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14 RVs with Dark, Black Interiors

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While everyone else is painting their RV walls and cabinets a bright white, these RV owners decided to take the opposite turn. You don’t often see RVs with black walls and dark interiors, but these renovators found a way to make black, well, the new black.

You are going to love these 14 dark and moody RV renovations.

1. Just a taste of black.

In this renovation, Kristy painted some of her cabinets black and kept dark wood throughout her RV. She also added a black and white backsplash throughout the kitchen.

2. Black, but bright.

Black bedding, black curtains, and black walls darken this RV, but big windows and white ceilings keep it feeling bright.


3. Going to the Dark Side

If you want to go dark, why not go all the way?

Photo credit: @gray_co

Of all of the dark and moody RVs we’ve seen, this is our absolute favorite. In addition to black walls, cabinets, and ceilings, they’ve added natural wood accents with the tabletop and countertops.

Don’t miss the living edge wood used to border that loft bed either!

Photo credit: @gray_co

All the all-black look may sound a little lifeless. So what better way to add life to a dark RV than actual living things? I have about a million questions about they achieved this living moss wall in the bathroom 😮

They also used living edge wood for the countertops and a stone sink giving this tiny bathroom an upscale jungle spa vibe. (Is that a thing? It is now!)

Gray & Co. took it a step further by also renovating the outside of their RV to match the interiors:

It’s clear they love the color black and they did a great job of nailing the dark and moody aesthetic!

Photo credit: @_gray_co_

4. Dramatic Black Walls

If painting everything black isn’t up your alley, flat black paint on the walls is a great way to give your RV a clean, dark interior.

5. Black Cabinets and Backsplash

Or for just a touch of black, consider painting your cabinets a shiny black, but keep your walls and trim white.

My personal favorite touch in this kitchen is that black wallpaper backsplash!

6. Dark Wallpaper

Who says dark means void of color? This dark, floral wallpaper gives a cozy, romantic feel to this RV bathroom with black cabinets.

fifth-wheel dark bathroom remodel with patterned wallpaper by AmyONeil
By: Amy ONeil

Love this bathroom remodel? Check out how Amy did it!

7. Cozy Kitchen

In addition to black cabinets that matched her black appliances, this renovator added a dark rug and a faux brick backsplash to make this kitchen feel homey.

Photo credit: @sincerelysepe

The coziness of this kitchen makes us want to cocoon ourselves in a fuzzy blanket while we camp in the woods.

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8. The Dark Garage

Most RVs don’t come with a garage—only toy haulers. This couple decided to turn their RV garage into a tranquil office space.

Office space in beautiful toy hauler garage

If you look closely, the paint isn’t actually black, but it definitely gives off dark and moody vibes! We’ll take a cup of tea and a thunderstorm, please.

Laundry room in toy hauler garage

9. Dark, but Not Black

Dark green is wildly popular with renovators, and we love the look paired with these unpainted cabinets.

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

That wallpaper behind the TV though? Genius!

Designer Hannah kept the dark colors and upholstery look throughout the RV.

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

And she painted the walls in the bathroom black for good measure!

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

This RV is a great example of how to have a dark interior in your camper while keeping it colorful and fun.

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

10. The Custom, Professional Renovation

The team at Sanville Investments completed customized and renovated this RV. Check out the before:

Sanville Investments before |

Not great.

But with a little vision and a lot of black paint:

Sanville Investments after |

11. Charcoal

If black isn’t your color, check out its favorite cousin: charcoal grey.

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

Charcoal is a great color choice since it’s a popular choice for RV furniture as well.

12. Black Brick Fireplace

Making your RV a little darker can make it feel cozier inside, which was the goal with this black brick fireplace.

Wayland Ventures Forest entertainment center renovation process |

Professional renovators Wayland Ventures took on this entertainment center remodel and we love the finished project!

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13. Take the color outside.

Don’t want the inside of your RV to feel dark? Add black to your outdoor kitchen!

rv outdoor kitchen camper remodel by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett
Trailer by Sarah Wackett @builtbywackett

We love this tiny black outdoor kitchen by RV owner, Sarah.

14. Dark doesn’t mean no color.

A great way to make colors pop in your RV is to add a black backdrop. This RV owner did just that with black and bright pinks.

Photo credit: girlgoingnowhere.xo

This eclectic boho renovation features plenty of dark walls and counters along with bright pinks and sparkling golds.

Photo credit: girlgoingnowhere.xo

This RV just goes to show that how an RV looks and feels goes beyond the paint on the walls. Decor makes a big difference.

Photo credit: girlgoingnowhere.xo

14 Dark & Moody Black RV Makeovers

Which dark RV interior is your favorite? If you’ve renovated your own RV with black or dark colors, we’d love to feature it on this list. Share in the comments!

If dark and moody interiors aren’t your thing, let’s bring in some color!

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