Is Renting Out Your RV Worth It? 3 Topics to Consider.


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While many of us might be inspired to purchase and renovate RVs for our own use and enjoyment, you may have heard about individuals and companies renting out RVs to other people.

Since most RVs are only used on weekends and vacations, renting out your RV can be a great income stream to consider.

However, how much can you earn renting out your RV, and what should you weigh out beforehand? Is renting out your RV worth it?

We’ll first answer those questions, and then, if you decide you’re ready, we’ll give you rental renovation tips and introduce you to two RVs that would be perfect for starting up your own rental business!

What is the Best Part About Renting Out Your RV?

The best part of renting out your RV is making money, of course!

You likely made a significant investment in your RV and are possibly still paying it off. Why not put your rig to good use while you’re not using it?

Are RV Rentals Profitable?

You may be wondering if people make money renting out their RV.

For some RV owners, rentals are a significant income stream.

Former full-time RVer and RV renter Alyssa Padgett says her experience renting out her RV showed that it can be very profitable!

Alyssa in her Winnebago Brave RV
Photo Credit: Heath & Alyssa

She and her husband rented out their 30-foot Class A Winnebago three or four times and made about $5,000. They would have rented it out even more often if they hadn’t lived in it full-time. 

Alyssa and Heath with their Winnebago Brave RV
Photo Credit: Heath & Alyssa

Alyssa said, “You can charge sickeningly high amounts for RV rentals, especially drivable RVs. If you have a camper collecting dust, this is a good way to make money on an otherwise depreciating asset.” 

What to Weigh When Deciding Whether Renting Your RV is Worth It

Interested in renting out an RV? Contemplate these topics when deciding if RV rentals are worth it:

1. What Type of RV Will You be Renting Out?

Consider how new your RV is, how many people the RV can accommodate, and if your RV is a brand or style that people are likely to be wowed by.

Alyssa pointed out that their camper was only a year or two old at the time. “Newer or renovated campers can rent better than older ones!”

2. What Insurance Coverage Will You Need?

Evaluate whether or not your RV will stay in one place or be on the move while being rented. Will it be parked at a desirable location, or will people travel with it?

Ashten James, who renovates RVs for their RV AIRBNB business and for others through their RV renovation business, specified that she owns (and rents) eleven RVs through her business on spaces with full hookups and internet on her own land in Kentucky.

She said that other owners who allow travel in an RV, whom she couldn’t speak for, would need to account for significant insurance and additional wear and tear as the RVs travel from place to place. 

Alyssa, however, was able to speak on that point, saying you should definitely let your insurance company know you are renting it out.

If renting it out won’t be an option with your current insurer, some RV rental platforms offer options. 

3. Do You Want to Deal with Renters?

Alyssa said, “All around, we had a good experience and no major issues with our renters.”

And while renting their RV was overall a positive experience, she did share a few minor issues that came up during her RV rentals:

  • One renter turned the fridge off accidentally, so their food spoiled and smelled.
  • One renter clogged a toilet using non-septic safe toilet paper, though she owned that they should have specified that to the renters.
  • One had issues where the drop-down bed didn’t come down properly – luckily, that fell under Alyssa’s warranty.

Recommended Ways to Protecting You and Your RV from Renters

Ashten recommended some ways to protect yourself and your RV from renters. Though it can take a lot of time and money upfront, it will make the rental process go much more smoothly. 

  • Have at least 3 changes of bed sheets per person and bed bug covers on the mattresses.
  • Get a deposit from them, and show them the checklist you’ll use to decide if they get it back.
  • Provide your preferred cleaning products & a laminated guide to cleaning the bathroom.
  • Consider your time and mileage if you must support them if something breaks.
  • Provide a way for them to contact you directly.
  • The liability on a playground or a zipline is very high – be mindful of things like snakes, insects, and other hazards if the renters will be staying on your property.
  • Use an attorney – “When you AIRBNB or anything like that, everything has to be microscopically detailed.” You can’t just go to the hardware store and replace things.

Evaluate the Stress of Having A Stranger in Your Home

At the end of the day, Ashten recommended considering whether or not you want other people in your personal RV.

Some people will choose not to rent their own “home away from home” to others, but some won’t mind at all. Know how you’ll handle it emotionally if something happens to your RV when someone else uses it.

