RV Painting Ideas: 34 COLORFUL RV Interior Makeovers

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If you want to paint your RV interior but don’t want to do the popular all-white look, you’ve come to the right place for RV paint ideas! Colorful RVs are hard to come by!

In this article, you’ll find a round-up of photos of renovated RV interiors painted with bright and bold paint colors to inspire your RV renovation.

Colorful RVs with Bright Contrasting Colors

To start off this list of RVs with colorful paint schemes, this bold camper has purple walls and turquoise cabinets. This camper lives at Flamingo Springs Trailer Resort in Palm Springs, Florida, along with several other renovated vintage campers—all available to book as nightly rentals.

To get your painted cabinets and walls to look professionally done, be sure to follow all the necessary preparations. Check out this video for a more detailed look at the process:

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Bold colors don’t have to just be paint! This trailer renovation paired pink-tinted wallpaper with yellow wainscoting to create a garden cottage aesthetic.

Photo Credit: whitefloridafarmhouse

This camper renovated by Simply Living Designers does have white walls, but the cabinets and trim are painted in contrasting shades of turquoise and lime green.

Dan and Lisa Brown, owners of the blog AlwaysOnLiberty.com, chose to paint their walls in bright, colorful shades while leaving their cabinets unpainted.

RV bedroom with colorful painted walls
Photo Credit: AlwaysOnLiberty.com

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RVs with the Interior Painted Just One Color

A look I love is where the walls and cabinets are painted the same bold color, like in this RV with dark green walls, cabinets, and slide trim.

One of my favorite RV interiors of all time is this fifth wheel renovation by @RVentropy, which reminds me of an urban loft apartment with its bright blue walls and cabinets, faux brick wallpaper, and faux tin ceiling tiles.

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RVs with White Walls and Bright Colored Cabinets

RVs notoriously have a LOT of cabinetry. Painting all of the cabinets a bright color against white walls as a backdrop is a good way to introduce color to your RV without the RV feeling too dark.

Here’s one example:

The dark green cabinets with gold curtains give the camper richness, but the white walls and ceilings reflect the light coming in through the windows, so the RV still appears very bright.

In this RV, the cabinets were painted a soothing shade of blue that lends a modern farmhouse vibe.

The owner of this RV chose to paint only the doors of her cabinets bright blue with white cabinet boxes, and I love how it looks.

Vintage campers are especially fun to renovate in bright colors since they’re already so cute!

The pink decor perfectly contrasts with the bright green cabinets in the photo below.

For a subtle burst of color, this white-walled remodel painted just the lower cabinets blue.

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures

We’ve seen this look a few times!

Green has also been a favorite in the past few years—no matter the shade! Here the team at Camp Revival chose bright green cabinets with a bold backsplash and sleek wood countertops.

Photo Credit: Camp Revival

All shades of green—from dark evergreens to light mint—have been popular in renovations in the past few years. Scroll through these beauties.

RVs with Colorful Walls and White Cabinets

If you’re not quite brave enough to paint both your cabinets and walls in a bold color, another look that’s a bit easier to pull off is a fun color for the walls, but paint the cabinets and trim white. Like this chic salmon wall paint:

The RV in this photo is actually one of the first painted RV interiors I ever saw. It was posted on a blog way back in 2014, before renovating RVs to live in full time was such a trend!

RV with walls painted lime green
Photo Source: MobileHomeLiving.org

Most people paint their RV interior to make it less brown. Who knew chocolate-colored walls could actually look great?

RV Interiors with Bold Accent Colors

Maybe you like the light and airy look, but you’re just looking to add a pop of color with some fun accents.

I love the accent shiplap wall paired with the painted cabinets! It’s just enough color without darkening the room.

The yellow cabinets add a splash of color, but don’t forget those tiles on the steps!

RV with cabinets painted yellow
Photo Credit: Instagram.com/188sqft

They add so much color and personality and are easy to install.

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I’m surprised I don’t see RVs with red kitchen cabinets more often. There is so much potential for cute decor!

I love how this tiny wall of green palm wallpaper completely sets the tone for this RV remodel! The space would have plain white walls and unpainted cabinets without it, and the splash of wallpaper adds so much personality.

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Leaving some of the woodwork unpainted gives this RV a rustic feel that works well with the hunter green.

These bright orange cabinets were a brave choice, but I love them, especially in contrast with the blue velvet sofa. How could you keep from smiling in that kitchen?

The floral wallpaper in this RV fridge is definitely the highlight of this colorful remodel!

floral wallpaper and bright decor in camper

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Even though most of the walls and cabinets in this RV are white, it is still one of the most colorful campers I’ve seen due to the vivid decor!

I love the added color of the purple cabinets in this RV kitchen, but the black paint for the fireplace adds just as much color! The white walls, dinette, and upper cabinets keep the RV light even with the dark color choices.

Gold is a color I had not seen on camper cabinets until I saw this photo, but I love the mid-century modern vibe it lends to this RV.

I always love the look of darker shades of green against natural stained wood, as seen in this RV renovated by Wayland Ventures.

RV with teal cabinets renovated by Wayland Ventures
Photo Credit: WaylandVentures.com

RVs with Black Interiors

Black is a color, right? I just love the richness black gives these RV interiors!

Many people are afraid to renovate a newer RV, but the fifth wheel below renovated by Forge and Trek shows what’s possible with some of the more recent fifth wheel floor plans.

RV with black cabinets and brass hardware renovated by ForgeAndTrek
Photo Credit: ForgeAndTrek.com

Choosing a shade of charcoal can be hard, but this one is just about perfect. I asked for the name of it: “Carbonized” by HGTV Sherwin Williams.

It’s so classy—especially with those wood floors!

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This couple painted their toy hauler’s garage interior black to create their office on wheels.

Office space in beautiful toy hauler garage
Photo Credit: WhereWildOnesRoam.com

This dark fifth wheel with Bohemian decor is just gorgeous. Notice they left some of the walls unpainted!

Dark RV interior
Photo Credit: thekristyncole.com 

The interior of this Class C motorhome leaves me literally speechless:

Photo credit: Instagram.com/_gray_co_ | Photos by Cass Kessler

Tips for Picking Your RV Paint Color Scheme

How do people come up with striking color combinations to use in campers?

One way is to start with a piece of decor with colors you like, such as a rug, throw pillow, or painting, then choose colors from it.

You can use a free tool like this one to help pull colors from an image that looks good together.

Another option is to google “Color Palette Ideas”, which will bring up many combinations other people have already put together.

When you’ve chosen your colors and are ready to begin your painting project, read my Complete Guide to Painting Your RV Interior for tips!

What color are you painting your RV? Share in the comments! We love to see your photos.

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