7 RV Refrigerator Makeover Ideas

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Wanting to give RV fridge a makeover?  Try one of these ideas for a fresh look.

1. Paint a wood RV refrigerator

If the front of your refrigerator is made of wood, you can paint it just like you might paint wood cabinets.

gray painted refrigerator
by Connie Lairmore

2. Add decals to refrigerator doors

Although her fridge was a more modern style, RV owner Debi didn’t like how the stainless steel constantly showed fingerprints, so she added some decorative decals to disguise the fingerprints.  You can find a similar dandelion decal here.

Decals added to stainless steel RV fridge
By Debi St

3. Cover the doors with Contact paper

The great thing about this option is that it can be temporary.

Metallic contact paper was used on this RV fridge to create the look of stainless steel.

by Andrea Reynolds

This RV owner used blue and white chevron contact paper on the front of the fridge.

Chevron contact paper refrigerator
by Deborah Tullos via Pinterest.com

Peel-and-stick wallpaper was used on this fridge.

peel-and-stick wallpaper fridge
by Erin McSwain via Pinterest.com

Another RV owner used contact paper to give her fridge and cabinet panels a matching look.

Contact paper used to give an RV kitchen a makeover
by Melanie Schrock

4. Turn your fridge doors into a chalkboard

If your refrigerator’s front panels are removable (as is the case with most wood front refrigerators), you can simply replace the panels with inexpensive chalkboard material cut to the correct size.

RV owner DeeDee painted her refrigerator with chalkboard paint.  You can read about the process and see photos at her blog.

chalkboard paint fridge
by DeeDee Campbell via ourcloverhouse.blogspot.com

For a removable and less messy alternative, you can use peel-and-stick vinyl chalkboard paper.

chalkboard contact paper fridge
by Tiffani via weaselmouth.com

Another option is to just purchase a magnetic chalkboard and hang it on the front of your refrigerator.

by Jessica Vaugn

5. Replace door panels with dry erase board

Similar to the idea above, but the white look might be preferable for some decor, and the material can be purchased quite cheaply.  In this video, the Fummins Family demonstrates the simple process.

6. Make your RV refrigerator magnetic

Not only is this refrigerator now magnetic, it also doubles as a dry erase board.  You can see step-by-step photos detailing how the wood grain panel was replaced with steel here.

steel dry erase board fridge
by Eric & Katie via mountainmodernlife.com

Magnetic steel inserts can be spray painted whatever color you like!

7. Factory-made replacement panels

You can also purchase replacement refrigerator panels that are designed to fit your exact refrigerator model, like the owner of this RV did. This website sells Norcold replacement inserts.

These shiny black panels can be written on using neon dry-erase markers.

by Erin King

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    1. Hi! Not sure what you mean by cabernet, but you can actually replace an RV refrigerator with a residential one. Just keep in mind that in order to run it you’ll either need to be connected to shore power or will need to run wiring to connect it to your inverter.

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