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8 Fruit and Root Vegetable Storage Ideas

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Store fresh fruits and root vegetables in a small space with one of these ideas.

1. Hanging baskets

3-tier fruit baskets come in many different colors and styles.  The tricky part might be finding a good place to hang it since many RV’s have a metal ceiling.  Perhaps a screw hole from a vent cover could be dual-purposed?  Or you could try taking it apart and hanging each tier individually from underneath a long cabinet.

hanging fruit basket

by Teressa Bumpus Underwood

Here is a unique style of hanging basket from World Market.

2. Over-the-door basket

One of these baskets can be used for much more than fruit.  I used this one in my RV kitchen to make use of space that would have been wasted otherwise.

over the door basket

Image by author

3. Fruit hammock

You can buy one here or try making one yourself.

fruit hammock in RV

by Erika Adams

4. Basket hung with S hooks

RV owner Sharon picks up baskets secondhand at garage sales and flea markets and uses them to store things throughout her RV.

basket hung with S hooks

by Sharon Lewers

5. Wall mounted baskets

The owner of this RV uses a ladder to reach the top baskets.  She bought her baskets at Hobby Lobby.  You can get a similar set of wall mounted baskets here.

I purchased this two-tier basket online from World Market.  At the time I took the photo I used it for fruit, but I have since decided to use it to store coffee and tea supplies.

World Market two-tier basket

Image by author

Here is a picture from my own RV.  I purchased these baskets online from Target and hung them with mug hooks, but you could also try hanging them using these adhesive hooks to avoid drilling holes.  Amazon also has similar sized baskets in multiple colors and styles.

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