10 Cute Types of Patio Lights to Hang from Your RV Awning

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What is RV camping without some cute lights hung from your RV awning or along the side of your camper? Here are some options to brighten up your patio and add a bit of personality to your campsite!

Need a way to hang your string lights? These plastic hangers clip along the edge of your awning and are a great option because they won't rust. If you don't have an awning (and don't want to add one) and will be hanging your lights directly on the side of your camper, these adhesive hooks work great!

1. Classic String Lights (Solar Powered)

To kick off this list, here are some traditional Edison-style LED string lights for those who like the classic look. These are solar powered, which makes them perfect for when you're camping without electrical hookups and easy to hang wherever you want them without having to worry about running an extension cord to a power outlet.

2. Sparkly Globe Lights

If you like the classic look but want something a little more unique, these twinkly lights (also solar powered) are just the thing.

3. Pink Flamingoes

Classic in their own way, nothing says “living the dream” like these cute, kitschy flamingoes. You can get these pink flamingo lights here.

4. Nautical Buoy Floats

These pretty lights would make the perfect addition to an RV decorated with beach-themed decor.

5. String of Chili Peppers

These chili pepper lights create a south-of-the-border vibe and especially perfect for anyone who loves spicy food.

6. Patriotic Lanterns

These waterproof American flag inspired globe lanterns would be perfect for a fourth of July camping trip, or for any time of year!

7. Pineapple Lights

These cute pineapple lights will have your patio looking extra tropical!

8. Multicolored Pineapple Lights

Colorful yet classy. You can get these lights here.

9. Moroccan Style Balls

These solar-powered Moroccan-inspired lights create a beautiful lacy pattern of light against whatever they're shining on. They'll sparkle in the sunlight as well, since they're a shiny gold color.

10. Retro Camper Lights

This list would not be complete without these “Happy Camper” lights!

For more inspiration, check out my article 15 RV Campsite and Patio Decor Ideas!

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