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Gift Guide: 12 Presents RV Owners Are Sure to Love

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Wondering what to give as a Christmas, birthday, housewarming gift for someone who lives in or recently purchased a travel trailer or motorhome?  It can be tough to find something affordable that RV owners need and want but don’t already own, especially if they are full timers and don’t have a lot of extra space!

This list of gift ideas is based on comments from other RV owners as well as my own experience as a full time RVer, so something on this list is sure to please even someone who seems to not need anything!

Spice tins

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be able to use a magnetic spice tin set like this one.  The metal panel that comes with it can be mounted on a wall or cabinet door, or if vertical space is limited, the tins can be stuck to a range hood or refrigerator, or if nothing else the tins can just be stacked in a drawer or cabinet.  Even though I already have a whole wall of magnetic spice tins, I could definitely use more.

A bird feeder

Even people who already have bird feeders can usually find enough space to hang one more.  A hummingbird feeder is ideal for people who RV in warmer climates, or you could get a songbird feeder for people who RV through the winter.  I hang my bird feeders on the outside of my RV using these hooks, in case you want to include a set.

The ultimate adhesive wall hanging kit

Speaking of adhesive hooks, that’s one thing that just about any RV owner can always use more of.  Maybe you could put together a gift basket including Command hooks, Command strips, Velcro, and my favorite acrylic double-sided tape?

A mobile gardening kit

Do you know an RV owner with a green thumb?  He or she might enjoy indoor herb garden like this one.   Or if that person generally stays in the same place for longer periods of time, maybe they would enjoy some grow bags and seeds for a container garden.  For more mobile garden gift ideas, take a look at my blog post about growing plants while living in an RV.

An oxygenics shower head

Give the gift of a hotter, higher pressure shower.  Find out if they already have this first; if they don’t, you can thank me later.  This is the model I have in my shower, pictured below.

Plexiglass walls added to RV shower - bathroom storage idea for campers, travel trailers, and motorhomes

Personalized camper themed gifts

If you’re looking for something more personal, how about something you can have made custom, like a doormat, or can cooler or welcome sign?

A set of multi-use mason jar lids

Help an RV owner save space by giving him or her a Mason jar with multiple uses.  With the right lid, a single canning jar can be used as a travel mug, a citrus juicer, a cocktail shaker, a cheese grater, and much more!

Holiday throw pillow covers

Those who RV year round often don’t have much room for storing seasonal decor, so throw pillows with changeable covers are a space-efficient way to decorate for each holiday.  How about buying a set (if they don’t already have some) along with some covers for Christmas, autumn, Independence Day, and other favorite holidays?

An Instant Pot or Instant Pot cookbook

This 6-in-1 electric cooking device may hold the record for most popular kitchen appliance in the RV community.  If your friend or family member already has one, perhaps an Instant Pot cookbook would make a good gift.

Digital books

Digital books are a lot lighter for bookworms to carry on the road.  I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I love – I don’t need an e-reader to do anything fancy, but I do appreciate the backlight for reading at night.  Someone who already has a Kindle might appreciate a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

I am also a big fan of Audible.  In fact, I have probably listed to more books than I have read on my Kindle.  I also like the Whispersync feature, which lets me read a book on my Kindle where I left off listening on Audible.  You can gift three-month, six-month, or 1-year subscriptions to Audible (which equates to three, six, or twelve audiobooks).

…Okay, as I was researching this article (after I wrote the two paragraphs above), I found out about the new Kindle Oasis…and it’s pretty cool.  Not only is it waterproof, it also lets you listen to Audible books directly from the device as you read along.  So fancy.  (And with a fancy price to match!)

Edible presents

You can’t go wrong with food (well, as long as you are aware of any allergies or special diets).  But my favorite gifts to get are the ones I can consume: homemade snacks and baked goods, preserves, cheeses, wine….

Amazon gifts

Did you know you can search Amazon for your friends’ publicly viewable wish lists?  This can be a good way to buy something they want without having to ask what they want.  Or you can’t decide on what to get, I guarantee you any RV owner will be thrilled to get an Amazon gift card. that they can use to buy whatever they want or need: RV equipment, Kindle books, clothes that fit…You can even purchase one in a cute box, inside a greeting card, or send one via email (great for last minute gifts!).

Do you have a great gift idea for an RVer, or are you an RV owner who received a neat gift?  Leave a comment to tell about it!

Wondering what to give as a Christmas, birthday, housewarming gift for someone who lives in or recently purchased a travel trailer or motorhome?  It can be tough to find something affordable that RV owners need and want but don't already own, especially if they are full timers and don't have a lot of extra space!

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