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How to Replace Your RV Sink (+ 12 Sink and Faucet Replacement Ideas!)

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Let’s explore two ways to upgrade your RV bathroom that don’t involve messy painting and are easy for any DIYer to learn: Updating your RV sink and faucet.

Many RVs, particularly older models, have plastic sinks and faucets in the bathrooms. These plastic sinks look cheap, yellow with age, and can make a remodeled RV look dingy. Fortunately, replacing the RV sink itself isn’t too difficult or costly. Plus, if you are replacing your RV countertops, you’ll want to find a beautiful new sink anyway!

In this article, we’ll first share how to remove and replace your RV sink before showing off some gorgeous bathroom remodels.

Removing the Old RV Sink and Faucet

Every manufacturer builds their RVs differently, so your sink may not be installed exactly like the sink in the video tutorial below. However, much of the process will be the same. First, you’ll need to collect a few tools to help you remove all of the pipes and hoses from the existing sink.


  • Socket wrench
  • Pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Utility knife

This four-minute video gives a great overview of how to tackle this simple process. Grab your tools and let’s get started:

If you’re not a fan of videos, read step-by-step how to remove your RV sink here.

Can I replace my RV sink with a regular sink?

Yes, you can likely replace your RV sink with any residential sink so long as it will fit in your space. RV sinks are generally much smaller than regular sinks. This can make it a little more challenging to find a sink you like that will fit in your space.

But as long as a regular sink can fit in or on top of your countertop, it will function the same as an RV-specific sink would.

What kind of sink should I use in my RV bathroom?

There are three primary types of sinks seen in RVs: over-mounted, drop-in, and under-mounted.

Over-mount and drop-in sinks are the most popular options. Under-mounted sinks are more common in kitchens and are the most difficult of the three to install. For this type of sink, you may consider hiring a professional to install it along with your countertops. The above undermount sink was installed by professional RV renovators Sanville Investments.

There are also apron sinks, which are very popular in homes, but less common in RVs due to the complexity of installation.

Photo Credit: Simply Sarah Rainwater

The most important thing to consider is if and how the sink will fit with your countertops. RV bathroom sinks don’t come in a standard size, so you may have trouble finding a stylish sink to fit the hole in your old countertops.

How to Install Your New RV Sink

Once you’ve chosen the type of sink you’d like in your RV, installation is simple.

(If you’re replacing or building your RV countertops as part of this remodel, be sure to finish that step first, properly cutting your countertops to match your new sink.)

1. First, measure, measure, and measure. You do not want to buy a sink and find that it doesn’t fit!

2. Drop in or mount the sink and secure it with the appropriate fasteners. Drop-in sinks will likely have clips built into the sink for attaching to the countertop. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions included with your sink.

3. Attach the drain pipes. Be sure to do this before attaching the water lines to prevent an accidental mess! Lowes recommends that all DIYers “put down a rope of plumber’s putty underneath the sink drain ring” to prevent leaks.

4. Install the faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Attach the hot and cold water lines.

5. Test your new sink and faucet.

Photo Credit: The Camp Revival

Bathroom Sink Upgrades

Now that we’ve covered the basic process for removing and replacing your RV sink, let’s choose a beautiful sink! Here are 12 beautiful bathrooms to inspire you as you renovate.

1. A Sink That Makes A Statement

It’s not often that the bathroom sink steals the show, especially in a fully renovated RV bathroom with wallpaper, beadboard, and a fancy new mirror. But this sink still steals all the attention.

Photo Credit: whitefloridafarmhouse

Patterned ceramic sinks aren’t common, but they are a fun way to add a little color and quirkiness to a bathroom renovation. You can find endless patterns and different styles of sinks on Amazon.

Tysun Round Vessel Sink Countertop, 16" x 16" Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Sink, Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink with Pop-Up Drain
  • Vessel Sink Dimension - 15.9'' (L) x 15.9'' (W) x 4.9'' (H) (405 x 405 x 125 mm). 1.77" drain opening. 1.18" dia pop-up drain is included, drain quickly without clogging, faucet is not included, please buy it separately if needed

2. Over Mount RV Sink

If you want to follow one of the biggest design trends, replace your counter with butcher block and add an over-mount bowl sink.

Photo Credit: Simply Sara Rainwater

This classic, simple look is one we see repeated often, particularly in contemporary, modern, and farmhouse-style remodels.

For an over-mount sink, be sure to order an extra tall faucet that will easily clear the top of the bowl.

Airuida Brushed Gold Tall Waterfall Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet Modern Bathroom Vanity Faucet Single Handle Single Hole Farmhouse Bar Mixer Tap Washbasin Faucet Deck Mount
  • [Material]:Water Use Information: 1.19gpm 4.5L/min.Constructed of premium SUS304, sturdy and heavy-duty tall bathroom faucet. The tall vessel sink faucet will not leak. Great pressure, sometimes you may need to turn the water pressure down for better use.

