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Will Your Remodeled RV Be Covered Under an Extended Warranty?

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Many RVers worry that altering their camper or motorhome in any way may cause it to be ineligible for warranty coverage.  We asked Jessica Baker of the RV extended care provider Wholesale Warranties to weigh in on this question. She shared the following advice for making sure that your remodeled RV can still be covered under an extended warranty.

Guest post by Jessica Baker of Wholesale Warranties.

How to Remodel Your RV So It’s Covered Under an Extended Warranty

You’ve done the hard part when it comes to searching for the perfect home-on-wheels, and you finally purchased a used RV that has a layout you love.  

The only problem: the outdated aesthetics of the RV aren’t exactly what you had in mind when imagining your dream rig. DIY upgrades are certainly in your wheelhouse, but you want to make sure those modifications won’t render your motorhome ineligible for extended warranty coverage—especially with the price of repairs skyrocketing.

How can you make tweaks on your rig to enjoy a gorgeous RV and ensure you won’t be footing huge repair bills?

Let’s find out.

A Good Rule of Thumb

RV extended warranties are for mechanical and electrical components of your rig.

A good rule of thumb when considering making updates to your motorhome is that if the mechanical function isn’t affected, the modification most likely won’t affect your coverage.

On the flip side, when it comes to any plumbing or wiring, it’s best to either keep things as they were built or go back to the manufacturer directly for an upgrade to ensure your policy will still cover these items.

This is because manufacturers specify that a unit is built a certain way. When upgrades are added to mechanical and electrical components, they can affect the function of the rig as a whole.

Exterior paint likely won’t effect your warranty.

For example, many RVers choose to modify engine parts to get better gas mileage. However, this changes the intended function of the engine. In this case, coverage would be void for the part itself and any other components the modification is affecting.

Although you’re limited with mechanical and electrical mods – there is a world of possibilities when it comes to aesthetic upgrades!

Can Adding Decorative and Organizational Items Void Your RV’s Extended Warranty?

Let’s go through some examples of modifications that won’t affect your warranty policy.

Coat hooks, shelves, or wall decor mounted with screws don’t affect anything mechanical. These upgrades would not affect the policy in any way.

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Updating the windows with new curtains, curtain rods, or window shades would do nothing to the way your rig function. So those changes are totally fine to make!

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What about paint and wallpaper? A-okay!

Organization hacks are a necessity for tiny-living RVers. So hang your baskets, shelves, and extra storage without worry! It won’t change how your motorhome mechanics operate.

Would Remodeling an RV Void Its Extended Warranty?

Even bigger changes, such as updating kitchen cabinets, won’t change the coverage you’re able to get on your rig.

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Lights and light fixtures are not typically covered under warranty policies, so as long as they don’t affect other electrical parts – you can change the bulbs and fixtures as you please!

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Think about the flooring on a rig. Will that affect the way the RV moves? No! So you’d still be covered if you wanted to rip out that outdated carpet and give your rig a glow-up.

How to Know for Sure Whether Your RV’s Extended Warranty Will Be Impacted

If you’re still unsure if your mods will be covered, you can always give your warranty provider a call to talk it out. Your policy is here to give you peace of mind, not limit your lifestyle!

At the end of the day, a personalized, used rig is a great way to affordably break into the RV lifestyle.

However, without the manufacturer guarantee that comes with a new rig, the cost of repairs can be daunting on any budget. An extended warranty can alleviate those repair woes, and get you on the road with confidence.

If your RV has already outlived its warranty and you want extra coverage for your home-on-wheels, you can get a free, no-strings-attached quote here.

*Coverage on upgrades is case-per-case, and it’s always recommended to confirm with your warranty provider prior to making mods that will affect mechanical or electrical components.

For RV renovation inspiration, check out my RV Renovations & Decor Resource Page!

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Changes you can make to your RV that won't affect your warranty coverage #RVrenovation #RVmakeover #RVremodel #RVdecor
Changes you can make to your RV that won't affect your warranty coverage #RVrenovation #RVmakeover #RVremodel #RVdecor

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    1. Hmm, I don’t have any personal experience with it, but it sounds very doable! I do have one blog post about someone who converted a corner bunk room into an office; I know it isn’t exactly what you’re describing but might give you some ideas. You can read it here.

      I also can’t say how it would affect your warranty, but I would imagine it would depend on whether you had to reroute any plumbing or electrical wiring.

      Good luck coming up with a creative solution!

    1. Hi Elle, I can’t say for sure. I don’t think so unless you were filing a claim for water damage related to that upgrade, but if you want to be sure you could call your warranty provider to ask.

    1. You could call your warranty provider to be sure, but I don’t believe so as long as you aren’t interfering with the function of the RV.

  1. Looking for storage idea for shelf or something to go over bed and set things on like glasses, book, water etc. bed is in a pop out with no cub boards and no space for side table of any kind.
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