How to Remove Your RV Couch

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Your RV couch usually has only a few redeeming qualities. There are seatbelts built in and it makes into a bed for extra sleeping space… The list usually ends there. RV couches are rarely comfortable or attractive, leading many RVers to remove the couch altogether.

If you aren’t a fan of your current sofa, we’ll share videos and photos on how to remove your RV couch.

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Before You Start

Here’s everything you may need to collect before you start removing your couch. Note that every couch is different, and yours may or may not be bolted to the floor.

1. Power Drill

A screwdriver could do here, but a power drill will be faster and easier—particularly in tight spots! You’ll want a number 2 square bit on your drill. This is the standard size you’ll see used by most RV manufacturers. According to professional RV renovator Igor of Tomaz Coast to Coast, you can tell someone has renovated an RV if you spot Philips head screws.

2. Flashlight

Grab a flashlight or use the light on your phone to help you find black screws hidden under the couch.

3. Tape Measure

Check the measurements of your RV door frame and of your largest window. To fully remove the old couch, you may need to dismantle it or send it out the nearest window. We will measure your couch after a few steps.

4. Ratchet Set

Your couch may or may not be bolted to the floor. If it is, you’ll want a set of socket wrenches to remove them. Lift the cushions or pull out the bed to check for bolts.

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5. A bucket (optional)

You are about to accumulate a lot of screws and bolts! Grab a bucket, plastic bag, or bowl to toss them in as you go.

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How to Remove Your RV Couch

Before you remove your RV couch, note that the process below may not follow how your RV couch was installed. Every RV is built a little differently and every couch is different. However, the overall process is the same: remove a bunch of screws.

Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect.

Step 1: Open the couch and locate the screws.

This step will differ depending on the type of couch in your RV.

For a jackknife sofa (where the couch cushions are the mattress when folded into a bed), you’ll need to partially open up the couch. This is the best way to expose and find the screws holding the couch together. A flashlight comes in handy here! First, we want to remove the cushion seats from the couch.

If your couch has a pull-out bed inside, like in the video above, pull the bed out completely. Remove the mattress and cushions.

Next, locate the screws holding the bed to the couch. Using a flashlight can help you find and start removing every screw you can see.

Once the bed or cushion seats are removed, you will have better access to the screws and/or bolts anchoring the couch to the RV.

Step 2: Measure (Optional)

Your pull-out bed and cushions should easily fit through your door.

But you may be looking at the rest of the couch wondering if it will fit through the door. Now is the best time to measure your couch. If it’s larger than your door and window measurements, you will want to disassemble the couch as you go through these next steps.

Step 3: Remove screws and bolts.

You may have to climb into your couch for this one! Work your way along the sides of the couch and remove any screws or bolts anchoring the couch to the floor or walls.

Gently tug on the couch to help you find which screws and bolts still need to be removed.

Step 4: Disassemble as needed (Optional)

If your couch is too large to fit through your door, you’ll need to determine which pieces of the couch need to be taken apart. You can do this without damaging the couch, but if the couch is already damaged or unusable, you may find it easier to break apart.

For detailed photos and a tutorial on how to disassemble a particularly large couch, check out this tutorial by our friends at Mountain Modern Life. This tutorial details how to remove the heel and arms of the couch as well as the headrest.

Step 5: Remove Your RV Couch

To remove your couch, be sure to grab a friend to help you lift and haul your couch through your door or window. You may want to store your RV couch, sell it, or give it away for free. If it is damaged or unusable, contact your local trash services for information on how to dispose of large furniture.

How to Remove an RV Couch

This process can take a while depending on the number of bolts and screws hidden within your RV couch. With the right tools, you can knock this out in an afternoon and make room for a beautiful new couch in your RV.

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