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Where to Buy Sheets & Bedding for Your RV Mattress

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Finding quality sheets, mattress pads, and other bedding that fit an RV mattress can be challenging since they are often awkwardly sized. And if you’re shopping for sheets for a cut-corner mattress or a custom-sized mattress, it can be even more difficult! Here are some of the best RV sheets options for any size of mattress.

Who Sells RV Sheets?

When it comes to buying sheets for an RV mattress, you have a few different options:

  • Use regular sheets and fit them to your RV mattress by using elastic sheet clips to cinch up the extra fabric under each corner, or if you’re up for a DIY project, remove the elastic and replace it with a drawstring. These can work, but they can also be an extra hassle.
  • Have sheets made custom to your specifications (read on to find out where to order).
  • Buy them from a store or website that sells sheets and bedding in RV mattress sizes (keep reading for a list of places that sell them).
Siaomo Bed Sheet Holders Straps Fasteners - 4 Pcs Triangle Sheet Fasteners Fitted Sheet Corner Holder Elastic Adjustable Band Sheet Holders Clip Suspenders Grippers(White)
  • The triangle bed sheet fastener strap is a genius sheet /cover fastening system which makes your life Easier and more Enjoyable.sheet elastic hold downs for bed

Stores That Sell RV Sheets

Following is a list of some places that sell sheets in standard RV mattress sizes.


It’s not hard to find sheets on Amazon that come in standard RV mattress sizes, like these 600-thread count cotton sheets or this inexpensive microfiber sheet set, both of which come in a variety of solid colors.

Full Size Bed Sheets - 6 Piece 1500 Supreme Collection Fine Brushed Microfiber Deep Pocket Full Sheet Set Bedding - 2 Extra Pillow Cases, Great Value, Full, White
  • ELASTIC CORNERS BUILT IN - What separates our bed sheets from the rest are the special elastic sheet straps built in. These elastic corners keep your fitted sheet secure to the bed and come on all of our sheets.

Camping World

Camping World sells sheets to fit most RV mattresses. Your selection at a local store may be limited, but you can also order from their website. Most of their sheets are printed or embroidered with a camper-themed design.

Embroidered Microfiber RV Sheets
Embroidered RV sheet set from

CinchFit RV Sheets

For a cut-corner mattress or a mattress with rounded corners, CinchFit RV sheets are an excellent solution. Instead of having elastic like most fitted sheets, they are secured with a drawstring you tighten to fit the sheet to the mattress. 

CinchFit Sheets - custom fit to any size mattress using drawstring
CinchFit RV sheets have a drawstring so they can be customized to fit a mattress of any size or shape.  The drawstring then tucks into a tiny pouch.

QuickZip RV Sheets

Changing the sheets on an RV mattress that’s up against a wall will never be a headache again! QuickZip fitted sheets easily zip on and off the bed when they need washing. They also come in a crib sheet size and would make a great baby shower gift!

QuickZip Bedding

Where to order custom-sized sheets for a non-standard mattress size

Etsy probably isn’t the first place you’d think to look for sheets for your RV! There are actually quite a few sellers who specialize in making custom RV sheets, including some patterned with cute vintage campers.

The same company that offers RV mattresses cut to any size and shape also makes sheets to match. Using their online builder tool, you can enter the dimensions you need as well as any special cuts (such as an angled or rounded corner, or a notch cut out of the corner) and then instantly see what they’ll cost.

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Another company that will let you order both flat and fitted RV sheets in any size or shape (including ANY odd shape) is Mattress Insider. Their sheets come in a variety of colors as well.

Where to buy RV mattress pads & protectors

It’s a good idea to have a layer between your fitted sheet and mattress. This can add extra padding for comfort and help protect your expensive mattress from spills.

How to Protect Your RV Mattress from Spills and Stains

A mattress protector is a thin layer of fabric that can be fitted over the top of a mattress like a fitted sheet, or it can zip on and wrap the entire mattress like a slipcover.

waterproof mattress protector will protect your RV mattress from spills and accidents, keeping an expensive mattress looking new longer. (In my RV, the bedroom air conditioning unit dripped onto my bed and left a huge water stain on my mattress! I wish I had been using a mattress protector then!)

