19 Headboard Ideas for Your RV Bedroom Remodel

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Your RV headboard is an easy spot to overlook during an RV bedroom remodel. Mostly because manufactured RVs don’t often come with a headboard!

Photo Credit: Camp Revival

You often are left with an empty wall and endless possibilities.

Even though RV beds don’t come with headboards, these renovators decided to give their beds the wow factor they deserved. Check out these 19 headboard ideas.

(Need to remove an existing headboard first? Scroll to the bottom for tips on how to do so!)

1. The Stone Wall

For this gorgeous renovated RV, the owner used fake stones to create a headboard for her bed.

These fake stones were probably designed to be used as flooring or as a bathroom backsplash, but this bedroom just goes to show that getting creative with your headboard is a great way to make a statement with your design!

2. The Mural

This bedroom makeover is very minimalistic, but the Taylors went bold with their headboard! The forest mural wraps around the bed area packing a punch.

3. The Modern Slat Wall


Slat walls are all the rage for designers right now and this slat headboard is both sleek and minimal.

The beauty of creating a slat wall as your headboard is that it can adapt to match many different design styles. All you need to do is swap out your bedding for a completely different bedroom design!

Bonus: Simple, adaptable interior design makes renovated RVs easier to sell!

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4. Bright and Floral

floral wallpaper and bright decor in camper

Wallpaper is one of the most popular ways to create a colorful, memorable headboard in an RV. This renovator decorated her entire camper to reflect a pale blue and pink aesthetic that matches her floral headboard.

5. Geometric Wallpaper

These RVs went with a bold geometric design on their wallpaper headboard, but kept the colors neutral to match their decor.

6. Perfectly Matched Wallpaper

Does it count as a headboard if it runs along the side of the bed? We think yes!

We love how this simple boho wallpaper perfectly matches this RV’s cabinets!

7. Getting Creative with Paint

Not sure that you want to go through the hassle of installing wallpaper? It can be a tedious process! This RV recreated a similar look to the above wallpaper with a paintbrush.

Photo Credit: Jeff Myers

We also love the matching light fixtures on each side of the bed. Unique light fixtures are a great way to makeover your bedroom and make a renovated RV feel new.

8. Let nature be your headboard.

Large bed with massive RV windows set in a lush surrounding
Photo Credit: Bus Life NZ

Andy from Bus Life New Zealand let the giant windows in his skoolie be his headboard! (With added curtains for privacy, of course!)

9. Wrap Around Curtains

Photo credit: Renee Mairson

You can choose any fabric and make your own curtains to create a light-blocking headboard for your bedroom.

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10. Just a Coat of Paint

Prefer a simple look? Just add a coat of paint.

Photo Credit: Homes by Hannah Design

11. Bring on the color!

This might be the only RV we’ve seen that has more of a traditional headboard framing the bed…along with plenty of bright personality!

In addition to adding plenty of color to their RV, Lisa of Always on Liberty has a framed fabric headboard for her master bedroom.

12. The Bookshelf

This is our favorite headboard yet!

Renovated Bedroom and Headboard in 2015 Open Range RV

This bookshelf was original to the RV, but the owners gave it a coat of green paint when they renovated their camper. You can see their complete renovation (+ before photos!) here.

13. The Natural Wood Look

RV Owner Tina Tartt chose a simple wooden headboard for her bedroom.

There are many ways to recreate this look for your own RV, but one of the most popular is to buy vinyl wood flooring and install it along your RV walls.

Love this look? You’ll adore the custom wooden headboard in this RV remodel!

14. Painted Shiplap

We love the added painting to bring color to this RV bed!

Photo credit: @rvevolution2022

This RV renovator chose a simply painted shiplap for the corner bed of his RV. But for the futon on the opposite end of the same tiny camper, he created his own version of a natural slat wall.

Photo credit: @rvevolution2022

15. Pretty in Pink

Around here we love when renovators aren’t afraid to add bold colors to their RVs. This rear twin bed floorplan brings plenty of color with patterned wallpaper.

Photo credit: @danniellejoy

They also added pink light fixtures above the beds as a matching statement piece.

16. Ready for Christmas

We love the bright white cabinets contrasting with the dark wood headboard in this RV bedroom remodel. But it’s hard to notice the headboard for all of the holiday cheer added to this RV bedroom.

Who says a home on wheels doesn’t deserve garland and twinkly lights?

17. Vintage Shiplap

Photo Credit: Cortes Memoir

This vintage farmhouse-style camper built white shiplap walls around the bed, as well as hung paintings to serve as headboard decor.

18. All of the above

Renovation credit

Painted black walls? Check.

Fancy new light fixtures? Check.

Custom curtains? Check.

Wood plank headboard? Check.

Greenery for decor? Check.

19. Black Beadboard

Photo credit: @_gray_co_

This dark and moody RV from professional designers has one of the most unique headboards we’ve seen. They continued their beadboard ceiling down the curved back of the Class C motorhome to create a black headboard. Black curtains match the all-black theme of this RV.

Removing Your Existing RV Headboard

RVs don’t often come with headboards, but many RV beds have windows behind or around the bed.

Photo Credit: Victoria Jones

Before creating or installing a headboard, you may want to remove the factory blinds and/or valances around the windows. This is simple and can be accomplished with a screwdriver or power drill. Locate the screws in the valance—they may be a little hidden—and unscrew all fasteners. Voila! Your blinds and valances should come right down.

If you have an actual headboard behind your bed, you can likely also remove it with nothing more than a screwdriver and drill. Look for screws hidden in the fabric of your headboard, probably behind cloth-covered buttons. Remove the screws and any fabric and backing can be taken out. If the headboard is stapled to the wall, you can carefully pry it away from the wall with your hands or a flathead screwdriver.

If your “headboard” is existing RV wallpaper, you can cover this without any need to remove it.

For more, read our guide on RV wallpaper.

RV Bedroom Makeovers

There are so many ways to create a beautiful RV headboard. Which one will you try? Beadboard? Wallpaper? Paint? Let us know in the comments!

Your headboard is one great way to makeover your RV’s master bedroom. But what if you have bunk beds?

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