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99 Inexpensive Camper Remodel Ideas For Any Budget

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Renovating an RV can put a major dent in your pocketbook. But there are plenty of ways to zhuzh your RV’s interiors that don’t break the bank. We’ve brainstormed, checked out professional renovations, and shared our best DIY tips to create this budget-friendly list of camper remodel ideas.

Whether you want to tackle a renovation, decorate your RV to feel more homey, or organize all of your belongings, here are 99 ideas to transform your camper.

Camper Remodel Ideas: Renovate

Let’s start with minor renovations that make a big difference! These camper remodel ideas may require a few tools and some DIY-confidence!

1. Spray paint drawer pulls for an updated look. Use primer first for longer-lasting results.

2. Cover an ugly countertop or table with contact paper – available in faux marble, wood, and granite.

3. Add peel-and-stick tiles to your backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen.

4. Use colorful stationary or wallpaper to cover the panels on your cabinet doors (like this!).

5. Make a wood plank headboard out of free pallet wood.

easy rv interior lighting updates
Photo Credit: Pnw.camper.revamper

6. Paint your kitchen backsplash area with chalkboard paint. Write menus or favorite recipes on it!

7. Use free pallet wood to create an accent wall.

8. Revive yellowed tubs, sinks, and showers with marine paint.

9. Dye old carpet (if you’re brave) or replace it instead using inexpensive carpet remnants. The owner of the RV below purchased carpet remnants at Home Depot for $25 and simply laid them over her existing flooring. 

by Jessy Fyfe

10. Cut plywood into strips and use it to make a plank “shiplap” wall. Paint if desired!

Plywood plank walls in an RV
RV shiplap wall made from plywood in a renovated RV. Photo credit: Instagram.com/moore.tinywalls

11. Rip out half of your dinette booth to make your RV living space more open. Add chairs if needed to create a half-booth.

12. Spray paint dated gold light fixtures, showers, and mirrored closet door frames.

13. Make an elegant headboard using painted or stained plywood and crown molding.

14. Spray paint the back of a piece of plexiglass to use as a backsplash.

15. Check Craigslist and Facebook for deals on real tiles to use as a backsplash with flexible grout. Habitat for Humanity ReStores are also a great place to find extra tile at inexpensive prices.

installing rv tile - rain2shine ventures
Learn how to install tile with flexible grout. Photo Credit: Rain2Shine Ventures

16. Swap out your old faucet for a new one. With a few tools, any level of DIYer can tackle this task and since many older rigs use plastic sinks and faucets, this can look like a major upgrade.

17. Remove the bulky microwave and have more room for food and appliance storage. Adding new shelves is easy!

18. Use corrugated metal to create a backsplash or accent wall. You can even use it to create a new shower or bathtub.

19. Paint your refrigerator with chalkboard paint.

20. Spray paint your stove or sink with colorful appliance paint.

21. Use cheap samples of punched tin ceiling tiles to create a multi-colored mosaic backsplash.

22. Use leftover or reclaimed hardwood flooring to make a countertop.

Photo Credit: Chantal Keller-Ward

23. Make a magnetic sheet metal backsplash. Hang baskets or utensils with heavy-duty magnetic hooks.

24. Cover dated glass cabinet panels with pretty fabric or paper adhered with Mod Podge.

Photo Credit: @ourtinyhome_rv

Get more ideas for how to cover the glass or mirrored inserts in your cabinets here!

25. Create an accent wall using paintable faux brick panels.

Camper Remodel Ideas: Decorate

The way you decorate your RV does more to influence its feel than any renovation. Do you want it to feel like a beach house? A farm house? A cabin? A family home? A contemporary getaway?

No matter your style, there are creative ways to make it work on a budget! Here are a few dozen ideas that may work for the design you have in mind.

26. Replace the mesh screen on your screen door with lace, like in this eclectic gypsy remodel:

Photo Credit: Dusty and Cory Caswell

27. Dye canvas drop cloths with RIT fabric dye to use for upholstery, curtains, and other projects.

Rit, 1 PACK, Camel
  • Dye will appear green prior to adding hot water.

