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Where to Buy an Odd Sized RV Mattress (Tochta Review)

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The Tochta mattress company sent me a free mattress for my RV to try out in exchange for writing about it on my blog.  Following is my honest review of the mattress and the company!

Corner Cut RV Mattress
Cut corner RV mattress from

Are you needing a replacement mattress for a bed in your RV that’s an unusual shape or size?  Wondering where to purchase a comfortable cut-corner mattress, short queen mattress, or a memory foam mattress or cushion for a custom-built sofa or daybed with a notch cut out to go around the arms?

Read on to learn about an RV mattress company that will allow you to buy a mattress customized to any dimensions at an affordable cost!

(Warning: I know I probably sound a lot more excited/salesy in this article than I typically do in my other blog posts, but it’s because I am genuinely excited about how easy this website has made it for RV owners to order a custom memory foam mattress, or perhaps new cushions for a dinette booth!

Tochta’s custom size mattress builder

When I first visited the Tochta RV mattress website, the thing that really stood out to me was their mattress customizer tool, which you can click here to try out.

First, you put in the exact specifications you want for your RV mattress (length, width, thickness, firmness, and quality).

Then, if you need a corner of the mattress to be cut off at an angle, or you want one corner to be rounded, or you want a notch cut out of the corner, you can put in the exact number of inches you need for that custom cut.

Once you have everything how you want it, you can INSTANTLY see how much it will cost – no phone calls or waiting for someone to get back to you with a custom quote!


They sell custom sized RV sheets and mattress pads, too!

Not only does this tool let you customize your mattress, it also lets you order custom sheets and a custom quilted mattress pad in the exact size and shape to fit your new mattress!

Even if you decided to go with a different brand of RV mattress, if you’re having trouble finding sheets or a mattress pad to fit, you can get them in the exact size you need from Tochta!

Tochta custom builder options
Tochta’s custom builder tool lets you order sheets and a mattress pad in whatever size you need.

Prevent condensation under your RV mattress

In addition to mattresses and bedding, Tochta also sells a product called the HyPUR-FLO moisture barrier, which goes under your RV mattress to allow air flow (to prevent condensation from forming and causing your mattress to become damp and possibly grow mold or mildew).

And guess what – you can customize it to the same size and shape as your RV bed, too!

HyPUR-FLO moisture barrier to prevent condensation under RV mattress
The HyPUR-FLO moisture barrier prevents condensation, mold, and mildew on the bottom of an RV mattress.

Is the mattress comfortable?

A few months ago, Tochta sent me one of their Utopia mattresses to try out myself, which was perfect because I was actually needing a new mattress for my RV.  My husband and I slept on it for several nights at our house before we moved it to the RV, and following is our take on it.

What my husband thought of it:

After sleeping on the new mattress for a few nights, I asked my husband what he thought of the new mattress, and he said he had actually forgotten that we had a new mattress–in spite of the fact that he helped me switch it out for our ten-year-old mattress, and even though the new mattress was a memory foam mattress and the old one was a traditional inner-spring mattress!  He said he thought it was just fine, but apparently he’s not terribly picky about mattresses, haha!  Go figure!

What I thought of it:

So I actually am more picky when it comes to mattresses….

I have never owned a memory foam mattress before, so the first thing I noticed about the Tochta mattress was how different it felt from my traditional inner-spring mattress: the top conformed to the shape of my body, and there was no “bounce” to it when I sat or laid on it.  It’s surprising at first not to feel the bed sink down when you sit on it, but that makes it very supportive, and I couldn’t feel my husband’s movements at all–a huge benefit for someone who sleeps with a partner who tosses and turns a lot.

The only other time I had ever slept on a memory foam mattress was at an AirBnb, and that experience left me with a bad impression of memory foam because each morning I woke up covered in sweat.  I was worried that might happen with this mattress, but it was not an issue whatsoever.  The mattress didn’t cause me to sweat, and I stayed at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Tochta Utopia RV Mattress
Tochta’s Utopia mattress

The last thing I’m picky about when it comes to mattresses is their firmness.  I have trouble sleeping if a mattress is too firm; it causes my hips to become sore (because I sleep on my side).  For that reason, I have to bring an air mattress along when I go tent camping because I can’t sleep comfortably on the ground or even on a cot, Thermo-rest, or memory foam topper.

So with that said, I did end up finding my Tochta Utopia mattress too firm for me.  After a few nights, I had become more used to it, but I still prefer a mattress with more “give” to it.  However, if you like a firm mattress, you might think it’s perfect!  Additionally, the company offers a 100-night money-back guarantee, so if you bought a mattress from them and ended up not liking it, you could return or exchange it.

If you prefer a softer mattress…

Tochta offers three different mattresses, and their Divini mattress comes in nine different firmness levels.  Additionally, it’s a dual-zone mattress, so if you have a sleeping partner who prefers a firmer or softer mattress than you like, you can order it in a different firmness on each side.

Other benefits of a Tochta mattress

Here are some of the positive features that particularly stand out to me about the mattress I tried, as well as the Tochta company:

  • It’s shipped straight to your door, rolled up in a box.  I appreciated the convenience of having the mattress shipped to me and being able to move it to the room I wanted it in before unrolling and inflating it.  (By the way, shipping is free, but you do have to pay return shipping if you decide not to keep it.)
  • It’s very light weight for a mattress. – I noticed that this mattress weighed a lot less than my traditional mattress, and it was also significantly lighter than a hybrid mattress I also tested and reviewed.  This would definitely be a plus for anyone wanting to put it in a small travel trailer where cargo weight is a concern.
  • It’s made in the USA.  It’s always nice to know you’re supporting an American company.  All of Tochta’s mattresses are made in California by a company that’s been making mattresses since 1980.

You can read more about the Tochta company and the products they offer by visiting the Tochta website.

To read about other RV mattress options, check out my complete guide to buying an RV mattress.

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