Using a mattress protector is also better for your health since it prevents sweat, dander, and dust mites from building up in your mattress.

You can find them on Amazon. But if you need one in an odd size or height, Mattress Insider sells a mattress protector that can be made custom to fit mattresses that are odd sizes or shapes.  They even sell one designed to fit an RV sleeper sofa mattress.

RV Mattress Protector
This mattress protector from Mattress Insider is available for any size or shape of mattress.

How to Prevent Condensation, Mold, and Mildew on the Bottom of Your RV Mattress

Condensation can be a problem in RVs that are used in cold weather or stored in a humid climate. One of the most common places for mildew to form is on the bottom of an RV mattress. 

A mattress protector may prevent your mattress from being ruined if that were to happen.  (If you struggle with condensation under your RV bed, it helps to add a moisture protection layer between your bed and mattress that allows for air circulation.)

HyPUR-FLO moisture protection barrier

More: How to Stop Condensation in an RV: A Comprehensive Guide

Where to Find a Basic Mattress Pad

This layer between the sheet and mattress creates a more comfortable sleeping surface and allows you to control your sleeping temperature.  Here are some places to buy a mattress pad sized to fit an RV bed:

  • Camping WorldHere are some basic mattress pads on the Camping World website that come in the most common sizes.
  • Tochta – Using the Tochta mattress company’s custom mattress pad builder, you can order a mattress pad custom-made to fit whatever size and shape of mattress you need. Including beds with corners that are rounded, cut off at an angle, or have a notch cut out.

Temperature Controlled Mattress Pads

If you RV in cold weather, an electric heated mattress pad like this one with dual-controlled temperature settings can help you save on energy costs. Running the blanket is cheaper than running the furnace all night!

(A dual-controlled electric blanket can accomplish this as well.)

Plush / Memory Foam  Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is an affordable way to make a firm or lumpy mattress softer. The foam in a cheap innerspring RV mattress can break down over time, causing you to feel the springs. Adding a few inches of memory foam or a layer of quilted down can get you a few more years out of your mattress.

You can find RV bed-sized mattress toppers in a variety of styles at You could also buy a standard-sized foam mattress topper and cut it to fit your RV mattress (similarly priced). Tip: Use a serrated knife to cut through the foam.

RV Mattress Topper
The Simply Exquisite mattress topper consists of both memory foam and a quilted plush layer.

Alternatively, a gel foam mattress topper can be custom cut (including odd sizes) from Mattress Insider.

Mattress Topper from Mattress Insider
Gel mattress topper from

If you have a hard time making the bed in your RV

Most people just use regular blankets, comforters/duvets, quilts, bedspreads, etc. on the beds in an RV. They might be a little longer, but I always like to buy up a size anyway. It’s a life hack to keep me and my husband from fighting over the covers!

However, one frustration commonly encountered by RV owners is the difficulty of making a bed when one side is up against a wall or has very little room to walk around.  Here are some products that can make this job easer:

  • QuickZip Sheets – As mentioned earlier in this post, these sheets come in two parts: a base that fits around the mattress, and a top that zips on and off.
  • Beddys – This product is like a fitted sheet with a comforter that zips onto it on three sides, kind of like a sleeping bag attached to your bed. You can see photos on their website.
  • Comforter with cotton duvet cover – I find it much easier to make the bed each day when all I have is a warm comforter without a flat sheet or any blankets. I use a cotton linen duvet cover over my down comforter that feels like a sheet against my skin and can be removed for washing. Here’s the one I bought; it comes in 35 different colors!

Need to replace your RV mattress?

If you’re looking for a new RV mattress, head on over to my RV mattress comparison guide!

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  1. I bought some camper themed sheets from Belk. They were inexpensive microfiber but so cute. When I read your blog about using a drawstring , I ran to check out how the elastic was sewn in them. I remembered for my kids if the elastic waists allowed the elastic to run freely in the sewn pocket I could cut a tiny slit and pull out the elastic, cut it and tie it to the right size. I plan on doing this with my sheets now. Thank you! There was no need to even sew the hole back up it always lasted fine.

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