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Need Help with Your RV Renovation? Check Out These Professional RV Renovators!

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You’ve seen the photos online of incredible RV makeovers, you’ve purchased your RV, and maybe you’ve even started the renovation process.

But now you’re stuck, not sure how to get started, or you’ve run into a problem and don’t know how to fix it.

What do you do?

Renovating an RV can be overwhelming, but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone! Whether you’re looking for someone to hire to renovate your RV, or show you step-by-step how to renovate an RV, or just someone to ask for advice, you’ll find it on this list.

Note: Use the links below to directly contact renovators for availability and pricing.

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Professional RV Renovation Companies

First off, if you’re looking for someone to renovate your camper for you, or maybe to finish a renovation you’ve started, or just do a particularly difficult part of the project, take a look at my giant list of RV renovators below to find someone in your area.

(This list is constantly being updated, so if you know of someone who isn’t on the list, please drop a comment and we will add them!)

Most of the companies listed specialize in complete RV makeovers, but if you search Google you may be able to find a local RV shop that offers renovation services like flooring installations, interior painting, and more.

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RV Flippers

Whether you want to hire someone to renovate your RV for you or just want to ogle beautiful RVs as inspiration, these RV flippers are a great resource!

  • Wayland Ventures- Professional and custom designs for travel trailers based in West Bend, WI.
  • The Flipping Nomad – RV fix-and-flipper and remodeling contractor.  Based on the West Coast but will travel to other states.
  • Forge and Trek – RV design and renovation team in Ft. Collins, CO.
Wood plank wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment
Shiplap wall in an RV bathroom made from underlayment | Photo credit:
Photo credit: RVing Dogs and Wine
  • RV Fixer Upper – Trina and Steve, a husband and wife team in Arizona.
  • Wanderlust Vintage Trailers – Vintage trailer restoration company.  Buy one of their restored campers, or have them restore a camper you already own.
  • Innovative Spaces – Mobile space renovation company that designs, builds, and renovates trailers, RVs, vans, and more.
  • Mauka to Makai Renovations – Husband and wife interior design and renovation team working out of Long Beach, CA.
  • Darlin’ Trailers – Husband and wife duo offering commissioned renovations, remote design services, and consultation and repairs, serving both Florida & Georgia.
  • Micro Vintage Campers – Twin Cities-based company offering Vintage RV renovations.
  • Traverse Redesign Company Ltd. – Design & build services for recreation and living in Fort Collins, CO.
  • Driftless RV Renovators – Dodgeville, WI-based RV renovators: Making Home Anywhere!

From Driftless: “It’s our goal to add a fireplace to every rig. It adds wonderful ambiance and provides “free” heat when hooked up to shore power. It’s also our goal that every rig is ready to camp when it leaves us. We understand that RV renovation is an investment and want to protect that by beginning with a solid rig. We spend a lot of time inspecting RVs before finding one that’s right for our next renovation.”

  • Tomaz Coast to Coast – Husband and wife team out of Central Texas that renovate the leftovers of RVs, from travel trailers to buses.
  • Revamping Camping – Husband and wife team renovating, renting and selling RV’s near Nashville, TN.

Traveling RV Renovators & Interior Designers

These renovators may travel to you or will consult with you on your interior design plans.

Photo Credit: Tomaz Coast to Coast
  • The Modern Caravan – Airstream interior design and renovation team – Their location is flexible, but they do have a waitlist!
  • Tomaz Coast To Coast – RV flippers available to completely design and renovate your RV for you. (Custom RV pictured above)
  • Living Small Dream Big– Renovations, style guides, and remote consulting. Lindsay & Stewart travel, so their services are available in a variety of locations.
  • Hitch + Home– Repair, Remodel, and customizations in the Hammond, LA area
  • rain2shine ventures– With decades of design experience, Alice specializes in blending functionality and style in recreational vehicles. Her team provides renovations/remodels, interior design, repairs, custom furniture, and small space organization. They are located in NC but willing to travel.
  • Alchemy RV Renovations – RV renovator and design consultant located in the Charleston, SC area

RV Renovation Consultants

An RV renovation consultant is a professional RV renovator who will get on the phone with you, or maybe do a video chat via Zoom or FaceTime, and help you with your RV renovation project. This may mean helping you come up with the initial plan to help you know how to get started, providing interior design services, or just helping you figure out how to handle a problem that has come up.

Photo Credit: Wayland Ventures

Here’s a list of professional RV renovators you can easily book a call with to discuss your RV renovation:

Photo Credit: rain2shine ventures

RV Renovation Help On YouTube

YouTube is a great place to start when researching how to renovate an RV. There you’ll find hundreds of videos from RV owners demonstrating their process, including mistakes made along the way.

Watching videos on YouTube can be really helpful for understanding what’s involved with a particular project as well as how others overcame problems that you might encounter.

Apart from searching for specific RV renovation questions, such as “How to remove an RV countertop”, there are also some great channels to follow for consistent inspiration. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Fallen Into Camping – Heather Fallen’s channel will inspire you to believe anything is possible when you see her tackle major RV repairs, including rebuilding an entire RV roof, repairing delamination, and other projects to renovate RVs that most people would consider a total loss.

You can find her videos on Instagram and TikTok as well as her YouTube channel, where she posts the most detailed RV renovation videos, like this one:

Our Lively Tribe – I really enjoy following Erin and Travis of Our Lively Tribe because they always design such beautiful and functional custom features for the RVs they renovate for their clients. You can see some of their work on their Instagram page, but they also post helpful tutorials on their YouTube channel, like this:

Instagram Accounts to Follow for RV Renovation Help

Lots of professional RV renovators regularly post videos on their channels showing people how to do various RV renovation projects. Here’s a list of some that regularly post informative RV renovation tutorials.

If you know of any who should be added to this list, please leave a comment to let us know!

@TomazCoasttoCoast – The thing that always stands out to me about Casie and Igor Tomaz of @Tomaz_Coast_to_Coast is that they aren’t afraid to back down from any RV renovation challenge. Follow them and you’ll realize that encountering unexpected obstacles like water damage doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

@fallenintocamping – Just like on Youtube, Heather Fallen is an amazing resource on Instagram! Join her 100K+ followers and learn how to tackle all your RV projects.

Facebook Groups for RV Renovation Support

Facebook groups are a great place to post pictures and questions and get input from others who may have experience with the challenge you’re dealing with.

Here are some RV renovation Facebook groups to try:

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part of an RV renovation is knowing where and how to start. By consulting with a professional before you pick up the paintbrush or dropping in Facebook groups and Youtube to learn the skills you need, you can save time and money on your renovation.

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