What Kind of Flooring Is Used Most By RV Owners?

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What kind of flooring do RV owners typically use when remodeling?  There are a few RV flooring types that are popular among campers and renovators.

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We asked RV owners who replaced their flooring what kind they used, and in this article we are sharing the top results. Plus, keep reading for what types of flooring you should NEVER use in an RV!

1. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

The majority of RV owners (62% of the ones polled) are choosing floating luxury vinyl plank flooring.

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The jury is out on whether you should or shouldn’t glue down these floating floors. Extreme heat or cold can loosen the adhesive should you choose to glue the floors down. We’ve heard plenty of RVers argue over whether the added adhesive is worth the effort!

Professional RV renovator Casie of Tomaz Coast to Coast says to install floating floors with the tools that come with the materials and to nail the edge pieces down. This will keep your floor in place.

This renovated RV with luxury vinyl flooring is currently for sale here!

You can find LVP flooring at stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Home Depot’s Allure brand is fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and comes in either a wood plank or tile look.

2. Peel & stick

Quite a few RV owners (19% in our poll) are deciding to use peel & stick vinyl as a cheap, easy-to-install flooring option that mimics the look of real wood or tile. You can even use flexible grout between the tiles if you wish to mimic the look of a “real” tile.  

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Unfortunately a few RV owners had a problem with the peel & stick flooring coming up or shifting and separating at the seams, but others have had no problems with it.

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3. New carpet

8% of the RV owners polled simply replaced their old carpet with new carpet. This is potentially one of the cheapest types of RV flooring since the space is so small that remnants may be purchased at a discount.

The owner of the RV below purchased carpet remnants at Home Depot for $25 and simply laid them over her existing flooring. She trimmed it to fit around corners and heater vents. She says it’s “definitely not professional” but “soooo worth it for the brand new look.”

by Jessy Fyfe

Another couple used carpet tiles in their RV for a cheap and easy installation.

4. Rugs

Whether you completely update your flooring or leave it as is, rugs are one of the most popular ways to update your RV floors.

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Rugs are also a great way to add an extra layer of insulation if you’ll be camping in the winter months.

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But for most RVers, rugs are just a great way to add color and personality to a renovation!

5. Sheet Vinyl or Linoleum

A few RV owners (5%) chose sheet vinyl or linoleum for their RV flooring replacement, like this couple who decided it was a better choice for them than luxury vinyl planks. Some RV owners have had issues with sheet vinyl cracking or tearing, but others have used it and been happy with the results.

6. Floating laminate

Many people discourage the use of floating laminate flooring in RVs due to its weight and the fact that it is often more susceptible to moisture, but some RV owners (4%) have used it and been happy with the results.

Don’t Try These Flooring Options!

LVP flooring is the clear winner for most RVers and the first place we would recommend looking as you think about replacing your floors. But there are many options out there!

Just don’t try these:

1. Tiles

Tiles can be great for showers or accents in the bathroom, but tile is very heavy. It’s not a great choice for an RV.

2. Hardwood

There is no need for real hardwood floors in your RV. They are heavy and LVP wood plank-style flooring will look just as good, we promise!

Ready to install?

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