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8 Awesome RV Shower Makeover DIY Ideas

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If you are considering a DIY RV shower makeover, here are some ideas to inspire you—from simple additions to full-on renovations. Plus, tips to make sure your renovations are a success!

Just remember any major RV remodel can often void your warranty, so doing a remodel is at your own risk. Take extra care to ensure you don’t end up with plumbing damage or long-term issues due to water getting where it isn’t supposed to be. 

However, you certainly do not have to go straight into a significant shower modification to create a new look. Although some DIY RVers choose to remodel fully, a shower makeover doesn’t have to mean starting completely over. Switching out fixtures, accessories, and other simple updates can make a huge difference.

We’ll be sharing options for every level of DIYer!

Renovated Shower in 2015 Open Range Fifth Wheel

Easy & Inexpensive RV Shower Makeover Inspiration

Do you want to add quick and simple changes to your rolling home’s shower to make it look updated or match your preferred style? Luckily, many budget-friendly RV shower makeover ideas shouldn’t take more than a few hours max. 

You can also do these projects a little bit at a time to make sure you don’t overspend or over-commit on time!

1. Use Peel-and-Stick Tiles to Add Color & Style

Ripping out and replacing the unattractive shower surround is a timely and intimidating task. However, peel-and-stick tiles are an excellent solution for beginner DIYers. Don't forget to add a few coats of waterproofing to the walls before starting this project.

Here are some highly-rated waterproof stick tile options:

2. Create In-Shower Storage

Finding a secure place for all of your toiletries will help you stay more organized and keep your bottles from spilling when on the move! There are various options – from a multi-level shower caddy to wall-mounted soap dispensers.

InterDesign Metalo Bathroom Over Door Shower Caddy for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap - Satin
by Sherri Lantz Christensen, available at

Get more shower storage ideas and RV bathroom organization tips, here.

3. Get a New RV Shower Head

An improved showering experience can be yours with a quick click on Amazon (and possibly a short trip to the hardware store for basic tools). You could even get a fancy rain shower head to make it feel more like a spa! Many RV-specific options also come with water-saving features.

Here are some of the top-rated RV-specific shower heads:

DIY RV Shower Remodel Ideas

Do you want to make the very most of the small space used for your camper bathroom? Completely changing the look of your shower as part of an RV bathroom remodel can have a considerable impact. RVers who live in their rigs full-time may be especially keen to make an update!

If you’ve decided this is your best option, just make sure you have a well-researched plan before heading to Home Depot. And don’t forget to check where your water lines are!

1. Change Out the Shower Door for a Shower Curtain

The first thing you see in your RV bathroom is the (usually never quite clean enough) shower door. Switching from a shower door to a curtain can be a multi-hour task depending on your RV. But this seemingly small change can dramatically alter the look of your RV bathroom. It is much easier to clean a curtain also!

How to Remove RV Shower Door

To remove the shower door, you’ll often have to unscrew each shower door piece from the wall and then pry them off. Be sure to clean off any residue, especially if you plan to paint. Then, simply put up a tension rod and your curtain of choice for a more modern look.

shower curtain bathroom remodel RV

Renovator Rachel Reed completely remodeled her RV bathroom with a fresh linen shower curtain, gold mirror, and built-in shelves for storage and decor.

2. Take on a DIY RV Shower Pan Upgrade

Your RV shower floor can look dated fast. The shower pan commonly needs a refresh in older rigs or a used RV. For the simplest solution, you can clean and paint the shower pan. 

However, you can also buy a new replacement. Just be sure to keep in mind that there are multiple RV shower pan sizes, so you need to find the best fit for your space.

3. Update the Shower Walls with Paint or Tile

Rustic RV bathroom with tin in shower

Harness your inner interior design influencer and create a stylish shower by updating the walls. A fresh coat of paint always works wonders in any space! You can use spray paint (DIYers suggest a two-part epoxy) or a brush-on paint specific to showers (like Homax).

Full-time traveler Andy renovated an old school bus and built the shower (above) with corrugated metal and a simple shower curtain.

See Andy's complete bus renovation (and the wild before-and-after photos!) here.

4. Consider Switching to a Bath

If you are updating a second bathroom or prefer to take a bath, installing a small bathtub in your RV is possible and has been successfully done before!

However, adding a bath in an RV does come with some critical considerations:

  • Does your current hot water tank have enough capacity to fill up the bathtub? 
  • Will you have access to water fill-ups often enough to use the tub? If you are an avid boondocker, it probably isn’t the best idea! 
  • Will you have enough space in your tiny RV bathroom for a tub? It may not be worth the effort if it just ends up being a foot bath.
  • You should also consider the weight once filled up. Since your RV’s bathroom was not made with holding a bathtub in mind, having that kind of extra weight on your floor could cause damage. Water damage is not something you ever want to deal with!

See more RV makeover bathtub ideas and tips for installation.

5. Do a Complete RV Shower Remodel

If you are up for the task, you can rip out the existing shower and put in a pre-made new shower surround or a DIY shower enclosure. This is not a project for anyone on a tight budget or without much time because it will be much more involved. 

We love this complete renovation from Ashley of Tiny Modern Farmhouse! If it weren't for the foot pedal on the toilet, we'd never guess this gorgeous new bathroom was in a camper.

You will also need to take safety precautions and make sure you are keeping your space limitations in mind while planning. While a spacious walk-in shower may be your dream the reality in your motorhome or travel trailer bathroom may not allow for that.

This could be a stand-alone project or done as part of a full RV bathroom renovation – complete with new light fixtures, updated cabinet doors, a new toilet, and more modern vinyl plank flooring. It all depends on what you have budgeted for your camper remodel project and your skill level.

Wood plank wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment
Shiplap wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment | Photo credit:

FAQ for an RV Shower Makeover 

How do I update my RV shower?

You can update an RV shower by adding a fresh coat of paint, putting up stick-on tiles, updating fixtures, and switching out the shower door for a shower curtain. If you are a skilled DIYer, you could even rip it all out and rebuild, but that will be a timely and expensive venture.

Can you use peel-and-stick tile in RV shower?

Yes! Peel and stick tile is great for an easy and inexpensive DIY RV shower upgrade.

Can you paint an RV shower?

Yes, you can paint an RV shower! However, just be sure you use paint meant to be in a wet environment. Read our complete RV painting guide here for more tips.

What is the cheapest way to redo an RV shower?

Updating your tiny bathroom in your RV can definitely be done on a budget! Change out the fixtures, add some stick-on tiles, and get a nice shower curtain for a new look under $200.

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