Because most warranty programs will not cover aesthetic components, this will not affect fabric reupholstering, window treatment replacements, or paint jobs.

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As many readers know, most RV customization falls under those aesthetic items. Learn more about how RV DIYs might impact your coverage here.

Commercial Use and RV Warranty Protection

If you’re living full-time in your home-on-wheels, chances are you are either retired or working remotely from your RV. Being able to work from the road is a huge convenience, but what does that mean for warranty coverage?

If you plan to use your RV for private work or commercial use, you will still be eligible for an extended RV warranty. If you plan to use your RV specifically for commercial use, then you will likely have to pay an additional, one-time fee upon securing coverage.

On the other hand, if you plan on conducting independent work either as a lifestyle vlogger or remote employee, you can enjoy remote work without worrying about a commercial use surcharge.

RV Warranties for Pre-Owned Units

People often ask if you can buy an extended warranty for a used RV. The simple answer is yes, you can! Even if you’ve been enjoying life on the road for some time, you are likely still eligible for an RV warranty plan. This is particularly true when you work with a reliable online broker like Wholesale Warranties, which offers a wide array of plans for a wide array of vehicle types, model years, and more.

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Full-time RVers are savvy—they are no strangers to the obstacles this lifestyle sometimes presents. Being on the road full-time requires a lot of preparation and knowledge. We hope this RV warranty education has been helpful in answering some of your questions. Securing coverage will provide you with peace of mind, even on journeys with no end date!

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