How would you design your dream RV?


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An increasingly common trend among RV renovators is to remove everything from the RV and sell it unfurnished. This leaves the future owner with the task of reimagining and designing their dream RV with the open space left behind.

Whether you’re a fan of this trend or not, it begs the question: If you could design your dream RV, what would it look like?

Designing Your Dream RV: The Major Design Trends

We’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of beautiful RV renovations and we’ve spotted a few major aesthetic trends everyone goes for.

1. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Love this open floor plan? It’s currently for sale here.

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most common upgrades renovators give an RV. Most choose a light wood grain, like pictured above, to lighten up the space and make it feel more like home.

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Manufacturers are finally taking note of this and starting to build modern RVs with better-quality flooring.

2. Brighter Colors of Paint on the Walls and Ceilings

It’s hard to find a renovated RV that doesn’t include white paint! From walls to ceilings to cabinets, white is the most commonly chosen paint color for renovators.

RV with the walls and trim painted white
RV with the walls and trim painted white | Photo credit:

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3. Updated Cabinets

Most RV renovations feature updated cabinets in some way. There are many ways to go about this, ranging from cheap and easy to time-consuming.

The most popular way to update cabinets is with fresh hardware. You can easily replace all the handles and drawer pulls in an RV for less than $100.

Photo credit: The Flippin Tilby’s

Despite the workload, most RVers’ dream RV includes painted cabinets. This is usually done to brighten a dark RV, though trendy colors like navy and sage green are also popular right now.

renovated rv kitchen by Lee Ann Garrett
Photo Credit: Lee Ann Garett

This renovation went for both—white upper cabinets and trendy blue lower cabinets!

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A growing trend is to remove all or some of the upper cabinets completely and replace them with open shelving. This is a great way to make your kitchen feel more open and retain some storage. However, it isn’t practical in a traveling RV where everything would need to be regularly secured.

Nevertheless, we see a growing number of renovators going this route for their dream RV!

Photo Credit: Steve McBride

4. Removing, replacing, and updating the dinette booth.

One of the unexpected biggest trends for recreating your dream RV is to rip out the dining booth. Many RVers will replace the booth seats with chairs. But if your old bench conceals pipes or hoses, you can leave half of the booth along the wall and remove only one side.

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These are the top four major design choices we see pop up in almost every single RV remodel! And they are a great place to start when thinking about your dream RV.

But what about floor plan?

How would you design your dream RV?

We’ve often heard complaints from RV shoppers that they want a more modular floor plan that can adapt to fit specific needs. A furniture-less RV is a good place to start!

The RV below features all of the top design trends, but it’s mostly empty.

What would you do with this open space?

With an open, furniture-free renovation like the one pictured above, you have limitless options. You can turn this space into a bunk room, with multiple bunk beds to sleep the whole family.

Custom rv bunk beds by Branson Larson
Custom RV bunk beds by Branson Larson

Contractor Chris decided to take this to the next level, buying an enclosed cargo trailer and building out his entire floor plan from scratch! He added a small kitchen and queen-sized bunks to fit his family of four.

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Or you could create a lounge area with couches and coffee tables. The built-in fireplace would be great for a lounge or a bedroom!

Check out this renovated RV for sale here.

You could build a nursery, a home office, a crafting workshop, a podcasting studio, a home gym, a master suite. The options are limitless!

nursery in RV with slide out and vinyl wooden flooring
Photo Credit: Lacey Autumn Brooke

How would you fill an empty bedroom like this?

Love the idea of making this RV your own? It’s currently for sale here.

Would you buy a traditional bed or an RV mattress? Build a custom headboard? Add closet doors?

Designing Your Dream RV

Whether you love it or hate it, the trend of selling updated but empty RVs is on the rise. Would you buy an empty RV? What would you do to turn it into your dream RV? Tell us in the comments what you think!

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  1. We are currently renovating an RV we purchased and we are going for a cozy cottage core look. Lightening things up but we probably won’t go with stark white. I’m most excited about the Montessori inspired nursery space (in the used-to-be primary bedroom) and then transforming the toyhauler garage into a primary suite and living space with the happijac bed lift. Our new farmhouse style kitchen sink comes today!

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