No Remodel Needed: The Best Designed 2023 Travel Trailers

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We can’t all be professional RV renovators, taking old trailers from bland to beautiful. This article shares some of the best-designed 2023 travel trailers that you don’t have to renovate.

Before and after RV renovations fill up my Instagram feed. While they feed my imagination (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love looking at beautiful RVs), renovations can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

The good news is, RV manufacturers are taking notice.

This year, we’re seeing more and more manufacturers designing thoughtful (and downright classy) interiors. We’re seeing less brown and more white, less carpet, and more flush flooring.

We’ve compiled a list of eight of the best-designed 2023 travel trailers that will require no renovating at all.

Why Do So Many RVers Do Remodels?

Because most travel trailers (and other towable RVs) come standard with the typical dark brown cabinetry, dark brown furniture, and brown-colored walls, RVers get tired of seeing so much brown.

For decades RVs have been a sea of brown—brown cabinets, brown furniture, and brown wallpaper. If there’s something that can possibly have a color in an RV, it will be brown. The majority of renovations that take place strip away all the brown and replace it with something brighter.

Many opt to brighten the interior spaces by painting the walls white and accenting with colors on the cabinetry. Another popular upgrade is moving from small RV sinks to beautiful bowls and switching from the standard RV sofa to a more comfortable option from IKEA.

Perhaps more than anything else, renovating an RV makes it feel like your own space. RVers want to feel like they’re in their home (because they are).

How Expensive Are RV Remodels?

Remodels can vary tremendously in price depending on the project.

If you’re switching out the U-shaped dinette seating for storage benches and a couple of chairs, the reno isn’t going to cost much. If this is something you’re interested in, here’s a comprehensive list of how different RVers have swapped out their dinette booth.

If you’re looking to gut your entire trailer, go through the process of painting the interior, cabinets, and ceiling, and replace furniture, fixtures, and hardware, your renovation will easily be in the thousands. RV Love wrote a great article here citing their full renovation that cost $12,000 to complete.

However, it’s not just the cost that can make remodeling an RV a headache. It also takes a lot of time and energy. If you’re spending nights and weekends knee-deep in removing an RV toilet, you might start reconsidering why you started this reno in the first place.

8 Best 2023 Travel Trailers You Won’t Need to Renovate

But alas, there’s a better way!

You can now find 2023 travel trailers that won’t require ripping apart your upholstery as soon as you drive it off the lot.

While the majority of RVs are still sporting the dreaded brown, a select few have taken leaps forward in creating a space that feels like a home on wheels.

Let’s take a look at eight inspiring 2023 travel trailers that are stylish and chic while still remaining functional.

1. Keystone Springdale 281RK

Photo by Keystone

It is no surprise to see Keystone leading this list!

Best features: The beautiful rear kitchen has a huge window to bring in lots of natural sunlight and catch great views. The black paired with the light natural wood and light gray fabrics makes this 2023 travel trailer look like it has already been remodeled. In addition, the Keystone 281RK comes standard with a Girard tankless on-demand water heater and an 11 cu ft 12V Everchill refrigerator.

Length: 32’5”

Weight: 7,420 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 4

2. Keystone Hideout 25RDS

Photo by Keystone

Best features: No more brown interior! This Keystone Hideout already comes painted white for clean lines and a modern look. There’s no carpet in the slide-out and lots of room for preparing meals on the countertops. This model also comes standard with a Girard tankless on-demand water heater.

Length: 29’7”

Weight: 6,295 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 6

3. Jayco Eagle 332CBOK

Photo by Jayco

Best features: There are two eating areas inside this Jayco Eagle. It makes for a great floor plan for people who like to entertain. Plus, there’s no ugly brown! Only crisp white walls and cabinetry that contrast well with the dark furniture. It looks like a page out of an RV renovation magazine.

Length: 40’1”

Weight: 10,725 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 4

4. 2023 Living Vehicle

Photo by Living Vehicle

Best features: Living Vehicles units are simply stunning! A large side patio opens up the space for even more beautiful views and an increased outdoor living area. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most jaw-dropping spaces you’ll find in any travel trailer. With their elegant natural finishes, European finishes, and bright white walls, you’ll never want to leave!

Length: 32’8”

Weight: 12,000-14,500 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 4-6

5. Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB

Photo by Airstream

Best features: You know that you’re getting top quality when you purchase from Airstream. The twin bed configuration of this unit creates more physical moving space, and each traveler has his/her own wardrobe. The brightness of the interior makes this small space feel much more open and welcoming.

Length: 23’9”

Weight: 5,000 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 4

6. Forest River Ibex 19MSB

Photo by Forest River

Best features: The huge clean white sofa paired with the natural wood color of the bar stools and countertops make this Ibex modern and stylish for both men and women. The Murphy bed keeps the interior spacious during the day while still providing a dedicated sleeping space at night. Yes, there is some brown still in the Ibex, but it’s a natural wood color that accents the space rather than the drab chocolate of the past.

Length: 24’8”

Weight: 4,759 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 4

7. 2023 Winnebago Minnie 2630

2023 travel trailers

Best features: I love the dark lowers in this Winnebago travel trailer. This is something I haven’t seen many manufacturers implement and it creates a great vibe in this unit.

Length: 30′

Weight: 8,800 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 2

8. Jayco Jay Feather Micro 173MRB

best 2023 travel trailers

Photo by Jayco

Best features: The smallest of the 2023 travel trailers on this list is the Jay Feather Micro 173MRB. Although small in length, the design wasn’t an afterthought. The chic and functional kitchen is highlighted by a huge window next to the dining area that welcomes lots of natural light. Combine this with the bright white cabinetry and light-colored flooring, and you have what feels like a spacious interior.

Length: 20’10”

Weight: 3,980 lbs

Sleeping capacity: 8

Save Time and Money by Buying One of These 2023 Travel Trailers

When it’s time to buy a travel trailer, look for one that you won’t have to renovate. This saves you both time and money. From classic white walls that brighten the interior space to chic fixtures and elegant bathrooms that make you feel like you’re at home, these modern 2023 travel trailers will get you out on the road and enjoying the RV life in no time!

Which of these 2023 travel trailers do you like best?

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