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10 RV Entertainment Center Remodel Ideas

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An RV entertainment center usually takes up a lot of space, features dated glass-insert cabinetry, or has a giant hole where an older box-style TV used to sit. By removing the entertainment center, you can free up that space to use in a way that better serves your needs!

The TV is usually the focal point of the room with traditional entertainment centers. People who don’t watch a lot of TV (or who prefer to watch TV on their laptop or in the master bedroom) may prefer to use that space for something else. Built-in bookshelves, a beautiful fireplace, or shelving for decor could be a better use for that area.

In this article, you’ll find before and after photos showing how professional RV renovators remodeled the entertainment center and reconfigured it to be both functional and beautiful.

1 & 2: Travel Trailer Entertainment Center Remodel Inspiration from Wayland Ventures

Professional renovator couple Chris and Tiernee Schatz, owners of Wayland Ventures, have remodeled several travel trailers with a floor plan that uses the entertainment center to divide the master bedroom from the main living area.

Their favorite entertainment center remodeling solution is to close one of the entrances to the bedroom. This creates a new wall with storage on one side or the other.

In the before and after photos below of a 2015 Keystone Hideout 29BKS they dubbed “Kampr,” you can see that even though they lost cabinet space, they gained shelves and space for an electric fireplace insert.

Photo credit: WaylandVentures.com

Additionally, they built a box to house the flat-screen TV so that the cords could be hidden behind the faux brick paneling. This also means the TV could be covered with a piece of artwork when not in use.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see more photos of the renovation process:

Chris and Tiernee did something similar in this 2006 Forest River Wildwood 27-BH, which they nicknamed Forest. However, instead of building shelves, they actually built a small closet for the master bedroom on the other side of the new wall they added.

Photo Credit: WaylandVentures.com

Here are some photos they took while doing this entertainment center overhaul:

You can see more photos of both of these RV’s on the Wayland Ventures website. If you have any questions about either of these entertainment center makeovers, you can find Chris and Tiernee on Instagram at @Wayland_Ventures. If you look through their Instagram story highlights, you’ll find lots more information about both of these campers as well as other renovations they’ve done.

3. Aesthetic Makeover to an RV Entertainment Center by The Flippin’ Tilbys

This RV was redone with a much “lighter” renovation, with much of the woodwork left unpainted. Instead of adding a new wall next to the entertainment center, professional RV renovators Shaun and Renee Tilby just removed one shelf and added some faux brick paneling and white paint. Although they removed the TV and hung artwork and plants in its place, they left the wiring (hidden behind the picture) so that the option to hang a flatscreen TV is still there.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/theflippintilbys

4, 5, 6. Beautiful Entertainment Center Redesigns by Wisco Flip

This travel trailer also incorporates faux brick paneling in the design, along with wood plank paneling. By removing the existing cabinets and shelves, professional RV renovators Renee and Brad of Wisco Flip were left with a blank palette with which to express their design creativity.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/wisco_flip

In this next travel trailer, Renee and Brad built a new cabinet as well as shelving. They also added a fireplace insert purchased from Amazon in the faux wood plank wall.

(Wondering how the decor stays on the shelves while the RV is in motion? It’s easy to stick decor RV shelves using acrylic mounting tape!)

Photo credit: Instagram.com/wisco_flip

For this RV renovation, Renee and Brad of @Wisco_Flip decided to ditch the dated-looking cabinets and replace them with a stunning fireplace and mantle. While some storage is lost, it makes the living area in this fifth wheel feel much more open.

To see more photos of RV renovations this couple has done, including more creative entertainment center reconfigurations, head over to their Instagram page.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/wisco_flip

7. Homey RV Entertainment Center Redo by Our Lively Tribe RV Renovations

I love how this entertainment center makeover keeps lots of storage but eliminates the TV as the focal point. Yet instead of simply leaving a hole where the TV was, professional RV renovators Travis and Erin of @OurLivelyTribeRVRenovations created the look of a fireplace with built-in bookshelves on either side.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/OurLivelyTribeRVRenovations

8. Remodeling an RV Entertainment Center Along an Exterior Wall

In this 2005 Keystone Hornet, which had the entertainment center located at the front of the camper, Chris and Tiernee of Wayland Ventures left the configuration as it was. They only replaced the upper cabinets with an open shelf, removing the cabinets above the hole where the TV was previously located, and adding a larger cabinet door with a flat-screen TV mounted onto it.

Photo credit: WaylandVentures.com

9. Slideout Entertainment Center Remodel by Sanville Investments

Professional RV renovators Jim and Sarah Sanville of Sanville Investments decided to sacrifice some of the storage space in the living area of this 2003 Keystone Montana 3670RL in order to gain a fireplace and a TV with a larger screen.

Photo credit: SanvilleInvestments.com

The slideshow below will give you an idea of what the renovation process was like for this RV. And if you have additional questions, you can find Jim and Sarah on Instagram at @SanvilleInvestments. They have posted lots of stories (saved in their story highlights) to chronicle and answer questions about their RV renovations.

10. TV Replaced with Built-in Bookcase by @WeAreDanAndSam

Dan and Samantha Mathews, a.k.a. @WeAreDanAndSam, are no longer renovating RVs professionally as of when I’m writing this. However, they did renovate this 2015 Open Range 319RLS fifth wheel for a client a few years ago. I blogged about it and shared a video of an interview I did with Sam in this article.

The entertainment center transformation was one of my favorite parts of the project, and especially the arched shelf they added.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/wearedanandsam

Below are some behind-the-scenes photos to give you an idea of how the new bookcase and fireplace surround was built:

As you can see, remodeling the entertainment center in an RV is a great way to recapture space. It also can create a beautiful focal point for your living area and make your camper better serve your needs.

For more great ideas for remodeling your RV, check out the DIY RV Renovation Resource Page!

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