28. Inexpensive bed sheets in pretty colors and patterns are another cheap source of fabric. Shower curtains can be cut and sewed into affordable window curtains too!

29. Make DIY curtain rods using dowel rods with drawer knobs screwed into the ends as finials.

30. Paint your yellowing shower with marine paint! Repair any chips or cracks in the shower pan or tub first. Here’s how!

31. Use adhesive hooks to hang curtain rods (just make sure the finials aren’t too wide).

by Vanessa Sumner

32. Use RIT fabric dye to give old rugs, sheets, or curtains a new look. Just be careful when washing due to color bleed.

33. Cut up old sweaters or flannel shirts to make cozy throw pillows. Scraps can be used as stuffing. This DIYer made the pillow below using a no-sew method.

Photo Credit: Ashley Mann

34. Use crib sheets held in place with elastic sheet straps to create removable, washable covers for dining booth cushions.

35. Instead of replacing an ugly sofa, give it a new look with a stretch-to-fit slipcover.

36. Cover ugly window cornices with fabric held in place with staples or thumbtacks. This is a great non-permanent way to renovate your RV that won’t damage anything.

Fabric pinned to cover RV cornice / valance
by Kristin Wissing

Get more window treatment ideas: 47 Ideas for an RV Window Makeover

37. Hang curtains from underneath cornices using tension rods.

38. Cornices and dated fabric trim can also be painted with flat (or matte) latex paint.

39. Upholstered furniture can be painted, too, using paint along with fabric softener to keep the couch from feeling uncomfortable. Check out this tutorial on YouTube for guidance.

40. Use chalk paint + wax sealer to paint wood furniture—no stripping or sanding required.

41. Use vinyl decals as wall decor. You can even make your own out of contact paper. This RVer painted her mirrored closet doors with frosted glass spray paint before adding a vinyl decal.

42. If you don’t mind painting, you can stencil a quote or design directly onto a wall. (There are some great hand-painted headboard ideas you can check out here!)

43. Spray paint dollar store knick-knacks white, gold, or a fun bright color to match your look.

44. Use plants as decor! Airplane plants, Pothos ivy, and aloe vera all require minimal care and less light.

Photo Credit: @laceyautumnbrooke

45. Use tin cans as small planters. Punch holes near the top and add a string to hang in a sunny spot.

46. Tie short strips of fabric to a long piece of string to make a decorative garland.

47. Macrame plant hangers are back! Make your own or purchase cheaply on Etsy for a Boho look.

48. Tie a ribbon around a recycled jar and use it as a candle holder (flameless if you want to be safer).

49. Stencil a favorite quote onto a piece of scrap wood to make a rustic sign.

50. Find free printable wall decor and display it in cheap frames from the dollar store.

51. Add a shelf for plants or decor to a wall behind a sofa by mounting a 1″x6″ board with shelf brackets.

52. Hang a colorful quilt or blanket as wall decor or a headboard.

53. Use RIT dye to dip-dye sheer curtains or a fabric shower curtain liner to make ombre curtains.

54. Don’t like your mirrored closet doors? Remove them and hang a curtain instead.

55. Mirrored closet doors can also be covered with Contact paper or fabric adhered with cornstarch paste. This RVer used rice paper and simple wood trim to create Japanese-style doors.

Shoji screen mirror closet doors

56. Glue a road map to a sheet of foam core, then cut out the state or country’s shape to make wall decor.

57. Reuse tin cans as caddies or crocks to hold utensils or silverware. You can paint them or keep the metallic look for a farmhouse-style renovation!

58. Frame a piece of pretty paper or fabric to make an attractive dry-erase board for the wall or fridge.

59. Create a gallery wall by framing fabric or wallpaper scraps with matching prints in cheap frames of assorted sizes. Below, professional renovators from The Camp Revival framed leftover wallpaper from the living room to add artwork to the bunkhouse.

Photo Credit: Camp Revival

60. Make a rope rug by hot gluing sisal rope to a non-slip rug backer in a round or oval shape.

61. Zigzag white LED Christmas lights above your bed or across the wall behind it.

62. Use patio furniture as living room or dining furniture. Look for discounts at the end of summer.

63. Remove living room cabinet doors to create open shelving. Add baskets for organization or decorate with plants to brighten up the room.

