before and after fifth wheel bathroom makeover

You Won’t Believe This is an RV Bathroom!


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This fifth wheel bathroom remodel looks like something out of an upscale spa – not just because it has the coveted double-sink vanity!

When Amy O’Neal (@prosecco_and_paint) decided to renovate her 2022 Grand Design Solitude 390rk-r, the bathroom was the first room she decided to refresh in a way that matched her style.

“It’s amazing what paint, wallpaper, and new hardware can do!” she shares.” We live in our fifth wheel full-time and are big fans of moody, dramatic interiors. I understand it might not be everyone’s taste, and that’s okay. I love this space. And hey, isn’t that the goal for your home?”

Fifth Wheel Bathroom BEFORE Remodel

Amy was fortunate to have a great bathroom setup beforehand – with a big mirror, double sinks, and a large shower with a high-quality shower head. 

The big mirror helps to make the space look larger by reflecting light, and the other features make it feel upscale. Amy’s tall husband is especially appreciative of the shower size since he can stand in it comfortably. However, this space needed more character and charm. 

After Dramatic Fifth Wheel Bathroom Remodel

The dramatic, elegant, and spa-like look of the bathroom makes it difficult to believe it is in an RV. However, it is highly achievable with some time and effort. 

Although putting up wallpaper is quite the task, Amy seems to think it was worth the hours put into it: “It makes me happy every time I see it.”

Supplies & Overview of this DIY RV Bathroom Refresh

For this RV remodel, Amy primarily used wallpaper and paint, along with some upgraded hardware. It is very DIY-friendly and made a huge difference in this room!

Wallpaper Application

One of the most eye-catching changes Amy made in her RV bathroom is the walls. Adding a bold wallpaper changed the entire look of the bathroom. (Get more RV wallpaper inspiration here.)

When she shared about her remodel in the RV Renovations Facebook Group, someone noted that it looks like the same one featured in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ castle renovation and on the mansion staircase of AMC’s Mayfair Witches. So, others must think it is a stylish choice also!

Amy used this wallpaper from Home Depot, and one roll was just enough for this space.

“I had to be careful with the last couple of strips to make sure I cut them in the right order,”  Amy explains. “Unfortunately, there was a good amount of waste due to pattern matching.”

fifth-wheel bathroom refresh with patterned wallpaper by AmyONeil

Since it was prepasted wallpaper, the process was: “wet it with water, fold it in half, and let it sit for a few minutes to let the glue activate, then apply it to the walls.” 

Amy also used added extra paste around the edges and seams. After application, she used a plastic squeegee to smooth it out from side to side so there weren’t any bubbles.

She isn’t sure if it will damage the walls in the long term but notes that prepasted wallpaper is supposed to be removable.

One major concern with wallpaper is it warping or having other issues due to temperature variances or moisture. Amy and her husband made sure to add trim and caulk to almost all the seams and edges to avoid any issues. She also kept some extra pieces of the wallpaper just in case she needs to do any touchups.

Painting the RV Bathroom

Amy chose Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black paint in satin for the cabinets, mirror frame, and around the shower.

As a full-timer, doing an RV  bathroom remodel gets a little more complicated. However, Amy and her husband solved this issue by painting in stages. They started with the linen closet and mirrors, then the lowers.

sherwin williams paint used for remodel by Amy Oneil

Here is the painting process they used: “We lightly sanded, wiped them down, then did two super thin coats of primer, then three coats of paint. We took the doors off and painted them in our kitchen.”

“If the weather was better, we probably could have painted the doors outside and had it all done in a day or a day in a half,” Amy notes. “We still used the shower daily, just planned it around paint drying times.”

shower in bathroom remodel by Amy Oneil

Hardware & Finishing Touches

Luckily, Amy’s RV already had a shower head that she liked and went well with her new bathroom design. However, she decided to update the faucets to this Brushed Gold option.

Amy also updated the cabinet pulls to a golden warm color. She also added a gold towel rack on the wall and went with Turkish towels. Although they aren’t quite as absorbent as normal towels, they dry quickly. 

Plants and nice, matching soap dispensers add to the spa-like ambiance of this beautiful RV bathroom space. (See more RV bathroom storage ideas in this article.)

bathroom remodel details by Amy ONeil

Since they live in this fifth wheel full-time, Amy and her husband are working on renovations one room at a time. This was their first project and their next is the bedroom. You can keep an eye out for their next remodel in the RV Renovations Group. Plus, find other inspiration as well!

Thank you for giving us permission to share this incredible RV bathroom remodel, Amy!

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