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How to Add Bold Colors and Patterns to Your RV

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When we first started seeing campers remodeling and modifying their RVs back in 2014, there was a very clear trend. Delete all the brown and paint everything white.

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It looks pristine, timeless, and beautiful. But the all-white look is being traded in for pops of color, like bold cabinets and bright wallpapers.

So how do you tastefully add color to your RV’s small space without it feeling like a rainbow exploded inside? Here are 14 ideas for adding colors and patterns into your RV in a way that matches your style and doesn’t overwhelm your space.

How to Add Color to Your RV

Bright or dark, bold or subdued—let’s add in whatever colors you have in mind!

1. Paint the wall(s).

Photo Credit: @modern_cast

Painting the walls is the most basic of DIY RV renovations. Everyone wants to ditch the beige for something better!

Painting the walls of your RV a bold color may affect its resale value, something to keep in mind if you won’t be keeping your RV long or are trying to flip it. If you’re painting to sell or flip, try to find a color with mass appeal that can match multiple styles of decor.

Keep in mind that choosing to paint your walls doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall. Adding paint in a single room or a single accent wall is a stylish look that means less work for you!

Photo Credit: Catherine Janes

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2. Paint the cabinets.

add color to rv renovation cabinets and backsplash
Photo credit: Erin Cherry

The above cabinets are a shade of green subtle enough that they can look grey or taupe in different lighting. Since this was an RV flip, the renovator wanted something neutral enough to appeal to buyers but colorful enough to add dimension to this kitchen.

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Painting cabinets can be a time-consuming project, but it is currently most popular to paint those RV walls white and add color to the cabinets.

Still, many opt to paint only the lower cabinets a color, leaving the uppers white or another neutral color.

Renovation credit: @fivetalentshomes

Or you can leave the wooden look to some of the cabinets or replace cabinets with shelves!

Or, as in this colorful kitchen, you can opt to paint only the cabinet doors!

3. Find a colorful couch.

Photo Credit: The Camp Revival Company

If you’re a fan of white walls but still want to add color, consider a colorful couch. Amazon is one of the best places to look for colorful couches in all styles.

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4. Reupholster your dinette cushions.

Renovation credit: @fivetalentshomes

Reupholstering your dinette cushions with a colorful fabric is an easy way to add color to your RV! Professional renovators from Five Talents Homes used extra fabric from their cushions to add as colorful accents in the cabinets as well.

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If you really want to add color to your RV, check out that pink washing machine above!

5. Add a rug.

Photo Credit: Camp Revival

Luxury vinyl plank floors are the number one choice for RVers when it comes to replacing flooring. To keep the faux wood floors warm, rugs are common. We love the brightness this red rug adds to the green and white RV.

6. Add throw pillows and blankets.

Photo Credit: Trudy Burke

If you want the clean look of white walls and cabinets, but want just a pop of color, throw pillows and bedding are an easy way to redesign a space. Dark blue bedding and a turtle throw pillow turn this white bedroom into a nautical-themed paradise.

7. Hang curtains

Blinds and curtains as window treatments in RV
by Lisa Dondrea

White curtains reign supreme, but curtains can be a great way to add color or patterns to your RV. We have to imagine this tropical RV remodel is parked in Florida!

How to Add Colorful Patterns to Your RV

For lovers of color who feel extra bold, let’s look at some ideas for adding colorful patterns to your RV!

1. Hang wallpaper.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hicks

Wallpaper comes in so many colors and patterns to fit your style! Most renovators opt to only wallpaper accent walls or small rooms in an RV so a pattern doesn’t overwhelm a space.

Using wallpaper on only the top half of a wall and adding wainscoting or paneling to the bottom half is popular in many cozy remodels. Check out this French cottage-inspired renovation with colorful beadboard and wallpaper:

Photo Credit: whitefloridafarmhouse

You can hang wallpaper in an RV, but it’s a slightly different process than in a house. Check out our guide and learn the ins and outs of hanging wallpaper in an RV here.

2. Create your own wainscoting with beadboard.

Wainscoting is traditionally a wood paneling that covers the lower part of a wall. This style was widely popular in the 18th century, but has made a comeback in the past few years. Slowly, you see more walls like these being added to RVs, often built with lightweight beadboard and wooden trim.

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3. Create a geometric headboard.

Photo Credit: Brittany Suze

A headboard is a great place to add a small pattern. You can build a bold geometric headboard out of wood trim and paint it. Or you can grab a paintbrush and paint your own pattern.

Photo Credit: Jeff Myers

4. Choose a colorful tile backsplash.

Photo credit: The Flippin Tilby’s

Add a colorful pattern to your kitchen with a great backsplash. You can add real tile with flexible grout to your RV kitchen, but peel-and-stick is easier to install and comes in many different lightweight looks.

Love it? You need to see these 27 gorgeous backsplashes in RV kitchens!

5. Create a mural.

Nothing says bold like dedicating a wall of your RV to a giant mural!

6. Paint your doors.

Photo Credit: Traverse Design Co.

A simple coat of paint can add color to your RV, but add a fun texture by adding wood strips in a geometric pattern!

Or skip the paint and accomplish the same bold pattern with wallpaper!

Photo Credit: whitefloridafarmhouse

7. Add cabinet inserts.

Photo Credit: The Camp Revival

RV cabinets often have false cabinets and drawers that offer the perfect opportunity for adding something unique. Here, the renovators added wallpaper to add a colorful pattern.

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A great designer can take all of the above ideas and blend them effortlessly into one cohesive design. This renovation by The Flippin Tilbys offers it all:

  • a boldly painted fridge
  • patterned wallpaper accent wall
  • colorful touch
  • patterned rug
  • throw pillows
  • flower tile backsplash
  • beadboard paneling for texture
  • even a painted exterior!
Photo credit: The Flippin Tilbys

You can tour this entire colorful RV on our marketplace.

Add Color To Your RV

We love to see all of the ways RVs are adding color to their campers. Do you have a colorful RV remodel? Drop a photo and show it off in the comments!

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