soft but not too soft
The top is soft and gently contours to pressure.

Why I Love My New Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

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Recently I was offered the chance to try out a mattress from (two sites owned by the same company. I actually needed a new mattress because we had brought our only mattress with us when we moved out of our RV and into a rental house, so this offer came at the perfect time!

Though I did receive my mattress for free and promised to write a review in return, I am under no obligations as to the content of the article, and my review is complete and honest!  Hopefully you find it helpful if you’re shopping for a mattress for your home or RV!

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Background: How We Changed the Size of Our RV Bed

When my husband and I moved into our fifth wheel RV full time in 2016, we decided to change the size of the bed in our RV from an RV King (72×80 inches) to a Standard Queen (60×80 inches) by sawing the sides off the bed platform in order to create more walking space in the bedroom.

RV bed with sides cut off
We sawed the sides off our RV bed to create more walking space next to the closet.

We got rid of the thin RV King mattress that had come with our used RV and instead used our residential queen sized mattress, which we had purchased as newlyweds in 2011.

That mattress wasn’t anything special–it was one of the cheapest mattresses available at the furniture store we bought it from, a traditional innerspring mattress with a pillow top that had become quite flat over time–but we liked it just fine.

Last fall (2019), we decided to rent a house, which meant we needed a new mattress (either for the RV or for our home), and since our mattress was nearly ten years old, I jumped at the chance to get a new one.

My first time to try a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of both a memory foam mattress and a traditional mattress.  Like regular mattresses, they typically have a coil support system, but on top of that they have cloud-like layers of memory foam.

My first time to sleep on a hybrid mattress was at an AirBnb, and it was so comfortable that I sent a message to the owner of the AirBnb to find out what kind of mattress it was, and that person told me it was a hybrid.  Right then and there I decided my next mattress would be a hybrid!

My new hybrid mattress

The mattress I chose to review is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress, which you can get in RV sizes at or in residential sizes at the sister site (owned by the same company),

soft but not too soft
The top is soft and contours to pressure.

It comes in three levels of firmness, and I had a hard time deciding which was best for me but ended up going with the medium firmness based on the recommendation of a representative from the company who told me it was ideal for side and back sleepers.

It does have some “give” to it, but it’s supportive and even.  I don’t feel like I’m rolling toward my husband’s side of the bed, and if I sit on the edge it doesn’t sink down too low.  Yet, it still has that soft cloud-like quality that originally drew me to a hybrid mattress, and laying on it for hours doesn’t make my joints sore, which is what happens to me when I sleep on a mattress that’s too firm.

Here are the main features that stand out to me about this mattress:

  • Perfect “Goldilocks” firmness: Soft, but not saggy.  Supportive, but not too firm.
  • Cool to sleep on.  Doesn’t make me sweat, like some foam mattresses I’ve slept on.
  • No strong smells.  I’m not overly sensitive to smell, but any factory odors I might have noticed were gone within a few days.
  • Came rolled up in a box, delivered straight to my door.  Much more convenient than having to haul a mattress home from a store!

How it compares to my old mattress

As I said before, our old mattress was fine for us.  It was familiar, still in pretty good shape, and didn’t give us backaches or anything.  However, it was starting to dip slightly in the middle, and on some nights that I had trouble falling asleep (for various reasons) I would feel like it was hard to get comfortable and wondered if my aging mattress was to blame.

So far I’ve loved every night on my new Brooklyn Bedding mattress, and a few months later I still think it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.

Kitty also approves.

Kitty reviewing the new mattress
Kitty reviewing our new mattress

Why a mattress from this company is a great choice for an RV

I’ve already talked about how happy I am with having my Brooklyn Bedding mattress in my home; now I want to highlight some features that I think make it a great choice for an RV as well.

You can order the right size for your RV.

Do you know the difference between short queen and Olympic queen? does!  They even offer a King sized mattress in six different dimensions!

Since it comes shipped in a box, it’s easier to get into your RV. 

Even if you have a very small RV and can’t fit the box through the door, the mattress doesn’t inflate until you open the sealed plastic, so you can carry it through your RV while it’s still flat.  (Of course, this is true of many mattresses you can order online.)

One thing I especially like about this mattress, though, was that it has handles built into the sides, which make it a lot easier to pick up and rotate.  (Why don’t all mattresses have those??)

Handles on side of mattress
Handles on the side of the mattress make for easier carrying.

It’s a luxury mattress at an affordable price.

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you want to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, and if you live in your RV full time, that’s all the more reason to buy a quality mattress!  The hybrid mattresses at are very affordable compared to hybrid mattresses I’ve seen at local mattress stores, and the company frequently runs sales where you can get an even better price.

They offer several styles to choose from.  

You can choose between four different styles of mattress at different price points that each come in three levels of firmness (for the three hybrid models) or thickness (for their memory foam model).

A great choice for your next RV mattress

With so many styles and firmness levels to choose from, is an excellent place to buy a mattress that’s a little nicer than your typical memory foam mattress yet is still affordable enough that you won’t feel bad buying it to use just a few times per year.

To compare the Brooklyn mattress line with a few other brands of RV mattresses, check out my Complete Guide to Buying an RV Mattress.

And to read about several good places to buy sheets and bedding sized for an RV mattress, head over to this article!

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