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Photo Credit: Kreative Freedom

8 Music and Recording Studios in RVs


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Many musicians travel by RV to tour and play shows around the country. But how do you record music while you travel? These RVers got creative and built out recording studios in their RVs to keep up with recording music, podcasts, and videos.

From hobby podcasters to Youtubers with millions of subs, these creatives have found amazing ways to be able to record while traveling.

1. Soundproof Recording Studio

Photo Credit: Jordan Salazar

Artist Jordan Salazar went all out when creating his recording studio. In addition to a setup for mixing and playback, he added a comfortable chair to sit and record.

Photo Credit: Jordan Salazar

Jordan hung soundproofing blankets with grommets around his walls and windows to soundproof his camper.

Soundproofing blankets can be expensive, but moving blankets would be a much more affordable way to dampen sound. You would need to add your own grommets or find a way to hang them.

With black blankets and new lighting, this RV looks completely different when you swipe to see the before and after!

Photo Credit: Jordan Salazar

Jordan uses his RV to travel and stream live shows from the road. You can watch Jordan perform and record in his RV in this video from his Instagram:

2. A Packable Podcast Setup

RV lifestyle mastermind Mike Wendland has been recording his podcast on the road for years. Mike’s Roadtreking podcast has long been one of the top podcasts on RV life. As a traveler, Mike needed a setup that would allow him to live in his RV and continue to record.

His podcasting equipment is set up at his dining table, but conveniently packs away when not in use.

Check out this video tour showing off his podcasting setup:

Mike shares all the products he uses to record and other details of his setup on his website here.

3. Full Time RVers and Musicians

Photo Credit: Kreative Freedom

These full-time RVers built a studio in their RV to be able to record while traveling. While many artists opt for soundproofing and recording in the dark, this setup is all about the windows. You can’t beat those views!

Check our Mr. Bootsauce on Spotify to hear some of the music recorded in this studio.

4. A Bathroom Turned Recording Space

One common issue with recording anything in an RV is battling with outside noise. Barking dogs, lawnmowers, rain, acorns falling on the roof—they all come through on the microphone.

To block out noise, this RVer turned his small bathroom into a recording space by covering the walls with wood and adding soundproof panels.

Focusound 50 Pack Acoustic Foam Panels 1" x 12" x 12" Sound Proof Foam Panles Soundproofing Noise Cancelling Wedge Panels for Home Office Recoding Studio with 270PCS Double-Side Adhesive
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Catch a glimpse at the recording space in this video. (You can see the recording space set up at around the 6:00 minute mark! Viewer warning: explicit language.)

5. Performing in an RV

The musicians behind Future Joy took their plans a little further. When the pandemic meant they were no longer able to work, Zach and Emily got creative.

They folded down the back of their toy hauler to create a stage for performing!

Photo Credit: Emily Cooper

Emily is a DJ and performs with her partner, Zach, on the saxophone. “We decided to get creative and bring the show on the road by playing distanced concerts off the back of our trailer. We just had our first few shows and are receiving a lot of good feedback,” Emily said at the beginning of the pandemic.

You can get a great view of this setup in this video:

6. A Simpler Setup

Not everyone needs a complicated setup to record on the road! This RVer simply added a desk and a microphone.

The Blue Yeti mic (pictured above) is a popular one among RVers that travels well and can connect directly to your laptop.

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming, Streaming, Podcasting, Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Recording for PC and Mac, 4 Polar Patterns, Studio Quality Sound, Plug & Play-Blackout
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This type of microphone can also be mounted on a swivel to be moved around your RV. Heath Padgett recorded The RV Entrepreneur Podcast from different RVs around the world, packing up his Blue Yeti microphone and an inexpensive pop filter wherever he traveled.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Padgett

7. Bringing a Piano in an RV

I’ve heard from many full-time RVers that they wish they could take their piano on the road. A full piano would not fare well on bumpy roads, but a keyboard could do the trick!

Photo Credit: Ashley Mann

RVer Josiah Mann built out a space in his RV to fit a desk for work that also doubles as a keyboard stand.

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8. Recording from the Driver’s Seat

It’s possible to find space to record in larger RVs like trailers and motorhomes. But what about vans?

Youtuber Steve-o showed off his recording setup in his campervan in this video:

With millions of subscribers on YouTube, he came up with a great way to record even while driving down the road.

How do you store your fragile equipment in an RV?

Storing expensive equipment can be difficult in a moving vehicle. You may need to anchor down equipment or take it down and store it in cabinets or on a bed during travel. The added hassle of moving equipment when you drive may be annoying, but worthwhile to be able to record on the road.

These RVers got creative:

We wish they would’ve shared how they mounted this guitar on the ceiling, but I think it’s just for show! Don’t worry, if it fell, it would land on a bed!

Creating a Recording Studio in an RV

If you’re a touring musician or podcast host, adding a little recording studio in your RV can be a great way to create while traveling.

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