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Would you restore a 74-year-old trailer?

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Have you ever seen an old trailer dilapidated on the side of the road and wondered what it looked like on the inside? No? Just me?

Every time I see a vintage trailer getting overgrown with grass, I see the potential for an epic makeover. It always makes me want to find the property owner and beg them to see the inside.

I’m not alone in my obsession. My friends over at Vintage Camper Trailers are all about taking old campers and restoring them to their former glory.

And I’m talking old.

Like this 74-year-old trailer!

This 1949 Traveleer looks past its expiration date, but that didn’t deter them from tackling an old trailer restoration.

They kept the original vintage look of the tiny camper intact, adding a colorful awning that would’ve fit right in back in the fifties.

Despite the age and the condition of the camper, the renovators were able to keep the original floor plan. The tiny camper has a full-sized bed, stove, sink, and dining booth.

You can see that they kept and restored the original wood cabinets and paneling inside. Most vintage campers were built with wood grain wall paneling and cabinets like you see above. That’s probably why you still see so much brown in RVs today!

Fan of keeping the wooden cabinets in your RV? You’ll love these 29 RV makeovers that kept the original cabinets.

All of the camper’s windows were intact, letting plenty of light inside. A simple metal countertop and backsplash keep the original vintage look in the tiny kitchen.

The renovators chose a bright green to add color to the dining booth cushions.

But my personal favorite spot of color is above the dinette booth!

These vintage stickers tell a thousand stories of years of adventures taken in this old trailer. And now that it’s been fully restored, it’s ready for many more years of travel.

Peeking around this restored RV, it’s hard to imagine that it could be in such good condition after being left in a lot for so many years!

I can’t imagine the time and patience a renovation like this requires, but these guys made it look easy.

Would you ever consider tackling a renovation on a 74-year-old trailer?

Check out Vintage Camper Trailers digital magazine for more beautifully restored vintage campers.

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