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5 Stylish RV Dining Booth Makeover Ideas

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Your RV dining booth is often a central design feature in your RV.

Like having a dining booth in your camper or motorhome, but don’t love the way it looks? Let these photos inspire you to give your eating space a facelift.

1. Reupholster or Cover Your RV Dining Booth Cushions

Photo credit: Sarah Lemp

Recovering your cushions is an easy way to brighten your dining space and make it feel new.

rv dining booth class c motorhome
Photo by Carolyn

All white cabinets can give a bright, clean look to your RV, letting you play with fun colors on your fabrics.

Photo by Brendan & Sam via

For help with re-covering cushions, check out this article where you’ll find links to sewing patterns as well as no-sew cushion cover tutorials!

rv dining booth white paint rv vintage camper
Photo by Danielle Oakey via

Reupholstering cushions may sound complex or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. These RV owners used canvas painter’s drop clothes to refresh the look of their RV dinette cushions:

Photo by Rosaleen via

2. Remove the cushions altogether!

Photo credit: Nick Milnarich

The lack of cushions may make your dinette a little less comfortable, but it’s also an easy way to keep your dining room looking fresh. Fabric patterns are an easy way to date an RV and laundering them could be a hassle. By eliminating the cushions altogether, you have one less piece of laundry.

We recommend add throw pillows for extra comfort and style!

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3. Update or Replace the Dining Table

Giving your tabletop a makeover is an easy way to update your dining room!

Photo Credit: Wendy Kling

I love the vintage table in this tiny trailer!

rv dining booth vintage camper
Photo credit:

This is the original table with a few cosmetic upgrades to keep it looking good over fifty years later, but you don’t have to keep your original table.

Replacing your table is a great way to makeover your dining booth, but it might require a few power tools. You’ll need to entirely remove your old table, which may be bolted to the ground and/or the wall. Then you’ll need to find a table that fits!

Photo credit: Lisa Hicks

The biggest potential con to this makeover idea is that RV tables are generally custom-fit for the RV booth and will make into a bed. Like this massive Airstream dining booth that turns into a king-sized bed:

Photo Credit: Samantha Bournias

If you want to use your dinette as a sleeping space, I wouldn’t recommend this swap.

But if you don’t need the extra bed, a pretty table top goes a long way!

Brown dinette table inside a converted bus
Photo credit: Bus Life NZ

4. Remove the backs of your dinette booth.

rv with residential furniture remodel by bbandtherv
photo credit: @bbandtherv

If you want to keep your dining booth, but make your space feel more open, remove the backs for bench seating.

This makeover will definitely take a few power tools and some DIY skills, but the result is a more spacious living and dining room.

Photo credit: Lisa Hicks

By keeping the bottom of your booth but removing the top, you don’t lose any storage while still creating the desired open floor plan.

Don’t forget to add some throw pillows for comfort and color!

Photo credit: Shi

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5. Turn your booth into a half-booth.

One of the most popular RV renovations is to completely remove the dinette booth. But these renovators decided to keep half.

renovated rv with wine holder
Photo credit: RVing Dogs and Wine

Keeping half of your booth ensures you keep much-needed storage. (Not to mention it cuts your renovation work in half!) Don’t worry—it’s not hard to remove your booth! Check it out:

RV with walls painted white
RV with the walls and trim painted white | Photo credit:

Adding chairs or a bench to other side of the table is an easy way to add to your RV’s style. I personally love the sleek, refined look of this half dinette:

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures

The extra tall ottomans double as seating and storage too.

Need some new curtains to match your dining booth?  Check out my blog post about RV window makeover ideas.

Thinking about removing your dining booth altogether?  In this blog post, you can see photos taken by RV owners who removed their dinette booths and replaced them with other furniture.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Milnarich. Tour this RV here!

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  1. We have a 2021 Keystone Outback 328RL. We have a dining table with 4 chairs. I was thinking about changing it to a dining booth because of the extra storage under the seats, and the ability for it to be made into a bed for visiting grandchildren. After reading your article on taking out dining booths, i guess I’m giving it a second thought. I guess I will leave my table and chairs.

    1. Some people really like the dining booth! I think it’s up to your preference! 🙂 You could also remove your table and chairs and replace it with something else that serves all of your purposes!

  2. Please please please tell me how and where I can find someone to renovate my motorhome from the 90s. I live in 29 palms CA. I cannot do any of the projects myself

    1. Hi Linda! We are currently accepting clients and in CA! One of our renovations was on this article. You can check out more of our work at @bbandtherv on instagram!

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