3. Drop-In White Sink

For this complete renovation, the owners opted for a simple white drop-in sink paired with a golden faucet. When it comes to bathrooms, as you may see in this post, a beautiful new faucet can make a bigger impact than the sink itself!

Photo credit: @rvevolution2022

More Bathroom Upgrade Ideas: RV Bidet: Top Options and How to Install

4. Just the Bathroom Faucet

If all this talk about replacing RV sinks has you overwhelmed, take a note from this renovation that kept the sinks and replaced the faucets.

This beautiful, new Grand Design fifth wheel already showed off stainless steel sinks undermounted with sparkling white countertops. The renovator added gold faucets to replace the old black faucets.

fifth wheel bathroom remodel details by Amy ONeil

To just replace your RV faucet, check out this tutorial from Do It Yourself RV.

5. Semi-Recessed Sink

In between that over-mount and a drop-in sink is the less common semi-recessed sink. This beauty is perfect for leaving you with plenty of counterspace, while still achieving that over-mount style.

Photo Credit: Dina Krukovets

We love the touch of the vintage, antique-style faucet that adds character to the simple white and brass bathroom.

6. Coastal Wood Countertops

Wooden countertops paired with a white over-mount sink are the go-to style for a reason. With different types of wood and endless shapes and sizes of sinks, the same setup can be styled differently.

This contemporary-style sink gives this coastal white and blue bathroom a more modern feel.

7. A Contemporary, Scandinavian Style

Again with a contemporary sink and colorful walls, the wooden countertops and towel knobs on the wall give a hint of Scandinavian design.

rv sink bathroom contemporary scandinavian
Photo Credit: Sanville Investments

8. Over Mount Rectangle

Wood planks and a rope show off a rustic style in this RV renovation, but the rectangular overmount sink gives it a modern edge.

rv sink bathroom contemporary rustic

Recreate this look with a similar sink:

Bathroom Vessel Sink, Eridanus 20" x 15" Vessel Sink Rectangular Bathroom Sink Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sinks for Bathroom Vanity Sink Above Counter Basin, White
  • 【Modern Design】This vessel sink is designed with a modern and stylish aesthetic that is sure to complement any contemporary bathroom decor.

As you can see, most over mount sinks will need an extra tall faucet. However, some sinks like this will have the option of installing the faucet on top of the sink itself instead of through the countertop.

Photo Credit: Traverse Redesign Co

9. Copper Sink

Not a fan of the standard white sinks? Take a note from this colorful RV remodel:

rv sink bathroom
Photo Credit: Emily Seyl

A hammered copper sink will cost you a bit more than ceramic, acrylic, or plastic sinks. But if you like the hammered look, you can find it in cheaper materials as well.

Monarch Abode 17086 Pure Copper Hand Hammered Harbor Bathroom Vessel Sink (19 inches) - Copper Sink For Bathroom - Above Counter Copper Sink - Hammered Copper Sink For Bathroom
  • High Quality Construction: The pure copper countertop harbor vessel sink is handcrafted by our skilled artisans to strike a balance of beautiful design with lasting performance. The 19-inch hammered copper bathroom vanity sink is made of solid, 18-gauge pure copper that will stand the test of time.

10. Rough Exterior Stone Sink

We are all head-over-heels for this unique RV remodel. You don’t often see a living moss wall in an RV!

But it’s the rough-cut exterior on this over-mount stone sink paired with the natural edge countertop that ties everything together. Am I walking into an RV bathroom or a natural spa in the jungles of Costa Rica? Either way, we are here for this distinctive and wild style!

Photo credit: @_gray_co_

You can shop similar stone sinks at Home Depot.

11. Under Mount Bathroom Sink

While they aren’t as common, if you love the elegance of an under-mount sink, it is possible to build this style into your RV bathroom. We love the Nordic spa vibe in this RV bathroom that looks like a sauna. The natural edge wood countertops make a statement with this simple white rectangular sink.

Photo Credit: Amber Woodruff

12. Integrated Sink

This bathroom faucet we’ve come across in more than one renovation and adore it for its peculiarity.

swan faucet travel trailer remodel details by julie sykes
Photo Credit: Julie Sykes

But what’s also different about this remodel is the integrated sink. For small bathrooms that already don’t offer counter space, an integrated sink can save you the time and money involved with installing a new countertop along with your new sink.

travel trailer art deco bathroom remodel details by julie sykes
Photo Credit: Julie Sykes

You can tour this whole art deco-style RV renovation here. (We love the unique kitchen features!)

Or if you just love the unique faucet, try it with the sink of your choice!

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures
Cinwiny Swan Faucet Bathroom Sink Faucet Polished Gold Swan Shaped Single Handle One Hole Lavatory Basin Tap Mixer Deck Mount Bird Faucet
  • 【Premium Material】 Cinwiny bathroom single hole swan brass bird faucet is made from high quality brass material, the brass we choose is in accordance with European and American international standards, NO harmful to health.

12 RV Sinks to Inspire Your Remodel

Replace your old RV sink and turn your bathroom into a haven like these beautiful remodels.

Need more remodeling help? Try one of our free guides:

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