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8 Space-Saving Dinette Booth Mods

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Every inch of storage space counts in an RV.  Here are some ways to maximize the use of your dining booth.

1. Office work space

By removing the table and cushions and adding a desk, RVer Brian Gore created a work station.  Read about how he did it on his blog.

2. Side access doors

The storage area under the bench can be accessed even while someone is sitting on it with this RVer’s modification.

booth side door

by Kim & Steve via

3. Drawers added

RVer Stacy had her husband add drawers to allow easy access to the space under their dinette benches.  See more photos of how these drawers were built on Stacy’s blog at

booth drawers

by Stacy via

Adding file folder rails makes a booth drawer the perfect place to store documents or homeschool supplies.

file folder drawer

by Candace Agnew

4. Litter box hiding space

By cutting a hole and adding a curtain or cat door, a cat’s litter box can be out of sight, out of mind.

cat door in booth

by WxToad via

5. Pet crate

This mod provides a safe place for pets to ride while the vehicle is in motion.  Read here about one RVer’s experience implementing this idea.

6. Extra drawer space

Available at Camping World or on Amazon, these drawers would make a convenient place to store silverware or office supplies.

7. Bench reconfiguration

The Pope Family saved space in their RV by removing their dinette table and moving the benches into an “L” shape.  A small table (perhaps one that could be folded and hidden away when not in use) could make this arrangement still usable for eating.

booth reconfiguration

by the Pope Family

Does your dinette booth need a style makeover?  If so, check out this blog post for inspiration!