Photo Credit: Sam Lebron

64. Add a frame to your bathroom mirror by using inexpensive trim pieces and wood glue.

65. Cover a window with wire mesh or lattice or as a place to hang plants or decor but still let light through.

66. Create a removable design on a wall using colorful washi tape.

67. Hang baskets and let your produce add color to your kitchen.

Photo Credit: RV Entropy

68. Adhere lace to a window, screen door, or mirror for added privacy using a paste made from cornstarch.

69. Hang a garden rake head on the wall as a farmhouse-style wine glass rack.

Camper Organization Ideas

It’s easy for an RV to feel like it’s overflowing with stuff, especially if you’re living full-time in an RV. With so little square footage, staying organized can be the best way to make your camper feel like a beautiful home. Here are some creative solutions to keep your counters clean and your cabinets organized.

70. Hang hooks around your bed frame to store shoes out of the way.

15 Shoe Storage Ideas for Your RV Cover Image

71. For heavy-duty adhesive power that is also easily removable, try clear acrylic mounting tape. It can hold frames on walls and keep knick-knacks from falling off shelves.

72. Hang pot holders or measuring cups & spoons on your fridge using adhesive hooks or magnetic hooks.

73. Add coat rack hooks to the wall and hang your produce in bags.

Photo credit: @laceyautumnbrooke

74. Paint a sheet of peg board to mount on a wall as a place to hang utensils, baskets, and more.

75. Cut shoe organizers into smaller sizes and hang them wherever you need extra storage.

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')
by Sarah & Adam Ankner

76. Make a spice rack by bending a wire cooling rack from the dollar store.

77. Install a paper towel holder under or on the side of a kitchen cabinet to keep paper towels off your countertops and easy to access.

78. Make a rope bowl: wrap the rope around a real bowl as a guide, hot glue it to itself, and then remove the bowl.

79. Add a slat wall panel for organizing items in your outdoor kitchen or storage bays.

80. Shop thrift stores for attractive baskets to hang on walls or the ends of cabinets.

81. Hang a basket with handles from the bottom of a cabinet using mug hooks and S hooks.

82. Hang small organizational baskets on an empty wall to utilize vertical space.

83. Spray paint cheap wire or plastic baskets from the dollar store to match your colors and decor.

84. Use stretch cargo nets to keep items in cabinets or to create pockets on the backs of doors.

85. Run a bead of hot glue along the top edge of a plastic hanger to keep clothing from slipping off.

86. Add a metal rack for hanging wine glasses under a shelf or cabinet. When driving, cover the glasses with protective mesh sleeves.

Photo Credit: RVing Dogs and Wine

87. Put shower rings from the dollar store on a clothes hanger to hang tank tops, scarves, belts, or jewelry.

88. Make a pretty jewelry hanger by screwing vintage drawer pulls into a piece of wood.

89. Jewelry can also be hung from a dollar store cooling rack hung on a wall or door with adhesive hooks.

90. Make a file organizer for the wall from a cereal box with the top cut at an angle. Cover box with fabric.

91. Install spice rack clips on the backside of a cabinet door for easy access to the spices you use most.

92. An over-door coat rack from the dollar store can be used over cabinets and shower walls, too.

93. Mount a painted dowel rod to a wall with hooks, then use S hooks to hang utensils from it as a DIY utensil bar.

Photo Credit: Cwendt15

94. Install a magnetic knife holder in the kitchen. Yes, your knives should stay in place while driving!

95. Use folded corrugated cardboard covered with Contact paper to make drawer dividers. They won’t look as clean as store-bought dividers, but they are free!

96. Hang a cheap wire shower caddy from the dollar store on the inside of a cabinet door.

97. Hang multi-tier organizers on both sides of a door to maximize storage space.

98. Cheap storage ottomans can be used for extra seating or as a coffee table with a wood tray on top.

entertainment tv ottoman rug wallpaper cabinet inserts
Photo Credit: Shawna Marie Designs

99. Add a tiered tension shower shelf to an empty corner in any room for extra storage and display space.

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