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Dinette Booth Makeover Ideas

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If you like having a dining booth in your camper or motorhome but don’t love the way it looks, let these photos inspire you to give your eating space a facelift.

For help with re-covering cushions, check out this detailed tutorial or this no-sew method, and here you can learn how to make brand new cushions.

Learn about a cheap way to change the look of an ugly or damaged tabletop using a vinyl tablecloth here, or you could cover the tabletop with contact paper, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or fabric and plexiglass.  (If you use plexiglass, be sure to use a trivet under very hot dishes!)

Clean and modern

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Bright and cheerful

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Chic glamper

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Earthy and rustic

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Vintage retro

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You can see more pictures of both of these adorable Shasta campers here and here at Karen’s blog.

You might also enjoy my blog post about space-saving dinette booth storage modifications.

Need some new curtains to match your dining booth?  Check out my blog post about RV window makeover ideas.

Thinking about removing your dining booth altogether?  In this blog post you can see photos taken by RV owners who removed their dinette booths and replaced them with other furniture.

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