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Credit: Natalia Homolova via Instagram.com/WhereWeTravelTo

20 Beautiful Boho-Style RV Renovations You Have to See to Believe

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If you want your RV to look Instagram-worthy, you don’t necessarily need to renovate your camper from bumper to bumper. The boho-style RV renovations in this article include brand-new RVs, vintage trailers, giant fifth wheels, and tiny campers. Any RV can be turned into a beautiful glamper with a little decor and good design.

Now let’s look at some pictures!

Restored Vintage Shasta Camper

Many people dream about buying a little camper to live in and travel around doing yoga in beautiful state parks, but Summer and Ryan decided buy a 1969 Shasta camper and make that dream a reality. 

Follow their adventurous lifestyle and see more pictures of their adorable little home-on-wheels on Instagram at @summerginther.

Renovated Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel

That cactus wall!

The owners of this RV, full-time RVers Kevin and Mandy, nailed an effortless boho look with their renovated fifth wheel.

188sqft renovated fifth wheel RV
Credit: Mandy Holesh

Vintage 80’s Motorhome Makeover

Jessi is an artist who turned a small, older motorhome into a retreat that expresses her personality and facilitates her travels.  Follow her on Instagram at @mashuplove.

mashuplove Jessi Schuler colorful camper
Credit: Jessi Schuler

1970 Silver Streak Travel Trailer

This vintage trailer with Southwest vibes was renovated by Katie and Jed, a husband and wife team who together own Stagecoach Detail & Design, a camper renovation company specializing in creating and staging short-term rentals. 

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I’m obsessed with this unique painted door!

1996 Damon Motorhome Makeover

This is of my personal favorite motorhome renovations because of the unique touches like the hand-painted compass and the glass tubes of spices in wooden holders on the wall. 

Looking at the before photos of this 1996 Damon Ultrasport makes the vision this couple had for its potential even more amazing when you see the after photos on Instagram.

Renovated Vintage Millard Caravan (Australian)

Tony and Jennifer’s vintage Millard caravan “Millie” allows them to go on adventures and make memories with their two girls. 

See more of Jen’s beautiful decor and clever use of space in this tiny Australian Mallard glamper on her Instagram profile, @fortheloveofmillie.

Remodeled Quantum Fifth Wheel

A black accent wall creates a dramatic backdrop to show off pattern and texture in this rustic camper. Interior designer and custom sign maker Mariah renovated this gorgeous trailer. 

You can see photos of their entire RV renovation process on her Instagram page, @TheSloppyJos.  (They even painted their RV exterior, and it looks awesome!)

2007 Sunset Creek Travel Trailer

One of the first steps for many RVers when renovating is to remove the built-in dining booth, which opens up much more potential for the space. 

LoveTheTinyLife remodeled fifth wheel RV
Credit: Amy of Love the Tiny Life

Fresh paint, new furniture, and touches like a colorful rug made this an inviting space for Amy and her two kids to call home. See photos of this RV’s renovation process on Instagram at @lovethetinylife.

2006 Vauxhall Movano Camper Van (European)

This dreamy boho-chic camper van carries fashion blogger Natalia Homolova and her husband Roland on adventures throughout Europe. 

Follow their travels on Instagram at @WhereWeTravelTo.

2007 Dutchman Fifth Wheel

Working as a travel nurse gives Emily the opportunity to travel not only in the States, but around the world.  Living in her renovated RV makes it easy for her to relocate, and also gives her an outlet for her creativity with interior design! 

ems_traveldiary Colorful rug in renovated fifth wheel
Credit: Emily T. of Instagram.com/ems_traveldiary

You can see more pictures of Emily’s RV on Instagram.

2013 Open Range Fifth Wheel

Rough beams and shiplap in contrast with rich colors and ornate details make this renovated newer fifth wheel a luxurious but comforting retreat.

r.maria.fuller oriental rug in renovated RV
Credit: Maria Fuller

Get to know this full-traveling, homeschooling family of four and follow their travel lifestyle on Instagram at @r.maria.fuller.

Remodeled Big Horn Fifth Wheel

Shelby and her husband Rooster bought renovated this fifth wheel as a home that would allow them to stay together when Rooster’s military career forced him to move.  Since they’re currently parked in California, Shelby decided to go with a decor style she describes as “Bohemian surf shack”. 

Shelby Adrift Remodeled Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer
Credit: Shelby of Instagram.com/ShelbyAdrift

You can see more pictures of this beautiful RV on Instagram @shelbyadrift.

Renovated Class A Motorhome

Living in a motorhome with her family gave Erin the freedom she needed to start pursuing a career in music. You can see Erin’s renovation process at @erinflaniganmusic.

Erin Flanigan | Mobile with the Mandershieds
Credit: Erin Flanigan

Psst! Those gorgeous copper drawer pulls?  Spray painted! šŸ™‚

Keystone Fifth Wheel Makeover

Bright white walls and painted window frames make this fifth wheel feel extra spacious.

See more photos from this couple’s time living in an RV on Instagram at @emily_economides.

1982 Windsor Statesman (Australian)

The space in this Australian caravan is utilized so well, you’d never believe this camper (affectionally named “Ollie”) is just 18 feet long! 

The couple who gave it a makeover made sure the mechanics were in good shape so they wouldn’t have to do much more than paint.  See more pictures of the interior here, and follow this family on Instagram here.

Motorhome Fixer Upper

This camper is home to Tiffany and Caleb Remington, who live and work in the San Diego area.  You can follow their tiny life and see some additional photos here.

Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer

Zac and Melodie chose to downsize to an RV with their two boys in order to live debt-free. Their fully gutted and remodeled travel trailer proves just how beautiful a tiny home can be when you eliminate the clutter and keep only that which you need and love! 

OurSimpleAdventure renovated camper
Credit: Zac and Mel of Instagram.com/OurSimpleAdventure

Follow this family’s travels and see more photos of their RV at @oursimpleadventure.

2002 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel

I had an extremely difficult time figuring out which angle to choose to show off LeeAnn’s bright and airy, plant-and-pillow-filled cottage on wheels! You’ll just have to go see the rest of the photos for yourself (worth a click for the hexagon woodwork detailing alone!). 

leeannieblivin fifth wheel glamper
Credit: Lee Ann of Instagram.com/leeannieblivin

You can read about how she and her boyfriend Jordan renovated this currently-stationary fifth wheel in this blog post from Mountain Modern Life.

1989 Holiday Rambler Motorhome

This motorhome is over 30 years old, but you’d never know it from the interior alone!  Leah and Brennan renovated it to live in full time, and they also have a tiny pull-behind camper that they use for shorter adventures. 

the_ramblr_rv Bohemian prints in renovated RV
Credit: Leah Young via Instagram.com/the_ramblr_rv

See more pictures on Instagram at @the_ramblr_rv.

2016 Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler Remodel

Autumn and Rusty Bailey renovated a brand new Keystone toy hauler to turn it into a home so they could all stay together when Rusty needed to relocate for work. 

The Asphalt Gypsy Bohemian toy hauler
Credit: Autumn Bailey via The Asphalt Gypsy

You can see more photos of their inventive use of space and beautiful decor on their Instagram page, and you can read about the family on Autumn’s website.

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    1. Most of it is left in place. Things hung on walls can stay there as long as they are not breakable, and items set on shelves can be held in place using museum putty or acrylic mounting tape. Some items may be packed into a box or basket. The furniture is usually secured using bungee cords and tie-down straps.

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