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23 Ways to Make a Budget RV Makeover Extra Simple!


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Are you wanting to make some updates to your rolling home without spending a lot of money? There are tons of budget RV makeover options. Here are some items and ideas that will make your remodel extra simple and low-cost!

1.    Dinette Booth Reupholstery

You really don’t have to be a pro with a sewing machine to reupholster your dinette booth cushions. There are even some no-sew options using a glue gun or iron-on strips! You could pin or staple fabric to cushions too, so plenty of no-sew budget ways to get a new look,

See this list of ways to reupholster your dinette.

2.    Couch Slipcover and/or Recliner Slipcovers

by Amanda Figlio via
By Amanda Figlio

You can find a variety of couch, futon, and recliner slipcovers to give your current RV sitting area an inexpensive and easy update. This is ideal if you want an updated living area without having to rip out your couch and find another one that will work (and not be too heavy).

Stretch-to-fit slipcovers are extra simple to use! They even have some options with covers for each cushion, if you prefer that look. If you have a daybed, a mattress cover in your preferred color may work best!

See other tips for updating your sofa!

3.    Window Makeover

diy window treatment for budget rv makeover
By: Tiffany Mass

You can give your windows an entirely new look by simply adding hover cornices to your windows with Command strips, or a curtain rod with some nice curtains.

See more ideas for window ideas for your budget RV makeover!

4.    Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be used just as their name implies – throw them around to add some texture and color throughout your RV. You can usually find these for really low prices or even get custom options.

5.    Update Lighting Fixtures with Spray Paint (& Creativity!)

A simple coat of spray paint can do wonders for light fixtures. However, if you are feeling extra creative, you could DIY a more elegant option that matches your style or is more of a showcased item!

See how one RVer made a DIY ceiling light with beads and paint!

6.    Cabinet and Drawer Organization

While not as pretty as some of the other items on this list, having an organized RV can often offer more day-to-day benefits than updating your look! There are tons of options for RV storage hacks that will make your closets and drawers look cleaner and help you stay stress-free.

7.    Paint Cabinets and Walls

By: InspiredCamper

Doing a ton of painting in your RV may be time-consuming and a hassle, but it has such great results! This is the most common budget RV makeover option among RVers for a reason.

Learn more about painting RV cabinets and walls, as well as some painting inspo!

8.    Get a Fun Tablecloth

While some RVers completely remove and re-install a new dining table, a tablecloth is also a quick and cheap way to change the look of an older RV dinette!

9.    Add Décor to Your Walls

By: Sela_Luna

You can add shelves to put décor on or put items directly on the wall using Command products. Just be sure to secure items on travel days!

Don’t forget that you can print out your own travel photos or purchase printables online with quotes or designs by artists.

10. Stylish Storage Baskets

If you need more storage space, attaching nice baskets to your walls or sliding them under your furniture, can help add bonus storage. Plus, it can be a stylish and functional way to get more organized.

11. Area Rug and/or Hall Runner

Plywood plank walls in an RV
By: Moore.tinywalls

Rugs make RVs look like cozy homes while helping to add some color and protect your flooring. They are also nice if you will be in a cooler area to keep your toes warm!

12. Colorful Towels and Towel Rack

An updated towel rack and towels to match your style can upgrade your bathroom quickly. This is a great way to get started with updating your RV’s bathroom if you don’t have time to paint or add wallpaper yet.

13. Contact Paper Counters

If you are intimidated by major renovations, contact paper is a great way to update your counters to look more high-end for a very low price.

See how one DIY RVer used contact paper on countertops:

14.  Add DIY Shelves!

You can give yourself a great new closet by adding some shelves, or you can add some to your bathroom for better functionality. Of course, there are also Command shelves that you can put up without any damage to display travel photos and other items.

15. Update Backsplash with Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash in an RV kitchen
By: Bryanna Royal of

There are tons of options of peel-and-stick backsplashes to update an RV kitchen or bathroom and make it look more modern. This faux subway tile is a popular option!

See more RV DIY backsplash ideas!

16. New or Updated Hardware

Switching out your cabinet pulls, doorknobs, faucets, and other hardware can help give your RV a more modern look. However, many people also have great success with simply spray-painting hardware!

See how one DIY RVer accomplished this:

17. Add Privacy Curtains to Separate Space

Do you have an RV sleeping space without a door or an exposed bunk area or office? Adding privacy curtains or a lightweight foldable wooden privacy screen can be a great way to separate your RV’s rooms and spaces.

18. Have Fun with Chalkboard Paint!

chalkboard backsplash for kitchen

You could use chalkboard paint on your backsplash, on a wall to display your calendar, in your kid’s room to add some bonus fun space, or anywhere you think it would be a good place to have it!

19. Wallpaper Walls

fifth-wheel dark bathroom remodel with patterned wallpaper by AmyONeil
By: Amy ONeil

Everyone knows wallpaper can be a very big task, but there is a reason DIYers go to all the trouble. A beautiful wallpaper choice can completely transform a space while staying on a budget!

20. String Lights (Outside or Inside)

By: AmandaEvolving

String lights just do something magical to set a romantic mood wherever you hang them! Just be sure you don’t put them in a place where the bulbs can get broken!

21. Upgraded Coffee Station

If you are a coffee lover, making a little coffee station in your RV kitchen can be an easy and fun little upgrade to help you get started. You can get some fancier coffee gadgets like this.

Here are some examples of minimalist coffee station setups.

22. Update Your Bedding

Where to buy sheets for RV bed sizes

Don’t forget that the bedding in your RV can be a great way to tie in your personal style, add some color, or showcase a fun pattern. You can also get custom sheets or options meant for RV-sized beds so that they are easier to put on and take off.

See more about where to buy sheets and bedding for your RV.

23. Add Lots of Plants!

kitchen in stylish fifth wheel remodel
By: Pitman Family

Filling your rolling home with plants may make travel days a little more complicated, but they also add a ton of interest and style. There is just something about having a little bit of nature in your living space, but fake plants can also give a similar look and will be easier to keep in one place!

Check out this beautiful plant-heavy remodel.

What has been your best purchase for your budget RV makeover?

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