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The Best Paint to Use in Your RV (For Walls and Cabinets!)


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If you’re new to renovating a camper, you’ve probably wondered about the best paint for RV walls and cabinets.

RV surfaces are very different than home walls. Many RVs are built with wallpaper already adhered to the walls and there is likely real and faux wood on your cabinets. Knowing what paint can handle all three surfaces in your RV can feel overwhelming.

We researched in our RV Renovations Facebook group to narrow down the top three most popular and best paint options for your RV renovation.

Before You Buy Any Paint:

Don’t forget that paint will only adhere well if it is properly primed! Don’t skip on the primer.

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The Best Paint Type

For painting your RV interior, a latex-based paint is best.

Latex paints have less fumes and odor compared to oil-based paints, though oil-based paints tend to be more durable. Latex paint is affordable and will adhere to walls and cabinets if prepared properly. You do risk latex paint peeling, but this can be avoided by sanding and priming your surfaces first.

For more details on the process for painting your RV surfaces, check out our guide to painting your RV.

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These are the top three brands of latex paint we see used in RV renovations.

The Best Paint for RV Remodels

3. Behr

In third place is Behr. Behr paint, available at your local Home Depot or Walmart, is a common option for your RV renovation. Behr offers great coverage with only one to two coats needed.

behr paint best paint for rv remodels living room renovation

White is the most popular color we see on RV walls, and these three shades of white by Behr rise to the top:

  • Warm Marshmallow
  • Antique White
  • Bakery Box

For more of an off-white, Bit of Sugar is a great option. Find these exact shades and search for more color options on the Behr website.

Behr is even more popular with exterior paint jobs on RVs. Their Marquee paint is the top option for painting your RV exterior.

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2. Heirloom Traditions

Heirloom Traditions All-in-One paint is extremely popular and many renovators have shared their successful makeovers with the paint. HT paint markets itself as a no priming, no sanding, no sealing needed. Like the renovation featured below, many RVers say their paint has held up well.

Photo Credit: Le Donna E. in our RV Renovations Facebook Group

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However, as many commenters sang this paint’s praises, many avoid the brand for its price tag and lack of color options. The paint can be about twice the price of other high-end paint brands.

Since it is an all-in-one paint, Heirloom Traditions isn’t like other paints. Check the video below for a tutorial on how to use it properly.

RVers in our Facebook group dropped comments saying “Love it I use it for everything” and “Love, love, love this paint!”

However, many users did not understand the hype around Heirloom Traditions. Kaitlyn R. posted in the group:

“I think it’s awful. Actually, one of the worst paints I’ve ever used. The coverage is horrible, the finish is terrible and you have to work twice as hard to get a good finish in comparison to other paints. Not to mention the lack of color choices.”

Many chimed in to agree, but there are as many people swearing by it as the best paint they’ve ever used as people swearing it’s the worst.

Popular color options include:

  • Bone (off-white)
  • Cobblestone (grey)
  • London (grey/green)

Those who had bad experiences with Heirloom Traditions all switched to the most popular RV paint, Sherwin Williams, instead.

1. Sherwin Williams Emerald

By far, the paint with the most positive reviews is Sherwin Williams. I couldn’t find any negative comments about SW paint in our RV renovations Facebook group but did see multiple comments from professional painters saying that they chose SW for both home and RV projects.

Sherwin Williams Emerald costs a little more than the standard “SuperPaint” by Sherwin Williams but is by far superior quality. Renovators use this same paint on their walls and cabinets.

add color to rv renovation cabinets and backsplash
Photo credit: Erin Cherry

Most of the renovations we’ve featured here on RV Inspiration in the past year (including the above photo) have used Sherwin Williams Emerald paint. SW offers over 1,700 different color options, giving you more than enough choices for your RV remodel!

Cabinets in Sherwin Williams “Pewter Green” Photo Credit: Chantal Keller-Ward

Search these names on the Sherwin-Williams website to see the exact shade of these popular color choices:

  • Alabaster (white)
  • Snowbound (white)
  • Iron Ore (dark grey)
  • Hopsack (light brown)
  • Black Magic (black)
  • Shade Grown (dark grey)
  • Pewter Green (grey/green)
  • Roycroft Bronze Green (brown/green)
refurbished camper kitchen
Pictured: SW “Roycroft Bronze Green” cabinets Photo Credit: Vieves RV Remodels

The Best Paint for RV Remodels

By far, we recommend Sherwin Williams Emerald Acrylic Latex paint as the best option for your RV walls and cabinets! Behr and Heirloom Traditions are two popular options that we see commonly used and recommended.

Other mentioned paints we saw were:

  • Benjamin Moore (good choice)
  • Valspar (not so good choice)
  • Rustoleum (great for painting your shower!)

Now that you know the best paints to use, it’s time to start your next project!

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