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44 Beautiful RV Kitchen Remodels

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and these refurbished RVs show off brand new RV kitchens.

Plus—at the time of writing—every single RV on this list is for sale. So drop your tools and skip your renovation, these beautiful RVs are remodeled and ready for a new family.

Share your favorite remodels in the comments. #29 is my personal fav!

Let’s get cooking.

1. The Classic White

Photo Credit: Morgan Jones

White walls, cabinets, and subway tile make this kitchen look clean and pristine. You’ll have to tour the rest of this RV to see how they brought the color into their trailer!

2. Professionally Redesigned

Photo Credit: Traverse Redesign Co

This is clearly the work of a professional! The team at Traverse Redesign Co turned this 2015 trailer into a stunning home. We love the colorful blue cabinets!

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3. Residential Amenities

If you want the comforts of home while you travel, look no further than this toy hauler!

This updated kitchen features a full-size residential fridge, a microwave, an oven, and a three-burner stove in the spacious kitchen.

4. Bright and Open

Photo Credit: Kolt Bridges

This Class A motorhome kitchen is the perfect blank slate for decorating to fit your style! Add a fun backsplash to make it your own or decorate it in your style.

5. Beautiful Backsplash

Photo credit: @toejamlv

We love the counter-to-ceiling tile backsplash on this RV kitchen. They’ve even installed magnetic strips to the walls for easy storage of utensils.

Recreate this look with your own new backsplash! Here’s how to install tile in an RV.

6. Unique Cabinets

Photo Credit: Mollie Glasgow

A growing trend in RV cabinets is to remove the center panel—particularly if that panel is made of glass or a mirror—and replace it with something new. Cane webbing is all the rage!

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Love the look? Find out how to replace your RV cabinet mirror panels in this article.

7. This Kitchen Feels like Home.

This rear kitchen has plenty of counter space! We particularly love the drawer pulls made from leather straps.

8. Custom Flair

Photo Credit: Driftless (RV) Renovators

This standard RV kitchen was given an upgrade with this custom-built display cabinet! The professionals at Driftless RV Renovators designed this one.

9. #vanlife

By Payton @ VAMP East Coast

If you’re hopping into a van for adventures, you know you’re in for a tiny kitchen! This one features a small sink, a fridge, and a camp stove so you can cook inside or out!

10. Finally a motorhome

Motorhome remodels are so much harder to find than fifth wheels and trailers!

Photo Credit: riley.cosgrave

This small motorhome kitchen is making the most of the small space with a cutting board sink cover, a custom box for storing glass bottles, and hanging produce bags for fresh food on the road.

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11. An RV with a vent hood?!

This is a first!

Photo Credit: Vieve’s RV Remodels

We absolutely love this high-end renovation by the pros at Vieve’s RV Remodels.

From the backsplash to the sink to the counters to the appliances—this luxurious RV kitchen look straight out of a magazine.

Tour this stunning remodel here.

12. Bold Shelves

Photo Credit: Nick Milnarich

There are so many beautiful things in this kitchen remodel, but the most eye-catching has to be these floating shelves!

13. Totally Teal

Photo Credit: kevinodonnell143

Say hello to bold color in this RV renovation. (Also check out the size of that fridge!)

14. Pretty in Pink

Photo Credit: girlgoingnowhere.xo

This RV renovation is black and pink in theme, including these dusty rose colored kitchen cabinets.

15. The Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo credit: Cwendt15

The butcher block countertops in this RV look great with white cabinets and a faux brick backsplash.

Love this backsplash? Check out these 27 gorgeous backsplash ideas for your RV kitchen.

But what we love most about this kitchen renovation are the little touches—like the utensil bar behind the stove and the tiny floating shelves.

16. A Refrigerator Makeover!

This fifth wheel renovation has plenty of upgrades, but we can’t look away from the bold print added to the fridge!

17. Get Organized

photo credit: mblecker

This is easily the most organized RV kitchen I’ve ever seen!

18. Skip the Paint

This RV kitchen broke the mold and didn’t paint their RV cabinets! White walls and a gorgeous backsplash updated this kitchen space. We love the added countertop extension too!

19. So Inviting!

Photo Credit: natrushing3

Everything about the open kitchen and living room in this trailer has us ready to camp in the mountains!

20. Extra Tall Shelves

Photo Credit: Noga Knaz

Extra tall shelves in fifth wheels can be hard to reach for many campers. This renovator made them more accessible by adding baskets to easily be able to grab items from the tallest cabinets.

21. Before and After!

Photo Credit Merrilynn Jones

We love a good before and after—especially when the after is a fun, colorful kitchen!

22. Powder Blue

Photo Credit: Alvise Pasqualetti

These baby blue cabinets look amazing in this bright RV! Plus we love any RV with a built-in spice rack.