Renovation Tips for Your RV Rental Business

If you’re ready to start an RV rental business but want to renovate an RV first, Ashten pointed out that some of the most Instagram-worthy renovations are just not practical when renting out your RV.

She noted that RV rentals can have a lot of wear and tear on them, so she recommends making renovation choices with a focus on making them as solid/sturdy as possible to stand up to daily use and abuse.

And don’t skimp when it comes to general maintenance, either. 

  • “Painting can get scuffed, get scratched…do not paint! If you want to do that, use wallpaper.” – In her experience, paint doesn’t stick to the RV manufacturer’s materials.
  • Clean and seal your roof, and treat your windows with silicone…these simple things save money in the long run.
  • Consider keeping the RV furniture – it’s in there for a reason, and it’s designed to last a long time; just wash it well.
  • Host a soft opening for friends and family – and ensure you’ve tested everything yourself first.

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Interested in Getting into the RV Rental Business?

Want to start renting your RV? You’ll want to assess the market and the platforms available to you. Some great RVs are also available if you want to invest in one.

Here are two units available on RV Marketplace right now:

A Partially Remodeled Jayco Eagle

One RV currently available for purchase is this 2005 Jayco Eagle known as “Grace.” which is listed by Ashten James of AshVitaliTrees.

Partially Remodeled Jayco Eagle - Available RV Rentals
Photo Credit: Ashten James of AshVitaliTrees

Some of the features that make “Grace” an excellent RV for renting are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • New Valences and Blinds in the bedroom
  • LED lighting throughout (with options for soft slide lighting that can be “warm and inviting”)
  • Smart TVs
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Great appliances that have been regularly maintained.

A Turn-Key Investment Property Glamper

Also listed on RV Marketplace is a glamper from WhiteFloridaFarmhouse that’s “perfect for personal travel in style or a turn-key investment property” from WhiteFloridaFarmhouse. 

Glamper Bedroom - Available RV Rentals
Photo Credit: WhiteFloridaFarmhouse

The current owners use this Glamper as an income-producing AirBNB/VRBO rental and a passive income stream on their own property. 

It’s a beautiful, bright, and sunny renovation perfect to rent out as a vacation home base in a nice location – no need to tow this rig! 

In the words of the seller and RV owner, this is “a gorgeous glamorous travel trailer unlike any you have seen before! Custom interior designed, and fully renovated from the inside out with its blush pink exterior.” 

Glamper Rental Bunk Bed
Photo Credit: WhiteFloridaFarmhouse

They note that “everyone loves staying in The Glamper, and [it] has received nothing but 5-star reviews from every guest! This is your turn-key business in a box ready to go!”

As the photos from WhiteFloridaFarmhouse show, this 2010 Crossroads Zinger would be a lovely home away from home, with an adorable outside spot for socializing and a cozy interior.

Glamper Rental Living Area
Photo Credit: WhiteFloridaFarmhouse

Features like a keyless/keypad door lock, a built-in Ring home security system, electric fireplace, outdoor kitchen, outdoor stereo system, and more would be appealing to the renter and, in the case of keyless entry and the security system, convenient to the RV owner too. 

Equipped with many of the same amenities as “Grace,” other additions include:

  • High-end bedding.
  • Custom wallpaper.
  • A farmhouse sink with gold spray faucet.
  • Even a vintage radio.

I also love the attention to detail in the bathroom, where they had a personally hand-painted sink shipped from an artist living in Mexico. 

Glamper Bathroom - Available RV Rentals
Photo Credit: WhiteFloridaFarmhouse

Wrap Up: Is Renting Out Your RV Worth It?

Clearly, there are some beautiful RV rentals on the market, and owners are making a significant side income from doing so. 

But even though RV rentals can be very profitable, everyone’s mileage will vary.

Only you can weigh the pros and cons mentioned here and decide if it’s right for you. Much upfront time and money can be spent to protect yourself and set yourself up to rent out your rig.

As Ashten shared with me, “It’s a labor of love. If you don’t [love it], it’s going to be too much work.” But RVers have a different mentality. And Ashten also shared, “They want to really experience life. They want that peace in their life.”

So, if you’d like a business where you get to meet more RVers and facilitate beautiful memories, and if you have an RV collecting dust many weeks of the year, why not give it a try? 

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