Pssst one of our favorite parts of this reno is that ceiling!

23. The Rustic Kitchen

This simple white RV kitchen looks great with all the exposed beams and wood panels added to this cozy trailer.

24. Keeping the Original Look

This 1987 Fleetwood Avion has been completely rebuilt and is ready for adventures. Just look at the fridge!

Photo Credit: Rachel Craige

Love vintage campers? You’ll adore this 75-year-old restored cutie!

25. Mean Green

Photo Credit: Pnw.camper.revamper

In addition to the mint green cabinets, this renovation features a brand new countertop, sink, faucet, backsplash, and—our favorite—unique drawer pulls!

26. Hello Storage!

Photo Credit: Suzanne Taylor

We adore all of the storage built around this RV kitchen!

Just look at that pantry!

27. Desert Vibes 🏜️

Photo Credit: jamorrow

This simple RV renovation feels like stepping into the desert with its warm color choice.

28. Plenty of Space

Photo Credit: Glassburn

We love the neutral color of these beautifully painted cabinets!

29. Sleek and Modern

This modern kitchen is unlike any other fifth wheel on this list. We love the dark horizontal shiplap and the clean lines of the backsplash!

30. Gather Together & Give Thanks

Photo Credit: re.creation.co517

Marble countertops (or peel-and-stick marble counters!) are a great way to make your RV kitchen look brand new. We love the way this marble counter looks with the dark grey subway tiles!

We’re obsessed with this tiny trailer reno!

31. Beams & Countertops

Photo Credit: Noelle Mastelotto

This RV renovation caught our eye with the gorgeous wooden beams framing the slide out and the fact that the owner chose not one, but two types of countertops to update the kitchen.

Plus, look at all that pantry space!

32. The Vintage Van

Photo Credit: Patricia Grimes

We’ve never seen an RV kitchen quite like this! Storage shelves were built around the stove for easy access to spices in this 1976 Chevy.

33. Custom Range Hood

This custom range hood over the stove transforms this trailer from RV to cabin!

Photo Credit: Dina Krukovets

The black cabinets and white walls contrast beautiful with all the natural wood in this kitchen.

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34. Sweet and Simple

Photo Credit: Sarah Cicogni

We adore the unique floorplan feature in this RV kitchen! The closed-off area keeps the kitchen separate from the rest of the living area—great for keeping pets or children away from the hot stove!

35. Funky Patterns and Colors

Photo credit: The Flippin Tilby’s

There are plenty of all-white kitchens in RVs. The all-white look is great for a neutral kitchen that appeals to multiple buyers. But we love when a renovator gets bold with funky patterns and bright colors, like in this RV kitchen by the Flippin Tilby’s.

36. Wood Countertops

Photo Credit: Shyanna Phillips

One trend we love in many of the RVs on this list—wood countertops. Whether it’s plywood, pine boards, butcher block, or something different entirely, a bit of stain and polish and the counters look gorgeous.

Want to make your own wooden countertops for your RV? It might be easier than you think.

37. Simple Van Kitchen

What did we say about wood countertops?!

Photo Credit: Geotrek Vans

This simple kitchen setup has a surprising amount of counter space for a Sprinter van!

38. Purple!

Photo Credit: Emily Seyl

This professionally renovated RV kitchen painted the lower cabinets a deep purple. White walls and upper cabinets plus a light backsplash keep the kitchen from feeling too dark!

39. A Full Kitchen

Photo Credit: Ssmith623

This spacious kitchen isn’t lacking in amenities—including a full-size residential refrigerator and an island.

40. Unpainted Cabinets

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

While most of the RVs on this list offer painted cabinets, this RV kept the original cabinets intact. What do you think?

41. HUGE Fifth Wheel Kitchen

Photo Credit: Erin Doyle

Looking at the size of this kitchen, I’m still not convinced this really is an RV! Somehow this gigantic kitchen fits into a 28′ fifth wheel.

42. Blue & White

Photo Credit: Ashae Bowman

If there’s anything we’ve learned from scrolling through these RV kitchens, it’s that blue cabinets are in style!

43. Dazzling

Photo Credit: Ursula Graham

We love the extra bit of sparkle in this RV backsplash!

44. Room for 2

Photo Credit: Kento Eyre

With the extra floor space in this RV, there’s even room for a second kitchen 😉

Photo Credit: Kento Eyre

That’s pretty cute!

RV Kitchen Makeovers

Drop a comment and let us know which renovations were your favorite!

If you’re in the market for a used RV but want brand-new amenities, check out our Renovated RVs for Sale Marketplace to shop beautifully restored RVs.

*At the time of writing, every RV on this list was actively for sale. RVs may have been purchased before you made it to the end of this article!

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